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Summer: at way behind dreams!

ahead - are time to gather Summer.

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the Plan is ready

: we meet summer!
All to set aside talk
Not on a subject! It means -
Is begun in holiday collecting!

Is ruled a notebook,
“Storm of brains“ in the mode “is included“!
With feeling, efficiently, one after another of
the Plan is considered and sounded.

for collecting is necessary to us a container:
Suitcases and baskets,
of the Bag - is a lot of things,
Sakvoyazhik in the old manner.

What we will take with ourselves? Things -
By all means on a season.
of the Cap, a hat on braids.
Footwear. The suitcase is full!

we Get a big bag.
Is sent one after another:
Circles, flippers, towels,
Buckets, molds, shovels. We the first-aid kit will not forget

Though to be ill does not include in the plans. than
So, friends, we will be quieter.
Suddenly cut, sting or wounds.

a basket,
B to it pencils and paints,
Swept Plus for creativity, the plasticine box -
Everything to create that summer the fairy tale! the Camera in addition of
We will put

by all means! the Sea, the wood, walks, giving -
Everything we will finish shooting
on “greatly“!

Plus basket of mood,
of the Creative sakvoyazhik.
I with laughter, without doubt,
K to us in baggage a sack will lay down.

Is bright - a red bucket
to us for fresh paltry ideas.
I a basket that with a hill
to Impose in it zateek!

I a backpack for impressions, Yes is brighter, larger than
. We are ready
, without doubts, a door to open
At summer rather!

Are packed, Suitcases and baskets are closed by
. whether
of Nothing is forgotten?
Then we load everything in the car!

Three - four - paid off!
Under cheerful couplets
We with a spring said goodbye. we Press
on gas! Meet us, summer!


We brightly and cheerfully met summer


promised to carry out the Drawn-up plan!
allow to submit the Report on it,
As month passed the first our summer.

began June with games, songs, inventions
On a childhood holiday - protection of children.
the Katyusha with Nastyusha encore acted.
Ilya was in a garden, in entertainments played with it! we Will notice

, little girls could execute without deception
Point first at our plan:
Finished year at school both with an award!
I of the girl are glad - and mother as I am glad!

A was later the competition “Talent of Multichildren“:
At first a concert, after a kingdom of candies.
Are other children at us than others:
are Carried by us gran - at and two places of the second!

According to the plan at us longer than berry ripen. We time and forces for collecting do not feel sorry for
A further the imagination safely we include
I to berry Heaven all family we get.

And also according to the plan, one of first
to Soccer “Long live!“ we speak, having met “Euro“.
“Ole!“ let`s cry out, now we are fans,
I of all we invite to “Euro - salad“.

supported the Figures as it should be:
began the day, of course, with charging.
became friends With sport and honestly we will tell you:
is A little still - we are also ready to the beach!

planted Flowers - and we water them. a vegetable - beds we loosen
I, we do not yawn!
I let our harvest did not ripen yet, by
But by August we made the touched.

were amicable with creativity all gradually,
I in hot July paved the way.
Let the sun, smiles will be warmed by
our Excursion on bright summer!


Skipping runs summer and without make-up
the Shade of chocolate laid down on skin.
Are put with a berry hill in a basket,
Is boiled - sweet aroma in a hall.

Presented July to us hot
Day of a family (was in children`s park):
the Roundabout, trampolines, hills,
On race catamarans!

the Crust - in creativity a victory.
Shout of children: “We go to the sea!“
A on the sea, and on the
beach We will not sit down and we will not lay down:

we Look for stones for luck of
I we pose for Nastya.
our Nastya is the optimist,
B fast - the newspaper photographer!

we Catch buckets a jellyfish,
we Enjoy a water-melon,
we Build fortresses, as in the plan. Who is more courageous than
- that on banana!

A still - a decline at the sea,
About dreams talk...
the Sea of fresh impressions,
is A lot of children`s supervision:

- Mother, mummy, listen!
Where, tell, jellyfishes ears?
- Mothers how the squid creeps, If very much - is very old

- And that if this summer
New the planet flashes?
- And where the Sky drops stars
if very late?

the Sky of an asterisk will drop
to us in the opened palms.
Execute that wished,
That according to the plan thought of!

to us brought July, without doubts,
B sakvoyazhik impressions!
of Bright asterisks in palms,
of Sea stones a little bit.

we dreams Catch a bird,
That on the sky rushes in the summer!
Augustus - time of shooting stars,
just there is also necessary to us!


to us opened August

open spaces are nice the Crimea,
the beauty took the breath away of the mountain.
the Family we conquer without everyones “oh“, “ah“
Ai - Petri the mountain and still to Ai - Dag! - Petri to see

For Ai vsyak I am glad to
“Serebryana of a stream“ - the falls are beautiful!
We visited a big family
I of a drop palms there we carry home.

For Nastya laid up August in camp a trip.
Revealed talents much there nurseries!
the Bag of impressions, on change friends. song
I under a flame a crash at a fire.

That to live August without longing, without missing,
In baskets we put result of a harvest.
We are on friendly terms with an invention and we prepare dishes:
later (winter) precisely will be what to remember!

A here at Ilyushka a basket of ducklings!
Turn yellow lumps, frolic, peep.
I of a bed pestret and are pleasing to the eye - a harvest Flower still we have

Slightly before the summer was told “Farewell!“ -
the Crowd in an aquapark - have fun, do not miss! What
is only not present on water of entertainments!
Is filled on hundred of our backpack of impressions!

Are filled very much emotions of a basket,
Are written nurseries a miracle - pictures.
Are loaded by a photo - not to consider megabytes. them we will see
on the friendly website soon!

During the summer we a lot of things very much were in time!
Felt sorry though for a drop? - Were not sorry at all!
A as our plan? Did not stand aside?
- At all! It on 200 was with interest carried out!

We in August will sit down a family
On ours at the house to a convenient bench in the evening.
we long A little - we will tell you in confidence -
On bright, motley, juicy summer!

we to summer after “thanks“
For stars in palms, for the sea of smiles,
For creativity Will say the world and for an amusement park.
For warm emotions reserved, impressions.

Olga Petrova