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The best Ukrainian recipes: borsch, vareniki and cutlet on - Kiev

the Sketch about the Ukrainian traditions could be begun and terminated on one borsch as the main national property. But not borsch uniform. There are also other well-known dishes of Ukrainian cuisine: cutlet on - Kiev, cherry dumplings. We publish their classical recipes from the new book of the Welcome series of the culinary magazine “Hlebsol“ today. It is possible to prepare safely - and to descend to children!

Borsch with prunes and mushroom ears

of Variations on borsch an unprecedented set: and with fried crucians, both with a rooster, and on goose broth, and with a beet tops of vegetable. In the south of Ukraine borsch is seasoned with spicy adjika, in the Carpathians add cepes. Experiment, put favourite spices and products and look for own unique recipe of this culinary miracle.

for ears:

  1. Dried mushrooms wash out
  2. , wet in water at several o`clock, then boil to readiness. Get ready mushrooms a skimmer and postpone, filter broth and keep.
  3. Potatoes clean
  4. , cut bars, fill in with water (about 2 l) and put to cook together with a parsley root, bay leaf and peppercorn.
  5. On a frying pan with a thick bottom warm vegetable oil. Grate carrots on a large grater and brown. Add to it polished beet and small cut onions. Fry everything till golden color.
  6. Tomatoes scald
  7. boiled water, husk, small chop and add to a vegetable zazharka. If you use paste, add it. Wash out prunes, cut in half, put in a frying pan. You extinguish everything together several minutes, shift in a pan to potato.
  8. Pour in mushroom broth in a pan, reduce fire to a minimum and leave borsch to pine.
  9. Cabbage chop
  10. , add to borsch.
  11. Fat small chop
  12. , then an istolkita in a mortar together with garlic and salt. Lay out mix in a pan together with small chopped greens, salt.
  13. Switch off fire under a pan and leave borsch to be drawn.
  14. Separately prepare for
  15. mushroom ears. For this purpose from flour, water, egg and vegetable oil knead dough as for vareniki, and postpone for about 20 minutes. Small cut onions and mushrooms, brown on butter. Add salt and pepper to taste. Roll dough, cut out a glass small circles, lay out in the middle of everyone forcemeat from mushrooms and onions, close up ears in the form of small pelmeni. You cook ears in the added some salt boiling water until as they will emerge.
  16. Ready ears take out
  17. a skimmer and shift in borsch just before giving. To borsch serve sour cream.

Cutlet on - Kiev

Cutlet on - Kiev is and there is real cotelette in the European sense of the word meaning a thin piece of meat on a bone. There are several versions of an origin of this dish. The majority nevertheless agrees in opinion that to us it got from France at the time of government of the empress Elizabeth. After revolution the recipe was forgotten, and then restored by some Kiev cook. Initially butter was driven in into chicken fillet with the culinary hammer, but then the recipe was simplified, and oil began to be wrapped just. The same concerns also a stone: to keep this recognizable stroke of restaurant “Kiev“ cutlets, it is necessary to tinker with cutting of a bird. Also consider that one chicken in that case will leave only two cutlets. Our option more house and economic. But the same tasty.

  1. For a start correctly cut breasts. From the main part separate small fillet and accurately beat off it. You watch that there were no holes and gaps. Then make an incision big fillet, develop in the form of the book, put between two layers of food wrap and too well beat off. Chicken salt and pepper.
  2. Butter warm
  3. to room temperature, then mix in the blender with the crushed estragon. Add salt, it is a little pepper and polo juice - fault of a lemon. Two spoons create the 2nd small quenelles, turn in food wrap and clean in the freezer before hardening.
  4. On the beaten-off big fillet put the stiffened oil, cover from above with small fillet and hardly curtail in the form of a spindle, carefully turning in in edge. Track that there were no gaps through which the stuffing can flow out. Wrap cutlets in food wrap and clean in the freezer for 15 minutes to fix their form.
  5. prepare for
  6. a breading Meanwhile. Slightly shake up egg in a separate bowl. Get cutlets from a film, roll in in flour, then in egg and at last in crackers. Crackers should be stamped accurately on cutlet. If a breading insufficiently dense, once again dip cutlet in egg, and then in crackers.
  7. In a deep frying pan on average fire warm a glass of vegetable oil and lower in it cutlets. When they are reddened, lower fire and fry cutlets even minutes 10 - 15.
the Poltava cherry dumplings vareniki prepare


In each region of Ukraine in own way. In any case regions! Recipes of vareniki as a family relic are protected by each hostess. The Poltava, those Gogol vareniki are known for the thick crust which plays not less important role, than a stuffing.

  • of 600 g of flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 of h l. soda
  • 1,5 glasses of sour milk
  • are a little butter that
  • to grease with
  • a sieve

for a stuffing:

  • of 300 g of cherry
  • of 150 g of sugar
  • sour cream for giving
  1. From cherry take out stones, fill up it with sugar and set aside aside that berries started up juice.
  2. Flour sift
  3. on a working surface or in a bowl, add soda. Make in the middle deepening. Hammer egg into deepening. Then gradually pour in sour milk and knead dough. It has to be soft, but not stick to hands.
  4. without postponing
  5. , roll dough in layer at least 5 mm thick. A glass or other round form cut out circles. On the middle of each circle put on 2 - 3 cherry berries, previously having merged cherry juice in a small saucepan.
  6. It is dense to a zashchipnita a varenik. You watch that juice did not get to a seam, otherwise the varenik when cooking can become unstuck.
  7. Prepare for
  8. vareniki in a double boiler of 7 - 8 minutes. If does not have a double boiler, take a high pan, pour water to a half and you will boil. From above fix a sieve, grease it with butter and lay out vareniki. Steam same of 7 - 8 minutes under densely closed cover.
  9. add To cherry juice still sugar (to taste) and its uvarita on silent fire to a condition of syrup.
  10. Ready vareniki give
  11. hot with a spoon of sour cream and cherry syrup.
the Most tasty dough turns out on home-made curdled milk which in Ukraine is called “kislyak“. If there is no sour milk, it is possible to use kefir.

Roll from pork with apples

When in the Ukrainian village pin up a pig, everything is used - from the patch to a tail. Sausages prepare, fat is smoked and salted, the jelly cooks and various rolls spin. One of the most curious recipes - roll from the pork head, but this occupation not for the faint-hearted, it will last for the whole day. Therefore we chose option simpler, but not less tasty and available all the year round.

for sauce:

  • 1 bulb
  • of 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 1 / 2 of tablespoon of balsam vinegar
  • 1 - 2 a garlic glove
  • ground cinnamon and ginger to taste
  • salt, pepper
    1. Meat wash up
      • of 200 g of a cranberry and dry a towel. Cut on chunks (9 pieces) of the size of a palm, well beat off. Salt chunks, pepper, lay out in one layer on food wrap a little with an overlap. Once again beat off junctions a little.
      • Prepare for
      • a stuffing. For this purpose on well warmed oil fry small chopped onions, garlic and apples cut in cubes till golden color.
      • you Extinguish a couple of minutes, add a cranberry and prepare still literally minute. Knead a cranberry a fork or a tolkushka directly in a frying pan.
      • Switch off fire, let`s a stuffing cool down a little and an even layer lay out it on meat. Then by means of a film curtail meat into roll. Remove a film, and tie up roll a cord or a severe thread. Place roll in a roasting sleeve or a foil. Put in the oven warmed to 180C approximately for an hour. For 5 - 10 minutes before the end of cooking accurately cut a foil or a sleeve that roll was reddened.
      • Make for
      • sauce. For this purpose put small cut onions, a cranberry in a pan, fill in 1/2 glass of water, bring to boiling. Cover, reduce fire and you boil 10 minutes until berries become soft. Knead a cranberry a tolkushka directly in a pan, add all other ingredients (garlic small cut) and you cook 15 minutes on strong fire, periodically stirring slowly. Sauce has to thicken a little. Then remove sauce from fire, cool, crush in the blender and wipe through a sieve.
      • Roll give
      • with cranberry sauce.

    From the book “Recipes of Ukrainian Cuisine Which You Love“