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To the Crimea with the daughter: beaches of “Artek“ and “forbidden“ mountains of

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It the first in life and therefore such long-awaited vacation of my daughter of Lada were h2>. The question about the place at us did not stand - the Crimea! Are ready to come there at all seasons of the year, and it is even better - several times a year!


It was remembered: somehow in the middle of winter we suddenly very much became sad on the sun, bought tickets and arrived to the Crimea. For one day, but what! The sun as though especially for us left holiday. And we bathed! Also dried on the sun (towels, of course, did not take - who thought that they will be useful to us?!) And the next morning we were at home again - among winter and winds, but loaded with solar mood!

When you go on the South careful route from Simferopol to Yalta, hardly you manage to read names of the numerous villages hidden from eyes in dense greens. Secret of one of them - Krasnokamenki, we also opened for ourselves this summer.

It is reddish - the gray rock on behalf of which there was a name of the village, it is visible after the journey - if to go to Yalta, to the right of the Bear - mountains. This village located on a slope in the Middle Ages was used as a sentry and alarm post. And now it is a landscape monument with soft climate, relic plants and a delightful view of the sea, Ayudag, Gurzuf and the well-known camp “Artek“. In the neighborhood of the village grow up a grapes grade known for the whole world a white muscat. Slightly farther - plantations of a lavender and roses. In the same place there is a lake Abukhi which is fed with underground springs (by the way, on this lake shot the movie “Savages“).

Through Krasnokamenka the stream which originates highly in mountains and supplies with the purest water of all residents of the village and the camp of rock-climbers which was located at the foot of the rock proceeds. Besides, through Krasnokamenka there passes the tourist track on Roman - Kosh - the highest mountain top of the Crimean Mountains. We stopped in the sports base “Red Stone“ located in the village.

To the sea it is rather far (from the village the minibus goes), but the route absolutely nearby, it is very easy to reach any corner of the Crimea. Artekovsky beaches where we went to bathe, pure and poorly populated. Openings in “Artek“ to us were shown by children from a camp.

At last we by the sea! Lada floats, flounders, dives with a mask before emergence of easy blue on lips. I try to persuade to leave to be warmed a little, but where there! Probably, each parent knows how it is difficult to extend from water and to turn in a towel of desperately resisting child! And here, at last, sits ashore, and all the unfortunate look tries to appeal to my conscience! And we think out entertainments (at the same time and we are warmed). How cheerfully to play with a wave: at first to admit it is closer to itself, and then to chase each other and it is joyful to scream every time when the wave catches up, zashchekotit heels fluffy foam!

Lada laid out from stones a flower on my back, and persuaded not to dump that the floret - a cliche was shown under the sun on the sunbathed body. I, of course, did not agree. Then she laid out a flower at itself on a stomach and patiently lay minutes one and a half (for bigger there was not enough patience) - and again asked to be allowed in the sea!

A still Lada made the most real pass an aquarium: filled up in a plastic bottle (which, unfortunately, meet also on the seashore) sand, cockleshells, pebbles, gathered sea water, occupied an alga and a live crab (then released). Beauty! However, small small fishes as Lada did not chase them along the coast, did not manage to be caught.

Then we played

who will manage to draw the word or simple drawing ashore. The sea was not against with us too to play - will run a wave, will pinch all words, and again is noisy will leave.

We painted

the friend to the friend with a face painting. Sometimes it turned out so beautifully that it was a pity to come into the sea! Played cockleshells and pebbles crosses - zeroes, built of pyramid stones - at whom higher?

From - for droughts in the Crimea visits of the woods were forbidden

. But we secretly decided to rise by the mountain. Thus “reserved“ places turned into “forbidden“! Also I do not know, we would overcome such abrupt mountain footpath if did not wait for us there, above such attracting, “forbidden“ places!

we Climb, we clamber up, and here it, an award for our efforts - fragrant, sweet, vkusnyushchy Crimean blackberry (also awfully prickly, but what to do, such at it character)! So I collect, and Lada pushes berries in a mouth two palms - I do not manage to break as though there is nothing more tasty on light!

A still - a tremendous panorama! Dityo, just completely weakened from rise, already chases butterflies. And already drags huge, centimeters 10, a locust: “Mother, give rather a jar!“ And then “Mother, and What They Eat?“ and, at last: “And it is possible we it home we will take away?“

Next day. But we did not think to miss: gathered the drifted ashore ooze, and turned into the Fantastic Princess, into the Neptune, into Karabas - Barabasa!

It is a high time for p to get paints - we will paint pebbles. Did not manage to start working as we were surrounded by kids from all beach. We distribute all brushes (specially took more) - and this already not just pebbles - naked children, and multi-colored bugs - butterflies creep away on the beach.

Ya relaxed and listened to a rustle of waves. Not for long. “Mother, and mermaids exist?“ Looks watchfully - whether I now inadvertently will destroy her belief in miracles? Mermaids in imagination of children the same real beings as Father Frost or the Tooth Fairy.

“And from where in the sea salt? And from where wind undertakes? And waves? Why sea blue, if water transparent?“ And though just at this moment there is no desire be touched daughter`s inquisitiveness, will wave away from questions would mean to call into question the authority that you “adult and clever“.

We freely walked on “Artek“. Came into the Museum of astronautics which is in the territory, in the building of the palace Suuk - sou. The child was delighted - the working training equipment, space suits (including for a dog), the copy of a moon rover.

We went to a dolphinarium to Partenit, settlement which is located for the Bear at once - the mountain. And after visit of magnificent park “Ayvazovskoye“, man-made paradise on the earth, I was not surprised to the Ladiny question any more: “Mother, and where the tree of knowledge grows? I want to eat from it a fruit and not to go more to school!“

the Crimean night velvet, fragrant, and how many in the sky of stars! They were so low that it seemed, it is possible to touch a hand. We found constellations, and remembered Ancient Greek myths, and also legends and legends of the Crimea. It and a legend about Adalarakh - rocks - twins that near Gurzuf. And a legend of the beautiful girl going on a horse to appointment to the darling: artful mother of the groom was an angry sorcerer, and to prevent a meeting, she bewitched the bride, having turned it together with a horse into the enormous rock - the Red Stone.

To Gurzuf we went down once to walk on the embankment which, not without justification, is considered the most beautiful on the Southern coast of the Crimea. In general, it is very cozy town, with small picturesque, though rather abrupt small streets - but very much populous. And we wanted to have a rest from city bustle. Besides Krasnokamenka is located above on the mountain, and there is much more cool - at night we even took cover blankets. On base we got acquainted with the small company of climbers, fried on a brazier a shish kebab from mutton, and, of course, tried well-known “A muscat white the Red stone“. And next day to us suggested to try to climb on the rock. Lada was more courageous than me: she at secure of the skilled rock-climber couple of meters climbed up a steep wall!

A still, our darling - well where still it is possible to feed animals directly from a hand? With photography in the opened mouth of a concrete hippopotamus and at an izba of the Baba-yaga. And the Nikitsky botanical garden (the truth, after Ayvazovskoye park it was possible not to go there any more). And still there was a lot of interesting, but we received one of the brightest impressions in Krasnokamenke. Exactly there, in the usual rural house we got acquainted with the most real master - the ceramist! It willingly showed us the plates with a list, and suggested to work with clay, on a potter`s wheel. What it was pleasure! A mountain circle, the sea, the sun, and in hands - pliable clay, the mother`s piece - lands! Not for nothing work with clay is used as therapy. It is considered that it harmonizes the personality - and we felt it! Still, during the work with a potter`s wheel it is impossible to think of bad or to be angry, otherwise the product will turn out ugly, can even burst. And as it is pleasant to drink houses tea from the mugs made with own hands from the clay which absorbed our emotions and impressions!

Unfortunately, us was brought by the camera - broke for the second day. But we not strongly were upset, we had paints! Our rest came out quite modest under the budget, but not by amount of the received impressions at all!

of Jan Zemlyanaya