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Sun, air and water...

of the Rule of summer holiday

the Sun, air and water, certainly, our best friends, but only in case elementary security measures are observed. And for future mothers there are special rules of communication with elements of the nature.

When our friends become foes

In summer months doctors recommend to pregnant women to spend as little as possible time for the sun. And on that is the serious reasons:

Of course, himself it is not necessary to refuse in pleasure to take air baths, just choose for this purpose morning or evening hours. At the beginning of summer do not forget to buy sunblock cream, and in especially hot days it is better not to come out of the shadow at all and always to have with itself a small bottle of mineral water.

It is no secret that in the summer the city dwellers who constantly have deficiency of clean air seek to get out to the nature. But, leaving from the gas-polluted highways and the yards which are filled up with poplar down future mothers, be vigilant! The summer is a blossoming season not only a poplar, but many plants and herbs, and yours “interesting situation“ conceals in itself danger of an aggravation of chronic allergic reactions or even emergence of new. Therefore it is the best of all if in your first-aid kit there is an antihistaminic preparation which will be advised by your doctor. Allergy medicine will allow to avoid unpleasant consequences of stings of insects also. Summer it is difficult for p to imagine

without bathing. Swimming is a fine training of muscular and respiratory systems of an organism which will help mother and the child to be prepared for childbirth. One more undoubted advantage of bathing is a hardening. Cool water, warm air and hot sand create natural contrast of temperatures which positively influences a condition of the pregnant woman. But not superfluous it seems to remind lovers of bathing some safety rules:

In general, to pregnant women it is the best of all to go to the beach to the companies of darling, relatives or friends. So will be more cheerfully, and more reliably.

Summer holiday, undoubtedly, has to be active. Physical activities in the fresh air in the habitual or moderate mode are very useful to future mothers. But try to avoid the static tension which leads to venous stagnation in the lower part of a trunk and adversely influences on matochno - a placentary blood-groove. So weeding of a kitchen garden now not for you.


If it is not stayed at home...

should talk About travel separately. Surely discuss summer plans with your doctor. He will help to make the first-aid kit, will tell about possible risks. If during pregnancy there are any complications, most likely, he will recommend to have a rest in a radius of 50 - 100 km from the city in which you live. It is very important to follow the schedule of consultations of the doctor even in the summer. If you leave for long term (for 2 months and more), then it is necessary to be registered in medical institution in that district where you go. If such option is impossible, do not forget to watch over the health. It is not so difficult to control the weight, diuresis, arterial pressure. (On terms till 30 weeks it needs to be done 1 every two weeks, after 30 weeks - once a week.) These efforts are justified and will allow you to keep health. And, of course, do not forget “a golden rule of the pregnant woman“ - where you were, at you always there have to be documents (the passport, the insurance policy, till 28 weeks - an extract from the out-patient card with all analyses, after 28 weeks - the prenatal record). If you go on the vacation abroad, the travel agency which processes your documents has to provide you the health insurance. By the international rules of insurance, it includes the insured events connected with pregnancy but only to the term of 12 weeks. Unfortunately, complications of a course of pregnancy from - for flights and change of habitual climate are not so rare. Therefore, being shipped in travel outward, take with yourself the additional amount of money if you need medical care.

the Question of where and on what to go, deserves separate attention. For certain you are not surprised if we tell that exotic rounds to the countries of Africa, to Cuba, to Mexico, the island states are contraindicated to pregnant women. Deciding on the vacation spot, plan not to change a climatic zone. If it is impossible, keep in mind that for safe acclimatization pregnant women need 45 days.

during a trip needs to be careful not so much of some certain type of transport how many fatigue from the road. As it was already told, for future mother static loadings from long stay in one situation increase risk of premature birth.

Travel by plane not absolutely suits pregnant women from - for sharp changes of atmospheric pressure at take off and landing. It can cause reduction of vessels and a premature otsloyka of a placenta (especially at some pathologies). The plane is optimum means only in case inevitable very distant trip is necessary to you. And after 7 months of pregnancy it would be reasonable to avoid long flights in general.

Long travel by train and the car can turn out

for you tiresome. Whenever possible in the train try to change often situation, and moving on the car, each one or one and a half hours do stops for 5 - 10 minutes to move. Buying the train ticket, choose soft (SV) or a compartment car. In the car it is better to settle down on a back seat in lying or semi-lying situation and if there is no such opportunity, do not forget about a seat belt.

Food pregnant in the summer

in the Summer, as well as in any other season, the pregnant woman has to limit herself in salty, spicy, greasy and fried food, and also in high-allergenic products (strawberry, tomatoes). Try to overcome temptation to try traditional Sunday brochette and, of course, especially carefully choose in the summer meat and dairy products. The best food for future mothers are in the summer various vegetable and fruit salads which are so vitamin-rich also minerals. In food of mushrooms in any kind it is better for pregnant women to refuse the use at all. And if you have a rest abroad, then do not experiment with exotic. Believe, such care is justified, in case of poisoning the risk of premature birth increases.

If at the beginning of pregnancy it became clear to

that the third trimester drops out for the summer, then it is the best of all in advance to accustom to limit the liquid use. It will help to avoid risk of development of a gestoz. It is better to coordinate admissible volumes of liquid with the doctor. (The healthy pregnant woman of average weight, from 60 to 80 kg, can use 1,5 - 2 l of liquid a day.) It is important to notice that the liquid which is contained in vegetables and fruit is considered too (at the same time it is considered that firm vegetables and fruit consist of it for 50%, and water-melons, melons, grapes, cucumbers and tomatoes - for 100%). By the way, as it is strange, not cold, and, on the contrary, the warm acidified water best of all satisfies thirst.