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Cough at the child: reasons, treatment. Part 2. Dry cough of

to cope With damp cough not so difficult - we were convinced of it. If the kid coughs up a phlegm, it is necessary just to understand from where this phlegm undertakes, and the rest already, as they say, a trick. With unproductive dry cough it is harder and harder - it has more possible reasons, and so, it is more than algorithms of treatment.

That the child did not cough long, and would not take a useless pill, let`s try to come since other end. Really, and why it is cough - dry?

Everything is very simple

: if the child does not cough up a phlegm, so this phlegm or too dense, or it just is not present. If we are defined whether there is a phlegm, a half of business is already made. It will be necessary only to distribute tasks between doctors and to understand how many at us is time to help the kid. From us it will be required not so many - to listen to cough.

the Barking cough

At this cough very rough and very loud sound. If the child can complain, at this cough he by all means will tell you that it is hurt by a throat or hurts behind a breast (yes!) . If cough loud, so takes part in it the voice device, namely a throat. The barking cough - a sign of an inflammation and hypostasis in a throat.

What to do. If the child got sick recently, and it had a barking cough, it is not necessary to wait for the pediatrician - it is necessary to call an ambulance (obligatory if to the child three more years were not executed). Hypostasis of a throat can lead to its spasm, so - to physical impossibility to breathe. For now there did not arrive the ambulance, just open windows - let in the room there will be more oxygen. It is better to leave all other actions for later - on similar calls ambulances come quickly. Also do not refuse the offer to bring the child to hospital - if besides the kid is less than three years old, laryngitis is simply dangerous to it. If doctors suggest to go to hospital, so they just do not want to risk. You do not want it too, the truth?

Dry long cough

If the cough which is not barking develops time for understanding its reasons and to leave them - if not forever, then for a long time. Dry long cough happens two types - deep when the child coughs at the expense of lungs, and superficial. When the problem leading to cough is either in a throat, or in a throat, or in a trachea.

it is very simple to Distinguish these types of cough one from another.

Dry pulmonary cough not only is heard

, but also is visible. The thorax so it sometimes can bend the child at a fit of coughing literally in half participates in the kashlevy movements. By the way, these attacks long enough - of a minute and last more. But how many the attack would not proceed, and to you, and will seem to the child that there passed much more time, than actually. Pulmonary cough really exhausts.

Superficial dry cough is only heard

, and it not so much disturbs the child, how many his parents. What, however, does not cancel in any way need to look for its reason and to fight against it. Attacks of superficial cough last less, cough is more silent, but it very often is followed by hoarseness of a voice. There is no wonder - superficial dry cough very often arises at an inflammation somewhere near a throat.

What to do at superficial dry cough. the Main doctor who treats superficial dry cough is the ENT SPECIALIST. The inflammation in a throat or a throat can just be seen, and here it is almost impossible to listen. Means, the campaign on doctors needs to be begun with the otolaryngologist.

It is very important

that the ENT SPECIALIST after survey and drawing of the diagnosis (most often the diagnosis - pharyngitis or laryngitis) would appoint not only local antiseptics - Bioparox (it is generally an antibiotic, but in this case it is not so important) or geksorat, but also local resolvents. And still the doctor has to recommend the treatment directed to reduction of hypostasis of mucous membranes and stagnation of blood in them (we see it as reddening mucous).

Turns out that in appointments surely there have to be such means as OKA (solution for rinsings), a tantumverda (spray or solution for rinsings), or at least kameton. If there are problems with a throat (hoarseness of a voice), the doctor is simply obliged to appoint also mustard plasters - or at least inhalations hot steam. And if does not appoint, you ask it about it.

What to do at dry pulmonary cough. When dry cough is caused by damage of lungs or bronchial tubes, it is possible to do without antibiotics well very seldom. With bronchitis and pneumonia do not joke. It is important that these antibiotics would be picked correctly up that doctors should not have finished then you on the second or even a third year of treatment. And it means that to you it is necessary not only to invite the pediatrician for survey of the child, but also to insist on inspection - before treatment is appointed.

this inspection to begin

C of what?

When the pediatrician will listen to the child, surely ask it that he heard. Rattles and rigid breath (just such term which doctors often use) mean that in lungs there is a phlegm, so the diagnosis - either bronchitis, or pneumonia. And treatment needs to be begun immediately. Reconcile with the fact that the pediatrician will appoint antibiotics - now not to do without them. And here that the child did not cough (or easier would clear the throat) resolvents (for example, erespat) and the means diluting a phlegm will be necessary. By the way, against antibiotics even pneumonia lasts long not really - till 10 days. So, cough will stop too soon enough.

But if the doctor tells that in lungs it is pure, it means that inspection needs to be continued - it is simply impossible to listen to some pulmonary problems. To understand whether there are they, the x-ray picture is necessary. And if in a picture there is strengthened vascular drawing (as though lungs are tightened by a setochka or a spider line), the cough reason - either a chlamydial, or mikoplazmenny infection in lungs means.

It is, of course, not those hlamidiya and mycoplasmas which gynecologists so hazardously treat. These extend by air, and from a meeting with them nobody is insured. Whether it is necessary to make tests to understand whether chlamydial it is an infection, or mikoplazmenny? Not necessarily. They are treated by the same antibiotics - sumamedy or, for example, klatsidy. And here for cough the means removing a spasm of bronchial tubes will help - just remind of it to the doctor when he writes out drugs. By the way, cough passes after hlamidiya or mycoplasmas long - to two, and sometimes and about three weeks - even against antibiotics.