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Pierre Ducan and his diet. Interview with the doctor - especially for 7i

the Proteinaceous diet of Ducan was created in 1975. In its basis - 72 products, protein-rich: meat, fish, seafood, dairy, tofu, also vegetables and fruit - that is it is not necessary to starve and suffer. Ducan`s book “I am not able to grow thin“ was published in France in 2000 - and since then is infinitely republished in different languages by million circulations. In Russian the book appeared only in 2011, and now Pierre Ducan arrived to Moscow to hold a seminar and to meet the Russian admirers.

- Monsieur Dyukan, at the beginning of your book - dedication to the wife and children. Our website 7ya. ru all is devoted to family life, the birth and education of children. How you think as far as the family is important in the modern world?

- I am a traditional person. I consider that to find the woman - the real woman is a great happiness. Now everything changes so quickly, a lot of things depreciate, traditions collapse therefore it is very important to have the woman - understanding, betrayed nearby. It is important that it supplemented you - because I am able to do something that the wife is not able, and it, in turn, introduces what I do not have. It is the base.

the Wife presented

to me two children - and three of them, and also my readers are the most valuable in my life. It is not a joke, and it is really very important. Our children, thirty years spent side by side are already from area spiritual, religious, it is magic of life. I consider that marriages which consist on the run when spouses are changed as handkerchiefs - marry, get divorced - it is bad. Such behavior does the person more fragile, less steady - and it has an adverse effect on health. When we are happy when we are satisfied with the family, the relations with children, are capable to resist vital disorders better.

- in What your children are engaged?

- my son is a financier, lives in Paris, works with me: is engaged in everything that is connected with finance, the Internet, the website, products under the name of Regime Dukan which we let out to facilitate to people process of observance of a diet.

my daughter Maya finishes with

study - she studies at the Higher economic school (Ecole de Commerce). And very amusing story is connected with her name, now I will tell you. To me the patient with the German surname came to reception - it had a husband the Swiss - by the name of Maya. I told: “Oh, my daughter is called the same as you“. She asked why we so called the daughter. I explained: “Because very much I respect Picasso, and one of his daughters is called Maya“. Also you know that the woman answered?“ It I. I am Maia Picasso“.

- Tell a little about products of the é brand R; gime Dukan - and how they can be bought in Russia?

- the First product which I began to let out under own name - bran. The matter is that bran - one of the most important products of a diet, but it is very difficult to find them in France. Bran is very useful: in - the first, they clear intestines, in - the second, give necessary calories. As a result we began to deliver them from Finland, and then learned that the product was actually from Russia - that is from Russia through Finland it got to France. (Canada and Russia - the biggest suppliers of bran in the world). When people “tried out“ this product, they came to us with small suitcases and bought up everything. Then I decided that it is time to be engaged in sale of bran - and here the first product so appeared.

flat cakes (ship`s biscuit) from bran which I recommend to use during the first stage of weight loss began to let out

is a fine instrument of fight against hunger Later: the person can eat them how many he will want with uncontrollable appetite. In the book I give the recipe of such flat cakes: except bran liquid cottage cheese, protein and a little vegetable oil is necessary. But many readers wrote me on the website as it would be good and convenient to buy already ready flat cakes. Then we began to make them. Then began to do ketchup - without salt, without sugar. Now we let out more than 50 products and we sell them worldwide. I hope that through 3 - 4 months, at the beginning of the next year, they will begin to be on sale also in Russia.

- As far as the problem of excess weight, in your opinion, is actual in our country?

- I was surprised, having read on the Internet that in Moscow and St. Petersburg there are more stout persons, than in Paris. People eat fast food, move a little. But if to eat as Americans, then you will become such as Americans! It is necessary to remain Russians, to keep traditions of food. You have a turning point now - still it is possible to make something, to stop not to lose balance.

In general a problem of excess weight are not just the whim dictated by desire of women to look more elegant and younger. It is known that stout persons live 9 years less, than people with a normal weight.

Ya - the doctor, I am not a businessman. And the childhood I wanted to be a doctor. When after the termination of high school, it was necessary to choose between art and medicine, my mother, it always was for me a beacon, told:“ If you become a doctor, then will be able always to draw or collect art, but if you become an artist, then any more you will never be able to go in for medicine“.

As I am a doctor, I feel great pleasure to cure all who can be cured. And, on my resistant belief, excess weight is an even not sharp form of an illness, this steady and chronic disease.

In 70 - e years all wanted to grow thin quickly - and did not reflect that weight inevitably comes back then. Now people understand that weight needs to be supported during all life. Many diets do not pass test time from - for lack of the fixing stage.

When I only began

, the patients who first grew thin came back to me to an office again in half a year. I improved a technique - they began to come back in a year. But I as doctor did not accept also such result - I wanted that they recovered forever. Therefore as a result I brought the method to perfection: I offer patients not only fish, but also the guide to fishing, that is the plan of a diet on which they can not only quickly and to cope effectively with obesity, but also to keep results a long time and without assistance.

- What you answer criticism to your technique?

- I emphasize that my method is created for disposal of excess weight. It is necessary to distinguish a diet for the person with 10 - 20 extra kilos and usual food of the person with a normal weight. My technique is based on very short and concentrated period - from one and a half to three months is “attack“ to weight, it is war. Further - it is easier, but all the same, certainly, it is necessary to monitor food - if the person has such problem as excess weight, there is a tendency to obesity. For example, according to recommendations of the Food and agricultural United Nations (55% of carbohydrates have to be FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization), in a daily diet. However norms are accepted in 60 - x years, for a present inactive way of life it is too much. When you eat sugar, your body does not want it because it understands that sugar is dangerous to an organism - it should be excluded from a diet completely.

it is Very important - and it is not news - physical activity. I was born in the world in which it was natural to move, and I did not feel obliged to prove it. But modern society encourages various technologies which facilitate human life, force it to move less - this look needs to be overcome.

Ducan`s Technique consists of 4 stages, starting with the most strict and finishing the most sparing.
  1. of Attack - short and the most productive.
  2. Alternation - achievement of desirable weight.
  3. Fixing - on each lost kilogram to you will be required to
  4. 10 days.
  5. Stabilization - deduction of the reached weight: proteinaceous Thursday, refusal of the elevator, 3 tablespoons of oat bran a day during all life.