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Actress Anastasia Tsvetaeva: to give birth in Moscow or in Israel?

the Actress Anastasia Tsvetaeva, having married the Israeli Nadava Olgana, now lives on two countries: in Israel - a family, in Moscow - work and friends. Less than a month ago, on August 28, Anastasia gave birth in Tel - to Avivah to the second child, the girl. The son Kuzma was born in 2005 in Moscow. Young mother decided to compare impressions of childbirth in Israel and in Russia in the LJ.

For a start should tell

that my comparison will be a little incorrect: in Moscow I gave birth under the contract, and in Israel - on the general standard insurance, just as the citizen of the country. I do not call anybody for anything at all, I do not generalize, I do not expose and I do not ask to accept my point of view. Childbirth is a lottery (even operation of Cesarean section). If at me something passed not absolutely successfully (or, on the contrary, it seemed pleasant), it does not mean what all so too will have or was.

1. The choice of maternity hospital


In Moscow I very carefully treated this question. Of course, at first visited all “fashionable“ maternity hospitals of the capital - Sevastopol, Pirogovka etc. Everywhere I met personally doctors who to me were recommended by already giving birth girlfriends. And everywhere heard approximately same:“ You understand that from the contract which you conclude on childbirth to the doctor nothing goes. So you should pay also me“.

Ya it was warned and ready to it. But when here so impudently the doctor speaks about a bribe, the only thing that I want to make - somewhat quicker to escape. Besides some unhealthy atmosphere of the Moscow “fair of vanity“ - such maternity “Kofemaniya“ on Big Nikitskaya reigned in all these raspiarenny maternity hospitals.

In a word, I already despaired to find the place and the doctor with whom would feel comfortably. And here the girlfriend is a gynecologist advised the former teacher, the doctor who worked in simple hospital № 7, more precisely, in maternity hospital at this hospital.


to me from first minute very much liked maternity hospital. Trees with lawns under windows, the small building.

of the View from the window of maternity hospital at № hospital; 7 where I gave birth to Kuzyu, the senior child

A the doctor... In - the first, it was visible at once that it - very skilled. And, in - the second, on a question of gratitude personally to it, answered:“ Parents, you absolutely, perhaps? I know what money you give for the contract! I do not refuse gratitude, all of us are people, but also the usual thanks told from the heart is more expensive than any money“. My heart was won.

of the Extract from the Moscow maternity hospital, 2005. My doctor - Anna Valentinovna Merkulova with the newborn Kuzey on hands



In Israel I is much more weakened treated the choice of maternity hospital.

In - the first because it is my second childbirth, and I already not so shivered. And, in - the second because there is here no such system when you choose the doctor and you conclude the contract. All hospitals approximately at one level - and the doctor there will be that which will get.

, of course, some private clinics Are, but it is rather for tourists or for local oligarchs. All normal people give birth in the state hospitals.

B - the third, because I in general not really in a subject by what criteria in Israel it is possible to choose maternity hospital.

All mine a tel - avivsky acquaintances called maternity hospital “Ikhelov“ - it seems it the best, in it give birth many local stars. We with Nadav went there for excursion. Yes, in Israel in maternity hospitals arrange excursions for pregnant women: show chamber for childbirth, chamber for natural childbirth (it when you - itself almost without the assistance of doctors), usual chamber, hotel (about it - below). For zashuganny the increased norms of sanitation of the Russian person all this looks a little strange: the huge crowd (the person 20 - aunts and their husbands) breaks - without any boot covers and other space suits - into a subsoil of maternity hospital and, having opened mouths, goes along corridors, and towards to them already given rise mummies with the children in plastic backets float.

In general, in maternity hospital everything is worthy - the modern equipment, all very much “on - is American“. The only thing, frightened me that in one of the state maternity hospitals there are no separate chambers, only with the neigbour. You want to separate - go to hotel. It is the real hotel located directly in maternity hospital with usual numbers in which it is possible to live all family - with the husband, mother and the senior children. There just the same doctors and rounds, all as in usual office.

But for me the problem consisted in that, after Caesarian send to hotel only in 48 hours. And all in maternity hospital after Caesarian is kept by 3 days (after usual childbirth - 2 days). So anyway it was necessary to live 2 days in usual chamber with one more woman in labor. This inevitable neighbourhood for me personally - huge minus of childbirth in Israel.

But after we decided on “Ikhelov“, news thundered: in maternity hospital the child died of some African virus. Nadav told that will not let me to give birth there. Then we chose Tel - Ha - Shomer is, especially, a doctor who conducted my pregnancy, worked in this maternity hospital and undertook to operate me.

2. Operation


the First operation at me was planned, from - for pelvic prelying of the child. The second I wanted though I could and insist on natural childbirth. In Russia doctors do not go on it or go reluctantly, and in all other world it is norm - natural childbirth after Caesarian. But for the first time at me passed everything so smoothly that there was no wish for experiments. Then I strongly regretted about the decision...

In Moscow to me fixed date and time - on October 14, the 6th mornings. We arrived, I signed terrible pieces of paper in style “in case of my death I ask anybody to blame“.

Me changed clothes of

for state clothes, made this awful enema, sent to a toilet. Then brought to the room for the signature of some else pieces of paper - and here it happened fatal, subsequently influenced my decisions, an event. I saw women in labor: it was the general chamber on 6 people where 3 women lay and really died - shouted, groaned - and nobody helped them, supported them. Only occasionally, the nurse who wrote my pieces of paper turned and shouted: “Well you shout?! Tuzhsya! Tuzhsya!“

It. I do not joke, I nearly crashed down in a faint from loss of feelings. And if up to this point very much suffered that I give birth itself, then after saw these unfortunate, was traumatized under the name “fear of natural childbirth“.

Cesarean section to me was done with epiduralny anesthesia - I was in consciousness, heard everything and understood, but felt nothing. After a prick me put on the ordinary ancient operating table. Also included a lamp - it became very warm and pleasant. Legs grew dumb, I as though did not have them. I softened. The anesthesiologist conducted with me comic conversations on a subject: and what you will do if not the boy, but the girl is born?

my beautiful doctor talked to the assistant about country sites, about some colleagues, it was quiet and good. Therefore I very much was surprised when suddenly I somehow so few times was tryakhanut - and I heard creaking crying of the child, just as at cinema. I even understood not at once what the child and from where he undertook here is!

the Doctor brought golenky and shouting Kuzyu and gave to the nurse. Then in me still a little bit picked, and I dreamed to lie under a warm lamp eternally - and to think about the son.

But eternally to lie it did not turn out. Minutes through 15 me “released“ in reanimation - and here - that the most rigid part of history began. In - the first, began to shake me. To shake so strongly that I thought that I will fall down from a bed now. In - the second, legs I the still did not feel - it was terrible and just elementary inconvenient. But (as I then already, in Israel understood it) I did not feel wild postoperative pain!


In Israel to us was fixed day and time - on August 28, 7:30 in the morning. We were the last in turn and, knowing already that buffoonery which is created in the country, decided to be late for an hour. Especially Kuzya this day went to the second class - I wanted to see off it. At 8:30 we with Nadav arrived, sent me to the so-called monitor, changed clothes for a state night dress (same as in Russia) and put a dropper with water. In such look we waited in a corridor of 5 hours!


at last released Then chamber - and we at least could wait in chamber, but soon called me on operation. Nadava it was possible to be present, but not at once. My doctor in the operating room did not appear. I asked where it: began to search, call. In half an hour it was (all this time I sat in boot covers barefoot on a stone floor).

After anesthesia me was laid on a tiny table which was similar to a gynecologic chair, then this chair was lowered the head down so I slightly from it did not fall. Bound hands. Epiduralka acted, but sensitivity completely was not gone - and it was unpleasant. Also began to shake.

Began to be cut: legs - in cold goosebumps, the head hangs, the mask moved down and presses approximately, hands are attached, shakes, as in the tank. It was very bad and terrible. The husband watched with such pity and horror that its was sorry for me. It took me for the shivering palm attached to a table...

Through eternity - children`s crying. On hands the husband has a parcel with the baby. This face still unfamiliar to me already managed to fall asleep with a dark hair. I smile, and just I try to wait when this nightmare ends, I just breathe, I breathe, I breathe.

At last me is taken away in reanimation for 2 hours. Unlike the Moscow reanimation - here just space. Everything is very hi-tech, beautifully, each woman in labor lies far the friend from another. During survey also separate from all a special screen. The husband in reanimation was let - he tells me about the daughter. Periodically again runs away to the nursery and comes back to me. Meanwhile to me under a blanket put a hose with warm air and give soothing, at once releases me and ceases to shake. I fall asleep.

was Brought to chamber. In 6 hours the nurse came and began to lift up me! Here I do not even know what to write because and so everything is clear - a pure sadism. At first I moved to a chair where I should have sat 2 hours. Took the daughter, put her to a breast. She stuck.

I was sent to

In two hours to a toilet. The husband held me all the time - not really I understand how it is possible to go 6 hours later after operation without assistance...

3. After operation

In Moscow to me pricked something intramuscularly therefore I did not have memories of pain. In Israel the brightest impression - is SICK! Several days in a row intolerably painfully.

the doctor told

In Moscow to me that it is necessary to rise. It is as much as possible to rise earlier. But nevertheless my first rise happened in a day, but not in 6 hours after operation. And therefore it was much easier for me.

spent by

of Nadav with me in chamber the first night. Slept on a chair - there as I already spoke, there are no separate chambers where it would be possible to have a sleep normally. The child was with us. Without Nadava I do not know, as if endured this night - elementary to descend in a toilet demanded from me incredible efforts.

Running forward, I want to tell that in both cases I vigorously started walking in a week. And still I do not understand: why this sadism with rise in 6 hours is necessary? If it is possible to rise through 12? Or through 24? In Israel doctors reason it with the fact that if to lie more, than 6 hours, then solderings and blood clots can be formed. Something is hardly trusted me...

I is still painful to lie in chamber with foreign person. I very much need in prayves. To women in labor crowds to the people - the husband, the senior children, sisters, mothers, fathers, girlfriends and friends constantly come. And you want to have a sleep elementary - but cannot because behind a blind all the time scrapes mobile and 10 people in eager rivalry congratulate the neigbour on spheres.

In Moscow I had a separate chamber in which it was possible to lie with the child and to receive guests. Yes, not smart, but I needed only tranquility and silence.

of my chamber in maternity hospital at № hospital; 7,

Yes, and finally me the man going along corridors of our office with a huge box on a shoulder and shouting “Beygla finished 2005! Beygla!“ (it as bagels). At this moment it seemed to me that I go mad. Even the husband was struck with all this double-exit courtyard and told that so it is impossible to live!

4. Hotel

For the third day to me allowed to move to so-called hotel at maternity hospital. There is both a nursery, and doctors, and nurses, and the cozy dining room. And unusual silence... I at least could have a sleep quietly. The matter is that in usual chamber at night I could not sleep too - the daughter refused to lie in a backet: wanted to sleep only on hands or, as a last resort, nearby. But not here - that was: the nurse who forbade to go to bed with the child constantly rushed into the room! And that I, God forbid, did not fall asleep, cut light. All attempts to explain that I know how it is better for me to sleep with the child, did not bring result. In hotel to me at least nobody rushed, and foreign relatives did not prevent to sleep.

5. About breastfeeding

refused to take

of Kuzya a breast from me. I tried and so, and syak - it in any! Sucks diapers, hands - anything, but not me. I was also so deprived of natural childbirth, and here GV under the threat! Of course, asked nurses to help. They inertly approached, asked how I put it, shrugged shoulders and said that they do not know in what business. So Kuzya also did not take a breast from me. I essentially did not give mix - thought that if he gets hungry, then all - will begin to eat mother`s milk. But the son only shouted and lost flesh... In several days agreed to give it to the nursery, and itself has a sleep - I was already on the verge of a nervous breakdown! My boy did not take a breast. It is good that the girlfriend brought a milk pump: on the advice of the doctor I was decanted and allowed the son to drink from a bottle. So we began GV. Perhaps, absence of specialists in breastfeeding in maternity hospital - one of the main shortcomings of my Moscow childbirth.

In Israel, all of them very kindly talked, asked questions, were ready to help. And in hotel there was the whole room for feeding and decantation of milk and too GV instructor who taught young mummies to put correctly the child to a breast and to be decanted if it is necessary.

of the Room for feeding and decantation in the Israeli hospital Tel - Ha - Shomer, 2012


is very actively busy with absorption of mother`s milk now, it took a breast without problems. And I, as usual - a dairy farm, can feed one more!

6. An extract

In Moscow me was written out in a week when I was already vigorous and cheerful - and joyfully carried away the svertochek home. Israel wrote out for morning of the fourth day. I hardly crept away: still wildly the stomach hurt, legs were swelled.

With Esther I even had no forces to make a symbolical picture at an extract, so to me it was bad.


It is possible, the difference in 7 years affects my impressions - some bad memoirs, probably, were effaced. Besides, I was much younger: to me then only - 24 years, and now - nearly 31 were only executed. But now I have two phobias: fear of natural childbirth and preoperative fear!

abroad solved

on childbirth so: of course, it is terrible to give birth free of charge in our Russian maternity hospitals (especially somewhere not in Moscow). Level of the state hospitals in the same Israel, certainly, is much better. And if to choose between free childbirth in Russia and free childbirth in Israel, then, certainly, I give preference to the second.

If you are able to pay

for the contract in decent maternity hospital, then sense to go somewhere I do not see - now in Moscow there is an opportunity to give rise on “foreign“ Ouroout of. And free childbirth in Israel, in my opinion, loses to paid childbirth in Moscow.


of It is walked with Esther - 2 weeks after the delivery