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Have a rest from cold! What will help children and adults?

the Sky even more often become covered by gray clouds, children hurry in gardens and schools in the mornings - the fall came into the own. So, not far off seasonal colds, cough and cold.

Usually these unpleasant symptoms are caused by a SARS - sharp respiratory viral diseases. Viruses against which there are almost no drugs (so, for example, antibiotics do not act on them), breed in an organism of the sick person and extend with cough and sneezing - vozdushno - a drop way.

Getting into airways of the child or adult, they can receive repulse if immune protection of an organism is rather strong. But it is frequent in the oseena - the winter period protective forces of an organism appear not at height. Sharp weather changing, insufficient stay on the street, excessively dry and warm air in rooms, a stress from visit of children`s collectives - all this weakens immunity of the child. Adults add to themselves problems an inactive way of life and improper feeding.

We so got used to the colds which are regularly happening at family members that we usually do not even try to prevent them. Though there is a lot of prophylactics: it and the vitamin C increasing protective forces of an organism; and active lifestyle; and observance of rules of hygiene (washing of hands, reduction of contacts).

here treatment of a SARS we are ready to be engaged in

A seriously - to rescue from cold, to regulate cough, to force down temperature. Sometimes without thinking that all these manifestations - also ways of fight against an illness: high temperature does not allow viruses to breed, and cough and plentiful allocations from a nose bring them out of an organism.

So not to treat, say, cold at all? Of course, approach has to be individual. There are children and adults to whom at not heavy the SARS is quite enough sparing mode, clarification of a nose and plentiful vitamin drink. But there are also other cases in which not to do without medicines.

So, for example, hypostasis of a mucous membrane of a nose at cold can deprive completely of nasal breath of the kid of the first months of life. Such babies are not able to breathe through the mouth yet. And if to remember that the baby only by means of sucking of a maternal breast eats and calms down, then it becomes clear: unhindered breath - is vital for it.

At kids of the first year of life the long congestion of a nose is also more senior than

(sinusitis) or a middle ear can provoke an inflammation of additional bosoms of a nose (otitis). The matter is that acoustical pipes at children are shorter and wider, than at adults, and the infection from a nasopharynx can get on them into a cavity of a middle ear.

the Preschool child having cold sometimes gets used to breathe through the mouth. Sometimes this habit remains for a long time and very much complicates life. You judge. At breath by a mouth the child becomes inattentive, whimsical that can be connected with insufficient supply of a brain with oxygen. Besides, the broken nasal breath in combination with adenoides can interfere with the correct formation chelyustno - the front device. Also the risk of respiratory diseases as the inhaled air is not moistened increases and it is not cleared in a nasal cavity.

the Children and adults having allergic cold - pollinozy, too sometimes are in great need in reducing puffiness of a mucous membrane of a nose. And each active person at least once in life appeared in a situation when cold absolutely inopportunely.

For all these cases also vasoconstrictive preparations exist - their active ingredient eliminates hypostasis of a mucous membrane of a cavity of a nose and the top airways, narrowing vessels in the place of drawing. Usually they are issued in the form of drops, but recently the increasing popularity is won by drugs in the form of spray.

So, the new dosed spray from cold Nazivin Sensitiv will be suitable for each family member. It is issued in two forms - for children from 1 year to 6 years and for adults and children 6 years so will allow to give help at a congestion of a nose and to the child - the school student, and his grandmother are more senior. And for kids from the birth about one year the same medicine is presented in the form of the dosed drops - it is not recommended to use sprays at early age.

Sprays and drops Nazivin Sensitiv do not irritate with

a mucous membrane of a nose and even humidify it - at the expense of the substance which is their part glitserol.

Besides the sparing impact on a mucous membrane of a nose, Nazivin Sensitiv has some more important features which allow to distinguish it from other means for treatment of cold. Effect of new spray is reached by the minimum dosages which are specially picked up for each age.

Nazivin Sensitiv is issued in the form of the dosed spray. The bottle is supplied with a fine spray that allows to irrigate evenly a mucous membrane and to quickly eliminate a nose congestion.

Nazivin Sensitiv begins to act with

literally within several minutes. The effect of a preparation remains till 12 o`clock - therefore there is no need to apply spray to adults and children 6 years of more 2 - 3 time in days are more senior. Nazivin Sensitiv it is possible to use in first 3 - 5 days of treatment of cold. With the advent of new forms in Nazivin`s line treatment of cold at children and adults will become even more comfortable.