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Rest in the Carpathians with children: a bouquet from mint and wild strawberry of

we Live in the big cheerful southern city therefore sometimes there is a wish for rest and silence. We choose for rest always the quiet cozy place - far away from roads, is closer to the nature.

were on vacation in Ukraine, in the Carpathians This summer - the settlement of city type of Slavskoye, Natali hotel. Number was reserved on the website “by the Carpathians. Nezabar“ - there offers a discount.

Went by train - so quicker and more conveniently. The train comes in the morning, from the station to hotel of minutes ten. Number was taken three-room, with a balcony, considering that our family consists of two adults and the son with the daughter of school age.

First that strikes: crystal-clear air and singing of birds, and also lack of cars. All go on foot, slowly and measuredly and all town it is possible to bypass for half an hour.

the hotel is in 2 km from Slavsky, in the wood. Noise of the small river of Rozhanki - it literally in 20 meters is heard. There is a belief: if the woman wants the child, it is necessary to bathe in her, result - 100%. Let`s check. Water - crystal-clear, in the summer so gets warm that it is possible to be in it for hours. The small fish, a trout laps. It is possible to catch, stand with a rod, and it is possible to go on a farm where will treat with the fresh-caught baked small fish.

If you want active recreation, it is possible to do a bit of traveling on different sights. For example, Dead lake. Why Dead? Because nobody lives in water. Vygyadit just “space“ as my son was expressed. Dark water and silence... Visit also Dovbush`s rocks, the Carpathian reserve, the mountain the Golden eagle, a mineral source.

A just it is better for p to wander on the wood, inhaling smells of mushrooms and raspberry. Berries gathered a huge number in the very first days - ate too much and calmed down, then only just admired. Raspberry, blackberry, bilberry, blueberry, wild strawberry grows there. From mushrooms - chanterelles, white, russulas. In August mushrooms already were. Struck also to a raznotravya: gathered and dried mints, a St. John`s Wort, a medical camomile, a sage, a marjoram.

it is very uncrowded Around, to put it mildly. It is possible to have a rest even without going beyond hotel. There is a playground with a sandbox and a swing, arbors with braziers, a heap of chaise lounges, two pools (summer and winter), a sauna, billiards and tennis. In number - a teapot, the TV, the refrigerator, two bathrooms.

the Meals at the hotel were pleasant to

. A favourite dish of the son - cheesecakes, a mushroom yushka, chicken wings. Daughter`s preferences - pancakes with berries, milkshake, kruchenik with mushrooms. And apple strudel got from us the highest point! The average cost of a dish - 25 hryvnias. Every day on a brazier we fried a trout and a shish kebab.

Weather stood remarkable, even burned on the sun a little. Though we are skilled travelers - took with ourselves both raincoats, and gumboots.

With a big regret we left this place in two weeks accompanied with voice of a robin and noise of the small river, leaving the forest fairy tale behind the back.

Natalya Zapolskaya