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The first birthday of the child: a piracy party for babies of

to us - 1 month!

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since spring I strenuously prepared for this event - to our to the first a godovasiya. Arose all new and new ideas which demanded the embodiment in the head. Yes so demanded that I could not fall asleep quietly!

questions Arose: how to invite how to decorate what to prepare how to dress. We had no competitions, all entertainment program consisted of children`s songs which I successfully downloaded on the Internet in the form of the collection.

So, after long thoughts, we decided to organize a holiday in sea style, to be exact, in piracy.

I did

of the Invitation in a photoshop: it turned out, by the way, very not badly, at least, invited they very much were pleasant to all. I decided to take pictures on months in duplicate. One rastyazhechka at us was standard, maybe, already everything the bored engine, and the second - in skrap style fashionable now. There is a wish to tell that the second idea was pleasant to kids more.

should be solved Further and what to decorate the room with? Purchased options did not suit me at all, I decided to lay the hand, more precisely, the brush, to this difficult occupation. I am not able to draw, spotted ideas on the Internet, and here it was necessary to draw most as I could not unpack big formats of sheets on the printer. In general, the plot turned out just on a subject: palm trees, monkeys, sun, cloudlets. Stood in the corner of the room the big lemon tree, from - under sparkling put pebbles, small cockleshells in a bottle, bought a cardboard trunk and filled it with different sweets. This corner was well just the highlight of the program: all near it were photographed, and kids successfully devastated that trunk!

Krom of the main “average“ table from salatika, a small fish etc. Kids of it tore off all evening cockleshells and small fishes!

we dressed

of the Sonny in the kombinezonchik very suitable to the main plan of our holiday. He willingly posed and was photographed, however, was quickly tired, and the rest of evening overslept.


the last question: what to present? There is a wish to surprise somehow the kid - and to make at the same time so that the gift was useful. We stopped on the wooden toys made to order. And, of course, did not do without gift made with own hands. Specially to birthday I sewed the small developing rug, with different openers - zakryvashka and “shelestelka“. It very much was pleasant to our kid, still plays with it.

generally, the holiday was successful. Perhaps if time was more (it, as always, is not enough), I made something in a different way, but I have even so many these days of births ahead, and, above all, it is so much ideas that only manage to embody! Good luck and health to you and your kids!

Irina Frolova