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Spanish cuisine: the recipe of donuts churros - and other tasty desserts of

“Is sorry for me when I see a family which has silently supper, having stared in the TV. Because a meal - the best time for communication“, - the culinary specialist and the blogger Jorge de Angel Moliner considers. Today in our “kitchen“ - family recipes of the glorified Spanish desserts and interesting stories from Jorge. It is rather all at a table!

In Valencia the saying “A la taula i al llit, al primer crit“ which is translated is:“ At a table and in a bed - on the first call“. Yes, the word “crit“ means “shout“, but it is clear that we, in Spain when we call someone, we shout, in sense - we shout.

Ya very family person. I adore the family, both in narrow and in broad understanding of the word. For them and together with them I prepare tasty nourishing dishes. Also I force all to eat at one table, to sit down at the same time and not to rise, yet not all finished. For me any meal is sacred, so brought up. And I am sorry when I see a family which has silently supper, having stared in the TV. At my place in kitchen where we have dinner and we have supper, there is no TV. Because a meal - the best time for communication.

... In the childhood we with the brother threw each other food at a table. Mother could give to each of us a plate and send to have supper to the room, but she liked to see us at a table together. And we never began to have supper, without having waited for the father from work.

of Cream of a katalan

Butter cream with vanilla, a lemon dried peel and a caramel crust from brown sugar

French try to finish the whole world that they thought up two of our dishes: mayonnaise and cream of a katalan. I would like to protect the Spanish participation in creation of these two miracles. Concerning mayonnaise we claim that its homeland - the city of Maon (on Menorka), and French - that the city of Bayon. At first they spoke “bayonez“, and we - “maoneza“. The word “mayonnaise“ is a compromise.


A as for “creams Catalan“, it is simpler and simpler here. The border with France per se long time was not and there was neither France, nor Spain - only different principalities, kingdoms and the other low-stable states. Till this day in the south of France speak on - Catalan, and it is more difficult to understand inhabitants of deep Catalonia to Spaniards, than French. So it is not necessary to create borders where never them was.

Therefore regardless of where was born “cream“, to the bryula it or not, it is possible to enjoy an excellent dessert which and to us, to Spaniards, and them, French, - native.



we Warm cream with a lemon dried peel and with vanilla, but we do not allow to boil. We put to cool down. We shake up yolks with sugar until white. When cream cooled down enough (after 20 minutes), we take out vanilla and a dried peel and we add cream to yolks.

we Fill with

molds and we put in an oven on a water bath for 1 hour (at 130 ° Ñ). We want a beautiful crust? Means, we buy a torch - and we turn sugar into caramel with its help: let`s burn it directly on a plate.

of Churros

“Brushwood“ from custard paste, fried in olive oil

Rose, ran behind them for breakfast. Approximately on Sundays many residents of Madrid so behave. In Moscow churros are on sale in “The alphabet of taste“, but here bring them in the frozen look and wear out on the place as the majority of baguettes and ciabattas in the best bakeries of the city.

them is rolled in sugar and dipped in hot chocolate. If to prepare them the size three times bigger, then already call in a different way - porras. And then they can be stuffed with chocolate or vanilla cream. The structure is easily remembered: water and flour. Everything that you will find in the Internet apropos churros on milk with egg - it is, at best, author`s approach. As all ingenious, original as easy as shelling pears.



Why not concrete amount of flour? Because looking as we will begin to squeeze out them. At us dough more or less abrupt has to turn out. If we use a pastry bag or the simple confectionery syringe, I do not advise to do too stiff dough because many forces are required to form churros. For a start, the ratio 2 (water) to 1 (flour) is an ideal. Then it is possible to increase amount of flour in the test if more dense are pleasant churros.

Water we bring

to boiling and we remove from fire. At once we add flour (all! together with salt and a baking powder) also we mix the manual mixer (or a wooden shovel) to uniformity of weight to break all lumps which are formed.

to the Test we allow to stand at least half an hour. In a deep frying pan we pour a huge amount of oil (a layer on 2 - 3 fingers) and we warm it to 200 ° With (at most, usually). High temperature of oil is very important as dough has to endure thermal shock. We squeeze out and fry churros small parties (3 - 4 pieces), that oil temperature strongly did not fall.


In the test - from - for a baking powder and as “we stuff“ a pastry bag manually - sometimes form bubbles. During frying they can explode. To avoid it, we will take a nozzle for the confectionery syringe or a bag with drawing (it is ideal - in the form of a star) that will give sharp edges and the habitual form to ours churros.

ours churros we sugar

When giving.

of Natilyas

Scalded dairy cream - the dessert with cinnamon and a lemon dried peel

of Natilyas is a creamy dessert which sends directly to the childhood in Spain even if it never and was. My grandmother prepared huge portions, and we with the brother could not wait when they cool down. We always complained that the grandmother puts only one cookies on each natilyas. I loved them in spite of the fact that I long time could not suffer cinnamon - and even I treat it without special delight today. I personally prefer natilyas without cinnamon on a surface, but here I will write, of course, the original recipe where cinnamon - the key moment.




It is connected all ingredients (except ground cinnamon and cookies) and we warm mix on a water bath - in a big metal bowl on a pan with the boiling water. It is necessary in order that yolks were not curtailed. Constantly we mix until mix thickens. The main thing - not to overdo on fire, otherwise it is possible to spoil everything. (If it happens, it will be clear at once - we will see just porridge.) When mix becomes dense, we remove from fire and we shift in bowls with cookies. We allow to cool down and we put in the refrigerator for the night.

can strew

Before giving with cinnamon.

From the book “the Spaniard. Gastronomic sketches of the Spaniard in Russia“