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Fresh mushrooms - 4 tasty recipes: soup, is hotter also pies!

this year mushrooms in the wood were born - all around in eager rivalry brag who how many buckets collected, and exchange recipes, is as if even more tasty to prepare gifts of the nature. Today we publish interesting mushroom recipes from different world kitchens.

Mushroom soup on - Swedish

White or other mushrooms to wash out, cut pieces, having left several young mushrooms. Onions small to cut and fry with oil to softness, to add the cut mushrooms, to fill in with chicken broth and to cook within 10 min. Then to pour soup in the mixer, to crush before formation of pyureobrazny weight and to pour back in a pan. To add cream, salt, pepper and to boil thoroughly within 5 min.

the Remained mushrooms to slice thin and to fry on well warmed frying pan with a small amount of oil. To pour ready soup on plates, to put the fried mushrooms in soup, to decorate with small cut greens of parsley and a tax to a table.

Pelmeni mushroom

For forcemeat:

to add egg, water To the sifted flour, to salt and knead stiff dough. To cover it with a towel and to allow to stand of 30 - 40 min. Then to roll dough in thin layer and to cut out from it circles. On circles to put on a spoon of forcemeat, edges of the test to connect and pinch. To boil pelmeni in the boiling added some salt water to readiness. To give in broth or to lay out a skimmer on a plate.

It is possible to shift the pelmeni boiled to semi-readiness in ceramic pots, to fill in with sour cream, to add on a tablespoon of a cranberry and to bake in an oven to readiness.

Forcemeat. to clear, wash out Fresh mushrooms, to cut, salt small and to fry slightly with small cut onions. Dry mushrooms to soak, boil, to cut, salt small, and then also to fry with onions.

Pies from potatoes with mushrooms

For a stuffing:

the Peeled potatoes to boil

in the added some salt water, to merge broth, to mash potatoes. Then to add flour and to knead soft dough for pies. If dough turns out too liquid, to add still flour. To make balls of the size of small apple of the received test, to lay out on podpylenny flour a board and a palm to mash dough in flat cake 5 mm thick.

Then on each flat cake to put

on a full teaspoon of a stuffing, to pinch edges of the test, having left in the middle an opening and to fry the prepared pies on oil from two parties before emergence of a golden crust.

Stuffing. Mushrooms, onions small to cut and fry, stirring slowly, on oil until the liquid emitted from mushrooms and onions does not evaporate.

Beef Stroganoff with mushrooms

Meat to slice

across fibers thin, to beat off and to cut each slice bars of 3 - 4 cm long, to salt, pepper, roll in in flour. Small to cut the cleared, washed out mushrooms.

Oil to warm

on a frying pan, to fry on it till golden color thinly chopped onions. To separately fry meat to darkly - brown color. Then to shift onions to meat, and to a frying pan where onions were fried, to put mushrooms, sour cream, tomato paste, to boil and pour in the received sauce in meat with onions.

to Close beef Stroganoff a cover and to extinguish on weak fire during of 5 - 7 min. to Give with fried potatoes.

From the book “Kitchen of My Kitchen“