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Rest in the Crimea. Miskhor: sweet air and wonderful types of

Rest with the child are always a compromise meanwhile what parents want, and what will be interesting to the kid. For those who like to spend holidays only on the beach there is no problem - children like to lap in the sea too or to play on the coast with stones or sand, and in two weeks similar pastime will not bother them in any way. Another matter when to parents it is not sat in place, there is a wish to receive various impressions - that`s when it is necessary to go on various cunnings, to think out and improvise to make holiday rather interesting.

this year, going to the sea with the child, we stopped the choice on Miskhor. Miskhor - the small resort settlement between Yalta and Alupka. There are a lot of pebble beaches - is also pansionatsky where let for money or according to admissions, and there are also the general, with a free admission and the sights, like the famous miskhorsky mermaid with the baby who got out to a stone near the coast, and also sculptural group “Arza and Ali - the Woman“ on the embankment. But on a mixed bathing it is crowded even in September therefore quietly to be bought with the child, it was necessary “to reconnoiter places“. It is necessary to tell, investigation took place successfully and though the beach chosen by us is far from “civilization“, i.e. from Miskhorsky park, it was worth it - on the beach we were one, shared it with two - three families. And still - with important, well-fad seagulls. And the abrupt road to the coast through park of boarding house - it after a nourishing breakfast or before not less nourishing lunch.

Important also. If to go with the kid, it is worth giving preference to such places where rest of families with children is the priority direction. And to reach to the sea not along the carriageway, and mainly through park or a ropeway. We in this regard were lucky: where we lodged, there was both a playground, and food was organized remarkably. Home cuisine in the best traditions - it to feed both the kid, and his father (mothers at us, as a rule, omnivorous therefore about them there is no speech) and big portions allowed not to do the additional order for the child of three and a half years. And to an entrance to sanatorium - five minutes to the course, also the choice: or in “Ai - Petri“, or in “the Sea Surf“.

Clear business that we spent the majority of days of holiday on the beach. The daughter bathed with a circle or collected pebbles ashore. At first brought not remarkable splinters of pebble which are picked up at a concrete wall of the embankment, but one its find was rather surprising: a marble splinter with the bas-relief image of a cross. It was not necessary to miss to the child: would be rubber ring yes something to chew - bananas or corn sticks. Even when to the coast brought jellyfishes, and the daughter, having been frightened, refused to bathe, she rushed with a bucket, collecting polished by waves glass, or spread from pebble the route for the toy all-terrain vehicle. Parents did not miss at this time too: in turn swam away with a mask - the benefit the sea transparent, in a calm weather the bottom and at a depth at an anchor buoy is visible. And warm: it is a pleasure to bathe, dive.

Gathering on the sea without child, for certain would not choose Miskhor - vicinities here are already reconnoitered by me, and to lie on the beach I not the fan. But for rest with the kid there are indisputable pluses here. Most important of them - Miskhorsky park. Not crowded, especially far from the embankment, quite silent.“ Monument sadovo - park art of nation-wide value. Witt is put in landscape style in 1780 - 83 in the territory of a manor of counts“ as the memorable plate says. This park - the place, extremely pleasant for walks, with paths: where asphalt, where old, paved by an uneven stone. There is a lot of needles, its aroma is felt in air, and in hot time becomes spicy. Here light-, under trees on the soil, golden from the fallen-down needles, play spots of sunlight. If to go along the coast - the sea, however, generally is visible it is necessary to watch from - for lattices, ograzhivayushchy the territory of private beaches. In the depth of park there is an old playground - a hill in the form of a dinosaur, the pool, figures of a crocodile, a dragon, a frog, a lizard. Most of all I liked turtles - them much, and expression of muzzles - very concentrated: such armor-clad troops on march.

here too is enough

of the Real living creatures. Generally it is proteins and cats - the last meet everywhere, especially black. The kids walking together with parents very much like to watch entertainments of the kittens frolicing in bushes at paths. The park lasts along the coast and leaves to the embankment, coming to the end with the palm avenue. Earlier here local artists exposed the pictures, now it is not enough artists. But fans of the Crimean souvenirs can buy gifts to the family and friends in booths nearby.

Near park a set of boarding houses and sanatoria: one closed, on the territory of others anyone can get. Miskhor boarding house - from such open. Between high-rise cases the children`s town - the fountains which are laid out by a color mosaic and sculptures of characters of fairy tales is located. In the evenings here animators work, arrange active games for children, thematic representations and even peculiar discos.

And still I wanted to make ours “the Crimean vacation“ as much as possible various. Already in couple of days I began to think, where still to go what to look at. My daughter is three and a half years old, she has a mode: a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner - on time. And after-dinner dream: even if will not fall asleep, then though will roll about one or one and a half hours or so, will have a rest from morning impressions. Therefore out of limits Miskhora I planned our small travel for the first half of day. Choosing a route for walk with the child, it is necessary to remember that beauty of landscapes and architectural forms interest kids of 3 - 4 years a little. But it does not mean at all that, having a rest with children in the Crimea, it is necessary to be limited to the beach and a playground: it is possible to find something in each walk, interesting to the kid.

For example, going to walk to Vorontsovsky park, take with yourself the cucumbers cut by long segments or a bunch of parsley - and you will be able perfectly to spend time at a pond, together with the child having fed a swan. Why cucumbers and parsley? The birds who are simply spoiled by attention of visitors do not eat bread (but bread is eaten by seagulls, that important and well-fad which walk on the sea coast).

If wants to visit on Ai - Petri - safely take with yourself the child: impressions of a trip in the yellow car of a ropeway to it will last for a long time. The kid will surely want to drive on a horse (either a burro, or a camel). But it is absolutely optional that he will like to ride, and he will not ask to get down earlier, and even will be frightened. At us and it happened: halfway the daughter reported that she already drove and wants to get down from a burro. However, she managed to be interested and taken for a drive a little more. Then, having appeared on the earth, she saw a pony and camels, and wanted to drive already on them - it was necessary to distract it, having promised to buy juice. Came into teahouse and combined pleasant with pleasant: the father ate a shish kebab, mother drank coffee, admiring a view of Yalta, and the baby received the promised juice - and ceased to remember a pony and camels. And the local cat who settled in legs over a plaid, perhaps, was not less interesting to my daughter, than the same burro.

But nevertheless in Vorontsovsky park and on Ai - Petri I was earlier and walks there - pleasure more for adults. With the kid and the palace you will not visit, and on a plateau you will not go to long walk. And here if you want to be included in the present fairy tale equally interesting to all family members, I advise to visit the zoo “Fairy tale“ better known as Yalta. The fairy tale begins with a threshold here. More true from an entrance where near the controller checking tickets you are met by huge pink pelicans. At first sight it seems as if it is plastic figures - big birds against booths with a forage for animals so unexpectedly look. Further - is even more interesting and more unexpected. The sea of pleasure, and not only for kids, but also for adults. That the pleasure was full, it is worth buying in a forage booth. Quail eggs with which it is very interesting to feed from hands of monkeys and nosukh, and also parsley most of all were useful to us - it is eaten by both birds, and rodents, and hoofed animals. And still thoroughbred pigeons pecked from my palm crumbs from cookies, the olenenok pinched raisin, and the crane tried to peck a ring, having taken it for some yum-yum. Whether it is necessary to say as far as all this was interesting to the child? Tigers, lions, bears, zebras and there is a lot of - many other animals - even I saw some for the first time in life. The daughter adores dancing under songs from the animated film “Rio“. Huge parrots - ares brought it into the real delight - though were not such at all cheerful as in the animated film - midday came, and bright birds dozed on branches in the open-air cage. The well-known “Adrenalinic bridge“ over the open-air cage with lions touched more, than frightened - two the full “supplier of adrenaline“ peacefully dozed and did not pay any attention to visitors. As well as white Bengalese tigers over whom the platform of rest - little tables with shops and a small booth is arranged. There it is possible to eat ice cream or to drink juice and, glancing down, to admire the striped handsome.

the Entrance ticket in a zoo not cheap, but it is worth it! And having got on the territory, you understand that money goes for the future: animals well-cared, well-groomed and the territory is arranged well, across it it is pleasant to go - many vacation spots and for beautiful photos. The building of administration is similar to the fantastic lock and is surrounded with sculptures of animals, and before a main entrance there is a fountain. Around flower beds, arbors, and to all other - a remarkable view of the Yalta yayla. There is a playground - the truth, attractions paid.

A still absolutely special place under the name “Grandmother`s Court Yard“ is. There live nanny-goats and lambs - very impudent, and everyone, come on the territory of “court yard“ with a bunch of greens or with apples, right there it appears in a close environment. Nanny-goats try to snatch out paper bags, become on hinder legs. One such smart aleck was not ashamed to leave marks of forward hoofs on my white t-shirt - tried to keep step with fragrant parsley. But actually all these living creatures are quite harmless and friendly, willingly allow children of to stroke, to play. To kids in this court yard - continuous pleasure. Where still it is possible to poobnimatsya with little kids or to be driven for that annoying lamb? Also in “A grandmother`s court yard“ there live the Vietnamese dwarfish pigs. On the plate at the open-air cage it is written that they it is cleverer than dogs of all known breeds. Behave modestly, on visitors do not rush - unless will stick with the rough patch into a leg. Friendly wag tails and become on knees that it was more convenient to you to scratch them a back. Despite all stereotypes, communication with these pigs leaves only pleasant impressions.

of Everything that is interesting in the zoo “Fairy tale“ not to list

and always better to see with own eyes. Therefore - come! And, and with children. And the day spent in a zoo will become one of the brightest impressions of your Crimean vacation. By the way, with the child is more senior in a zoo and vicinities it is possible to spend nearly the whole day - nearby there is “Glade of fairy tales“ known for much, and also the aquarium appeared now. In the same place - or just to eat small cafes where it is possible to have a bite ice cream, and also - tents with souvenirs. But my baby was tired of impressions and a heat therefore, after a zoo, we had to come back to Miskhor.

in vicinities of Yalta one more place which it will be interesting to both adults, and children to visit Is. We learned about it incidentally - from the taxi driver. But then did not think that we will follow advice as we had plans others. This year we decided to go with the child to a dolphinarium. For the sake of it got into the car and went to Yalta. Day was hot, but windy. Amazing beauty the sea was poured by shades green, splashes from waves rose over the embankment. Personally I do not love such weather when fries the sun and cold wind blows, and it is unclear: whether you overheated, whether froze. It was interesting to the child on the embankment, but it is short: when the daughter saw enough of ships, she wanted to drive on a children`s engine which went along the sea, or by machines. Also that was necessary to allow it, and another. And then to hide from wind in cozy “Kofishka“ - one of small coffee houses on the embankment. They have very tasty cookies and cakes, and still - a remarkable cappuccino with caramel syrup. And while the child gnawed chocolate cookies, we with the husband enjoyed hot drink before again coming to wind. Strangely enough, this cappuccino also remained the brightest of my impressions about Yalta that day. In particular I thought that in my hometown such here small and inexpensive coffee houses overlooking Dnieper very much are not enough.

All other impressions were spoiled by cold wind. And Yalta, most likely, was pleasant to the child - looked at ships, drove on an engine and machines. And still, while mother examined souvenirs, the daughter together with the father caught plastic small fishes in the special pool, and acquired the right to choose to herself a prize. I was not even surprised when she chose from a set of small toys among which there were also dolls samoletik: so it turned out that my daughter does not play dolls - more and more machine, samoletik, tractors and excavators... Anyway from Yalta we brought both photos, and impressions.

But it turned out p that this year the dolphinarium which settled down every summer on the Yalta embankment did not arrive. But if promised the child of dolphins, we decided to go next day there where the taxi driver advised us. The theater of marine animals “Water area“ is on Bakhchisarayskoye Highway (turn from the route on Ai - Petri). Here it is possible to see various tricks and turns done by a seal, a sea lion, a walrus, polar whales white whales and a star of the program a dolphin Flora. Representation lasts about an hour, and I, buying tickets, doubted: and whether my three-year-old fidget will sit out this time? But fears were vain: the child was delighted! Finally it was necessary to show a bit of generosity also on a photo because the daughter very much wanted to stroke a dolphin. It is difficult to me to describe the impressions: it was interesting and cheerful, it is fascinating and it is unexpected. Especially the fact that all actors - animals showed including the vocal abilities and was other surprises much. And during joint performance of a dolphin of Flora and her trainer there were moments when not one viewer had a strange feeling as if he for an instant touched the very best real happiness. Here and there took place our two-week family rest in Miskhore.

In end wants to tell that Miskhor - perhaps, the ideal place for family rest with children - is park, there are beaches and though to the sea it is necessary to go down, and after - to rise back, in comparison with Alupka and Simeiz rise small and flat. There is an opportunity to go on excursion. And, of course, as well as on all Southern coast of the Crimea, here remarkable types and clean, sweet air after the big city it is so pleasant to them to breathe.

Olga Kai