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English for school students: recognition of the father - the skeptic of

What you remember English lessons at high school? Personally recur thick textbooks with strange names to my memory, problems on grammar with examples from some parallel reality, and, of course, repetitions by chorus of new words and expressions.

I cannot tell

that we were absolutely badly taught, but it seemed as if at lessons at school there was one English, and our favourite singers and actors spoke obviously on some the friend. I always studied on “perfectly“ at school, but when in 10 - the m a class for the first time heard the reporting in English on radio and did not understand anything, I remember, it was offensive. So what is cost by all these five when there are no real practical skills?

there passed many years Since then, but scepticism in relation to learning of foreign languages in Russia did not disappear for a long time. It seemed to me really to start talking in English, it is necessary to go by all means to the States and to study there. As a last resort, to employ dear private tutor - and then MGIMO. All the rest and remains at the level: “Hau du yu du, Mrs. Adams?“

And therefore when the wife with victorious intonation reported that she wants to write down the child on English courses, I only sighed and complained what from sports school would be to more use.

But the wife was unshakable, retelling the arguments heard at the webinars devoted to language training of children. And here our 7 - summer the son went to swot away foreign science on the first lesson in English First school. As I learned then, this first lesson was free - the wife received the certificate, having registered on the website of school.

We waited for the son from occupations in the cozy room. There we could not only consider an interior (which somehow attracted at once to the wife though me left absolutely indifferent), but also with interest to observe brisk discussion of two mothers about what pictures were taken during a festive English party and where to download them. A bit later we learned that such events are held for pupils in English First regularly and Life Club are called.

I here the son left a class... surprisingly happy. He began to tell about how they got acquainted with the English letters and sounds as the teacher showed rollers and pictures on the big computer (the computer was an interactive board which are used at lessons constantly) as they sang the favourite songs, danced and played games in English.

my ideas of training definitely reeled. Finally they failed when the son told that on the house to them gave a task “to play the English computer games“. It turned out that it is standard practice. All homework becomes in special online - programs where children perform various interactive game tasks, and parents can trace their progress and to see comments of the teacher. By the way, demoversions such online - programs are distributed for free. So if you want to learn how the love of children to computers can be sent to the useful course, safely download the application!

Habitual scepticism, however, did not abandon me at once: “If 6 years of severe cramming at the Soviet school did not bring results what to wait from all these games and parties for? On chaff you will not spend us!“ Approximately while I thought over the monologue with which I intended to turn to the wife and the teacher, the son gave out in English that loves the father with mother and English.

to hesitate of

of What: heart of the engineer tempered in fights with an education system thawed at the very same time. But finally the soul started singing when to us there was a consultant and told that in English First it is possible to get grants for half a year of training in English for children.

there passed already half a year Since then, and I never regretted about what we wrote down the son into English. He already tells verses and sings songs in English, reads children`s books and retells a story about the favourite heroes. There was, that is to gain what to combine business with pleasure knowledge in the comfortable and cheerful atmosphere, very much is even real while the severity and a didacticism of teaching does not guarantee efficiency at all.

, on the example of this change in approaches to training, I see

But the most important how the world changes, becoming more open and bright. Notebooks with fields for which it is impossible to take up and heavy satchels are a thing of the past as a symbol of a “bulky“ 20th century. They are succeeded by technologies without borders: colourful, easy, available in any place and at any time! And barriers which divide all of us: language, cultural, geographical - now cease to seem insuperable. whether

I Want to share finally some council? A picture is worth a thousand words, because to listen, as a rule, it is useless. Recently reported to us about the forthcoming National Open Day in EF English First on October 6. Join also you!