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Are ready to cold weather! We choose outerwear for children of

you Want that your child did not become wet in pools and under snow, remained cheerful and mobile in any weather? Pull together from it this inconvenient bolonyevy down-padded coat and dress in hi-tech clothes from Reima! Believe, it will be pleasant to it!

according to researches, the modern child by 7 years seizes skills of microwaving, to 8 some “wear“ the second mobile phone. We demand that schools and kindergartens were equipped with computers, we trust children the smartphones and iPads. But it is accepted to dress the child at us for some reason as it was done still by our grandmothers - in the thick, easily soiled clothes. Really all delights “breathing“, moisture - and wearproof modern materials and convenient styles it is possible to estimate, having only passed test by valenoks and tights?

of the least testers was supported by the Finnish company Reima. Many years she develops and makes a unique kidswear and footwear in which hi-tech materials are widely applied. In bright and easy clothes from Reima to the child it is comfortable and free in any weather. The innovative clothes facilitate life and to parents: their child is not ill, and the durability of new things saves the family budget.

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in Reima approached

creation of a kidswear of new generation on - to the adult. Scientists counted that loads of a children`s organism during street games are comparable with what tests an organism of adults during active sports activities. Therefore experts from Reima addressed experience of producers of professional clothes for athletes. The concept of multilayered clothes and the “breathing“ functional materials was borrowed from them. Certainly, it was adapted taking into account physiology of kids - experts of Reima are engaged several decades only in a kidswear and know everything about what happens in cold and during a heat to the child`s organism.

Contrary to stereotypes, specially developed artificial materials can be much more useful to the child, than natural, in particular in the winter. The underwear from cotton well absorbs moisture, but long removes it outside - the child who sweated on the street can manage to catch a cold. Products from wool not only “bite“, but also can cause an allergy. Therefore Reima offers a layered clothing from quick-drying polyester and the combined fabrics. As an intermediate layer fleece - very soft and warm nonwoven fabric is offered. It well keeps heat even in the become wet state, passes air and does not cause an allergy.


To the top kidswear impose special requirements, it is tested for durability - both the child, and the nature. It has to protect from moisture, wind and dirt, to be wearproof, and ideally - also it is easy to wash. In 1995 experts of Reima managed to create the material possessing all these qualities. Membrane material Reimatec ® is a polyamide fabric which back part is processed by microporous polyurethane which does not pass water inside, but removes moisture from a skin surface in the form of steam outside. Thanks to this Reimatec ® is at the same time waterproof and “breathing“ (air-permeable) material.


of Mikko, Alex and Mari, specialists in frosty weather, laid 23 new routes


Besides, Reimatec ® is the very strong material possessing the increased wear resistance and resistance to pollution therefore the Reima clothes do not demand frequent washings - small pollution can be removed under a water stream by means of a usual sponge. But clothes from Reimatec ® is not afraid also of a machine wash after which it quickly dries and keeps all the properties! And additional strengthenings in knees and a bottom, insert from especially strong fabric in the lower part of trouser-legs guarantee that they even after the most ruthless games of a thing to clothes from Reima will remain whole and if necessary will devolve to the younger brother or the little sister.

Unique properties of this material are confirmed to

with tests of independent experts. For example, last year children`s Reimatec overalls ® + were recognized the best in a class a premium as the Swedish company Testfakta specializing in quality control of consumer goods and laboratory tests. Overalls from Reima gathered the greatest number of points, and their durability on average by 4 times exceeded an average value according to tests. Reima overalls were recognized by Testfakta also as extremely convenient in a sock.

the Thought-over and convenient cut of clothes which is not limiting freedom of the movement of the child - separate pride of Reima. The kid can actively play on the street, without feeling at the same time constraint and any discomfort. All products Reima are developed on growth of the child with a stock for growth for one season and supplied with additional opportunities of regulation of the size: adjustable straps, a possibility of more dense landing due to regulation of completeness of a waistline, elastic adjustable braces.

the Range of Reima is not limited to winter clothes - in production of the Finnish company it is possible to dress the child literally from legs to the head in any weather and for any case of life. - a winter collection you will find a wide choice in the oseena usual and waterproof (with a membrane of Reimatec ® ) footwear, and also suitable on color and a pattern the main collection of a mitten scarfs, caps (with not blown inserts at on ears), waterproof Reimatec gloves ® .

the Collection of a Reima kidswear of 2012 is painted by

in bright colors, and drawings on it are cast by the world of childish sports. Game is and there is a childhood synonym - carefree, active, filled with pleasure. And in Reima aspire to that children could move and play freely - under any weather conditions and in any conditions. Not only serious experts in laboratories are ready to confirm quality of production of this company.

its main proof - the unique program “It Is Checked by Children“ by means of which in Reima test new products. Every season the team of young testers who receive special tasks from specialists of the company is made. Children`s “special troops“ check new collections for durability and convenience in the most severe conditions - on playgrounds, during snow, a rain and slush. Results of such tests allow Reima to declare with pride: Reima. It is checked by children.