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The fairy tale for the kid. Unusual adventures of Pavlik

Pavlik stayed at home one. Mother and the father left for work, and the kindergarten was closed on repair. Leaving, mother strictly - strictly forbade Pavlik to open a door for strangers and to play about. Pavlik missed. The game console was hidden, on the TV showed some old man, and on the computer the father put the confidential password. Pavlusha laid down on a bed and in a whisper began to tell himself:

- Once upon a time there was a boy, it had an elephant, and it...

the Big clock on a wall punched twelve, and Pavlik fell asleep...

... and right there woke up. Half asleep Pavlusha understood nothing. “Where it I? And what strangenesses are around?“ Directly before eyes there was a huge wall with some lines on it. Pavlik peered into them until made out a habitual pattern on wall-paper. And here everything rose on the places. There is a case, and here a little table and a chair, here a window, and over there, in a corner, the ball, and here lies...


whose is a tail? Pavlik wanted to touch it, but instead of a hand to a tail the red sharp-clawed paw stretched! The scared boy rushed from the room, reached a hall, and, without remembering himself for fear, flew in the big mirror standing on a floor. From a mirror the red kitten looked at Pavlik.

- It cannot just be! - Pavlik thought, staring in disbelief. Suddenly in a corner of a mirror hall the shadow loomed, gradually turning into a cat Pavlik, Matilda, or just Motka. Motka terribly sparkled eyes, pushit a tail, toporshchit wool and very clearly showed what will not suffer strangers in the house. However, having approached the scared Pavlik, the cat calmed down, moved ears and carelessly told:

- And, so it you...

- Who I am? - Pavlik blurted out, and right there became confused the nonsense. - Motechka, how so? It lie all! - Well why, - it is lazy Matilda murlyknut, and, having mysteriously sparkled eyes, added: - Everyone happens... Pavlusha did not know what to tell therefore he contracted in a lump and put a chin on forward pads. And Matilda slowly washed a muzzle and told:

- it is fine, I leave.

- And I? - Pavlik exclaimed.

- And that you? If you want, we go with me. Only know, there are I not just where - nibud, and to Old Jannie.

- Where? What for? And me it is possible with you? - Pavlusha began to chatter.

- It is possible for

, of course, if you take with yourself a gift - and, seeing confusion Pavlika, Matilda added: - For example, cutlet.

I here, with cutlet in teeth, the kitten followed a cat. Carelessly wagging a tail, Matilda went on eaves. After it Pavlik who of all forces tried to keep balance tripped. Matilda stopped to scratch behind an ear (sometimes fleas overtake at the most unexpected moment!), and Pavlusha decided to use a short respite.

- Motechka, and who such this Jannie? - he asked, having accurately put cutlet before himself.

- do not distract! - the cat threw, and continued a way, and a kitten (or nevertheless the boy?) trudged behind it.

On Matilda Road told


- Old Jannie - the grandmother of all cats of our yard. It she learned house to purr near at hand the owner, and the homeless punished to look to people in the face. She was a judge in duels of March cats and named the thrown kittens. Jannie could get on the highest tree and reach the bottom of a trash can. Once it even fought back a young rate which did not know yet that all rats in the yard go under her supervision. I remember how I met Jannie for the first time. To me there were several months from a sort, and the hostess took out me to the yard - to get warm on the spring sun. Confused, I sat under a shop and called the hostess, and that all did not come. Suddenly I felt someone`s presence behind the back (oh, all cats have this gift since the birth!) but long did not decide to turn back. Eventually, having dared to turn the head, saw it.

- Who you are? - I asked.

- I am Old Jannie.

We long talked in a shadow of the blossoming bush. To this day, having heard a smell of flowers of a lilac, I involuntarily turn the head. Jannie told me about much, but best of all I remembered this:

cats different Are:
House, homeless
Playful, dangerous,
Very sly and modest. you have to Solve
, small, What cat will become

Reflect, listen,
the Heart you will not deceive.
I will tell you
About rules of cat`s
them So far the cat knows each
cannot be differently.

Here Matilda stopped and told:

- Well, here we also came.

Pavlik sat down, giving rest to tired pads (he did not get used to go on four paws yet and constantly stumbled), and looked back. They appeared in the most far and dark corner of the yard. Here the bush of old cherry which did not yield fruits any more was magnificently stretched. Under a bush, is closer to a trunk, there was a box from - under footwear, at first sight absolutely imperceptible. And from a box purring reached. Matilda and Pavlik approached a cherry bush. Near Pavlush`s box Motkin a tail felt shy and tried to hide for magnificent, but that pushed out it before herself and so that the kitten buried a muzzle directly in someone`s moist nose. Pavlik right there jumped aside and from a fright reared wool on a back. And from a box, without ceasing to purr, the cat slowly got out. Old Jannie was red, the same color as the last autumn leaves. Wool on paws and sides still kept color, but the muzzle already began to turn gray. The age was given also by eyes - once green, and now faded to gray. Having made out an old cat, Pavlik bethought and accurately put before her cutlet. Matilda approached, it was rubbed about Jannie`s muzzle and by the way whispered something to it on an ear. In cat`s eyes it is impossible to read thoughts, but it seemed to Pavlik that the cat smiled.

- Well hi, - she told.

Pavlik with relief sighed and whispered:

- Hello...

Meanwhile Matilda made up to Jannie, turned around it, and the old cat with pleasure responded to caress. Looking at them, Pavlik suddenly desperately started missing mother. He wanted to curl up in a ball and to be absorbed in thin hvostishko. He would begin to cry, but cats are not able to cry...

Old Jannie rose and, limping, approached Pavlik. Having glanced it in eyes (strange, but now eyes of an old cat became brightly - green!) she began to lick it as mother - the cat licks the kitten. Pavlik contracted in a lump and closed eyes. At first it was inconvenient and unpleasant to it, but Jannie was so tender that it seemed to the boy for a minute that it is kissed by mother...

Having opened eyes, Pavlusha saw that he already gets dark. Matilda dozed off in a corner, and Jannie got back into a box. The kitten began to play with the Motkiny tail, but that woke up and slightly slapped him a paw.

- It is time to go home - the cat told, looking in the twilight sky, and the kitten agreed with it. Back went silently. Pavlik tried to remember a song which namurlykat to him on Jannie`s ear, and Matilda mysteriously kept mum. Having returned, Pavlik understood that he was very tired. He jumped on a bed, stretched on one side, and Matilda lay down nearby. So they also fell asleep.

Hours punched again - this time nine. The door opened and the room mother entered. Having smiled, she carefully kissed the boy and stroked the cat who curled up nearby in a ball.

Cat`s rules, or Old Jannie`s Song

Happen cats different:
House, homeless
Playful, dangerous,
Very sly and modest. you have to Solve

, small,
What cat will become.
Reflect, listen,
the Heart you will not deceive.

I will tell you
About rules cat`s So far,
them is known by a cat everyone,
cannot be differently. Kohl you see

that the hostess
at a plate stood Day
Sweated, izmayalas,
Erased, cleaned,

Nestle on it gently in the evening
I make a purring sound it the song:
So quickly will end day,
you will have a rest together.

Cleaning in the house - your destiny
it is necessary to try Here:
to Scratch a chair, to dig flowers
to battle Against curtains. Know

, the person - your best friend
pay It for caress.
Be soft, smooth and manual -
I you will live as in the fairy tale.

my Last council is so simple: Let in the house everyone know
That happiness only to those will come, Who a cat respects