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The summer invites to a table of

Summer, ah summer! It is time the fruit poured by juice, berries, vegetables. Let`s lay until winter the bothered macaroni, potatoes, grain.

When during week-end all family gathers on the dacha, there is a wish to indulge the relatives with tasty useful dishes. Use these simple, but at the same time original recipes. Long live summer feast: appetizing, fragrant!

the Breakfast “Cheesecake“ (for children)

of 200 g is fresher than

strawberries, banana, 400 - 500 of yogurt without filler, 1 tablespoon of corn or any other flakes (muesli), on a teaspoon of lemon juice and icing sugar.

For a strawberry delicacy select only the ripened berries.

the banana Peeled of a peel cut

circles and lay out in a plate. Take a teaspoon of lemon juice and sprinkle it “the banana field“ then fill in all this with yogurt. From above spread out the strawberry which is washed out and cut in half.“ Strew lightly“ all berries with corn or any other flakes (muesli), from above strew a teaspoon of icing sugar.

Easy Salad (for children)

of 200 g of pears, 150 g of peaches, 1 small lemon or lemon juice, 100 g of walnuts, icing sugar (to taste).

the pears which are Washed up and cleared of a core, a peach, a small lemon (together with a peel) cut

in cubes and careful mix. From above strew fruit mix with walnuts, icing sugar.

Salad from a melon (for children)

1 melon, 1 apple, 80 g of cheese, lemon juice.

Trying not to damage a melon thin skin, get its pulp (previously having removed sunflower seeds) so that the remained skin served as a peculiar salad bowl. A tablespoon make balls of pulp of a melon. In a salad bowl mix pulp of a melon, pieces of apple and cheese. Fill with lemon juice (to taste), shift the received weight in a thin skin from a melon which then put in the refrigerator, in two hours salad can be served to a table.

cheese Salad (for adults)

Sheet or cabbage lettuce, 8 tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 200 g of cheese, a thyme.

Wash up

and cut salad, cut with segments tomatoes. Put both salad, and tomatoes in a salad bowl. Add some olive oil. Cut cheese on pieces and strew slightly - slightly with a thyme, then kindle it on the frying pan with an antiprigarny covering oiled. Water salad with cheese and at once give on a table.

Gentle Cocktail (for children)

1 soft pears, 100 g of blackberry, 1/2 glass of blackcurrant, 2 tablespoons of muesli, 300 ml of curdled milk, 2 h a spoon of honey

the Pear clear and cut. Crush the mixer muesli, a pear, blackberry and blackcurrant to homogeneous mass. Add curdled milk and honey and shake up once again. Pour on glasses, decorate with leaves of fresh mint.

Violet Cocktail (for children)

of 100 g of bilberry, 50 g of blackberry, 400 ml of orange juice.

Wash up bilberry and blackberry, dry. Leave several berries for ornament, crush the others the mixer. Pour in orange juice and properly mix.

Honey ice cream (it is also possible to do fruit) (for children)

Shake up 3 egg yolks with 1 tablespoon of sugar before formation of foam. In separate ware pour in 1 cup of milk and 2 tablespoons of honey (4 tablespoons of any wrung-out juice), heat on fire, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon. As soon as weight begins to begin to boil, remove from fire. Slowly pour out mix of milk and honey in ware with an egg yolk, vigorously stirring slowly before formation of creamy weight. Cool the received weight, add 50 g of cream, stir, put in the freezer approximately for three hours. Before the use strew with nutlets.