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Rest with children - it is inexpensive. How to save on travel?

Travel - it is fine. But it is expensive. Especially, if the family consists of several people, including a couple of the grown-up children. However there are ways to save and at the same time it is fine to have a rest. Councils from the skilled traveler and mother of two children Ksenia Chesnokova.

1. Independently or according to the permit

If the rest purpose - to spend few weeks at the sea, for example, sometimes has to choosing by

rest according to the permit. Especially favourably the last-minute tour with flight by a charter flight can manage (for example, it concerns Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus).

At desire to carry out abroad month and more round will become unreasonably expensive and inconvenient option: with children it is better to rent the house or apartments, and to buy tickets in advance, having waited for an action of one of the airlines flying in the chosen direction (it is better to buy tickets for 2 - 4 month to a departure, especially if it is about summer).

If you dream of active recreation with a set of movements, then round will approach only individual here that will manage in absolutely uninteresting sum - will be to organize everything independently cheaper.

2. The choice of the place of residence

With the child it is very convenient to h2 to stop where there is a kitchen. It is possible to look for housing of this kind, for example, on the websites airbnb. ru/or homelidays. co. uk/. The cost of the private housing removed for a period of a week will be lower or is equal to the cost of a hotel room, however the comfort will be far higher.

Can choose by

hotel of smaller stardom. Sometimes, appearing in hotel where completely there are no stars, you look at a sea smooth surface from the personal balustrade, rocking in a wicker chair - a rocking chair and being reflected in several mirrors, and you understand that it is few difference in a situation and surroundings, and in the price just won time in five. One of popular resources for search of hotels with a rating from lodgers: hotelscombined. com.

can most of all be Saved, having stopped in hostel (search, for example, in hostelworld. com/). It is simple option of hotel, often lodgers share the room with strangers (such number where beds are given separately, is called “dormitor“ or simply “dorm“). Of course, with the child such option will not pass. However it is possible to rent all room on a family (for example, “dorm“ on 4 or 6 beds): it is possible to find very decent options at which you pay of 13 - 15 euros for one bed in France and Germany. However needs to be read attentively whether there is in the room a toilet, and also about beds: two-storeyed love not everything. The probability is high that in hostel at your disposal there will be a kitchen.

One more “extreme“ option - the Couchsurfing system. You stop absolutely free of charge on a visit at strangers. Each member of system in a profile has a point “whether it is ready to receive guests with children“, and also conditions are in detail described: certain room, separate bed and so on.

For fans of the nature, especially, if they move on cars, campings are. In their territory there can be a hot shower and a common kitchen. Especially conveniently with children and pets who just rush around in the fresh air while adults go about the own business.

Coming somewhere where you reserved a hotel accommodation, learn in advance whether the transfer from the airport / station is included in cost. It can facilitate life and save money, especially considering that taxi drivers and swindlers are very active at stations.

the Housing is cheaper than

on the suburb. With the child it can be convenient that there more quietly, and more purely, than in the downtown. On the suburb and the parking is cheaper (if you on the transport).

Reserving hotel in advance, you can receive free “bonus“ - a breakfast or number of the bigger area.

3. Transport

the Plane

Look for air tickets at first on aggregators (the system showing offers of a set of agencies) of the aviasales type. ru, skyscanner. net, then compare the price of the pleasant flight to cost on the website of the airline. It is often cheaper to buy from airline, but there are discounts at agents.

Buy by

tickets for regular flights for several months (for New Year better in March), and on charters - practically on the eve of a departure (if dates of holiday and nerves allow).

Flights with changes usually cost cheaper than straight lines. But there are in them and inconveniences: the probability of a delay of flights increases, it is necessary to expect some time of a departure with children at the airport. However, if to pick up flights that the difference between them was minimum and to be sure available a playground of a transit zone, everything can appear absolutely not terribly.

flight on the baby does not cost to

Till 2 years almost anything (if you did not decide to take it the certain place). If you take off before the second birthday of the child, and arrive later, many airlines will also count both flights at the price “till two years“ - this moment needs to be specified separately at the chosen company.

Can fly the company - discounter. Discounters or low-costers are the airlines offering the lowest prices at a minimum of additional services: cost initially did not include food, an insurance, baggage, it is bought in addition separately - if you want. Where it is not necessary free food, order it together with the ticket better in advance: on the plane the lunch will cost dearer, and often and the choice will be very small.


Choosing flight, “play“ with dates: the difference in the price for a departure on Saturday and Monday, for example, can be considerable. Try to see several options. It is good if the searcher looks for the cheapest tickets in the range of several days of the specified date at once.

the Train

In civilized countries not a rarity tickets on trains (on one or several people).


For example, in Germany under the ticket of the day off (Wochenendticket) it is possible for 40 € to go five together within a day in any direction by trains not of the fastest class. In the same Germany there are also regional tickets: too on five, 21 € on all, works days on weekdays within one federal land.

the Balkan FlexiPass is the combined train ticket allowing to use the railroads of Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia within a month.

travel Japan Rail Pass is simply irreplaceable

In Japan. But it is possible to get it only outside the country (journey within 7 days will cost $300 whereas on the place approximately in the same sum there is just a trip from Tokyo to Osaka and back).

In New Zealand can ride buses within 12 months on travel FlexiPass (the cost is determined by a number of hours at ways).

So if you plan to move much by trains and by buses, search of similar tickets - unambiguously important part of planning of holiday. In a search box in the browser it is possible to write “rail pass“ or “bus pass“ and the name of the desirable country.

Lease of the car

the International companies, certainly, look more reliable. But cheaper will be to choose local office. For example, to Bali on the street you will take Suzuki Jumny for $7 a day, via the website of large office of the price begin from $20.

Renting the car on the Internet in advance, look for codes of references, for example, here. Or just enter into search engine of “car rental promo code“ - thus it is possible to win up to 25% of a discount of the initial price.

it is better for p to Reserve the car for several months - otherwise is closer to date of holiday the price can increase noticeably. Usually on the websites reserve absolutely free of charge, and cancel without sanctions (read conditions at the time of booking commission).

the Public transport

If is forces - spend a little time for studying of work of public transport. It is not always simple, but it is fascinating, and also will save many bank notes.

However, cases when also the taxi can become economy option are. For example, at a trip to the airport the taxi divided for three can be cheaper, than three tickets for the express.

In many countries travel and family cards on public transport exist. For example, Vienna Card (The Vienna card) costs 20 € also 3 days across Vienna free of charge allow to go (at the same time allows a discount in various cafes, theaters and the museums). Family TravelCard in London and Paris Visite in Paris work similarly. The main thing know that in Europe existence of such tickets - it is rather the rule, than an exception and not to be lazy to look for similar “counters“.

4. Food

Ordering unfamiliar food, you will never guess whether there will be it there is your child. Children can order dishes at first. If they are not - take them something else, and taste ordered. Or, having found out that portions are huge, it will be possible to divide ordered on all. You will manage to order still something (almost) always.


with yourself the container for storage of products. Unfinished macaroni or French fries can serve as a fine afternoon snack through a couple of hours when the kid suddenly thinks that forgot to eat during a lunch.


Fud - courts (especially in Hugo`s countries - East Asia) offer a wide choice of dishes. Unlike Moscow, in Asian the foot - courts will be not so much fast - foot, how many the soups suitable children, a chicken and rice, and at the same time and fruit salads. And the prices will be lower, than at restaurant (not so offensively if ordered the child does not eat a half).

If you in number have a kitchen, it is convenient to buy food in a supermarket. At least once in day it is pleasant to eat quietly muesli with yogurt or to cook house porridge, especially in the presence of children, it is not always easy for them to concentrate on food in the noisy place in public.

(both European, and Asian) can buy by

In supermarkets of many countries already ready food. And, it is gradually possible to get used to the schedule of shop: by the evening on different goods which for the next day you will not sell any more - we will tell, cakes or bread - often happen very pleasant discounts.

Staying at modest hotels, do not count on a teapot in number. But it is possible to take with itself absolutely small boiler and to quietly drink tea in the evenings, without being afraid to leave the sleeping children in number and saving money which will take for a cup of tea at restaurant opposite.

5. Entertainments

Museums. Tickets in the museums happen family (on several people) or including visit of several points - the discount for wholesale turns out as if. For example, on the London Pass card it is possible to visit about 55 various sights of London (cost: from 50 £ to 100 £ for of 1 - 6 days). And on Paris Museum Pass in Paris you will go to 60 museums free of charge moreover and without turn. 2, 4 or 6 days, cost, respectively, 39 &euro work; 54 € or 69 €. Also there are days in which the museums can be visited free of charge (for example, on the first Sunday of month - Louvre).

Pools. In winter resorts are free or at a discount on sk - to passes. Cheaper on weekdays in the afternoon.

Game rooms. Cheap or free in local shopping centers.

And some more councils