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Truymyasto: the sea, the beach, a zoo, an oceanarium - and the Curve lodge of

Once at winter night the thought visited: why not to go all family at the sea in the summer? After short reflections the Baltic coast of Poland was chosen. It was necessary to go with two children: 2 and 3 and a half years therefore the Black Sea was rejected because of distance (we live in Brest, about 2,5 thousand km. there - back), need of acclimatization, the poor choice razvlekatelno - informative actions. Long preparation began: it was necessary to make passports for kids and Schengen for mother and children.


Us attracted Truymyaste - association of three cities: Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. Having read forums and responses of already visited, understood that the housing can be found also on the place, but presence at the company of two peanuts set thinking on advance booking. Having addressed to several travel agencies, felt on himself puzzled looks:“ And why not Turkey? Bulgaria? Crimea, as a last resort?“ The majority of them, offering moving options, addressed on www. hotels. com, www. booking. com, in addition covering to the cost of booking with 500 thousand for rendering tourist services. Only one firm promised to make an inquiry to “the Poles having private houses“, but nothing except promises, we received. For a month of night scrolling the Internet - pages tens of hotels, country houses, apartments (rental apartments) reconsidered and came to opinion that the country house will be the best option for family rest (the room in a private lodge). As a result by May a reservation in six country houses was made: double rooms for five nights, a parking and a breakfast with a total cost from 240 to 380 c.u. and a possibility of free cancellation. Children to 5 - 7 live years in many hotels with parents free of charge. The final decision was made three days before departure: Willa Palladium for 1100 zloties (about 320 c.u.) . The warmest period the end of July - the beginning of August, respectively and the prices of accommodation these months the highest is considered here.

Running forward, I will tell that with the place we were not mistaken: an accurate three-storyed country house, with good restaurant on the first floor (plentiful “buffet“ for breakfast, the democratic prices - 40 - 60 zloties - on a family for a lunch), the personnel understanding in Russian, a children`s game lawn with a swing and a hill. During our stay on the hotel parking there were cars with the German, Swedish, Russian, Polish numbers. We did not meet the Belarusian numbers in six days of stay in Truymyasta.

Left on “mo - e - e“ as told our youngest, we about three o`clock in the morning, the road to border, its crossing - and at half past six we were in the territory of Poland. I will tell at once that presence of the navigator saved to us the mass of nerves, time and fuel. In the sum with two stops to have a bite - to run about and the road to 540 km took with passing of border 12 hours. Quality of a paving quite good. Even in those places where “patches“ are put, no joints are felt. Distinctive feature: existence of a photoradar on entrance practically to each settlement, but it does not constrain Poles, and quite often they them fly by, practically without dumping speed. Between villages also often adhere to speed in of 130 - 140 km/h at resolved of 70 - 90 km/h.

Day the first. About two o`clock in the afternoon we already approached Gdansk. After sleepless night and eleven hours went by the car slowly. The children who are alternately waking up already sang along with favourite songs in English. Thus constantly sounded seven - eight compositions, led by Euphoria - the winner Evrovideniya - 2012. To our country house it was necessary to go to other suburb of the city. The center got to a stopper. Very tightly there were all three strips of the passing direction. It appeared, ahead there was an accident. To my big surprise, at approach behind cars fire and ambulance everything, including us, were somehow moved apart and rescuers freely reached to the most collided cars. And in Belarus in such occasion even of GAI officers would not cause. Further the movement to the hotel happened without any surprises. Managed to rotate only the heads, considering architecture, exotic for us.

Having become populated by

in hotel, went down to have dinner in restaurant. Borsch with pelmeni, the portion of the chicken baked in ham with potatoes, vegetables and cranberry sauce and a portion of a stake with potatoes, salad, fried egg and stewed cabbage cost us 54 zloties. Further we decided to take only second courses because they quite were enough for four. The only minus - was necessary to wait for minutes forty, but then we did the order and went down from number on a call about readiness of dishes. In general, the average cost of food for two adults (read all family) made of 40 - 60 zloties, practically without differing in numerous cafes, pizzerias and restaurants.

having A little taken rest at dinner, we decided “to find“ the sea. The navigator laid a way to the beach to 1200 meters (directly - meters 800 - 900). On the place it was nobr that it is possible to park or on the private parking (2 - 5 zloties for an hour) or under parkomaty (2 - 3,5 zloties for an hour depending on a location). Having driven a little on vicinities, all of us - found an empty seat on the free parking near the sea. As it appeared, the beach in the form of the sandy strip which is fenced off from the city by the green space extends on the coast along all Truymyast (did not come around further - we do not know). The wild beach differs in absence in this place of rescuers and entertaining actions. For the rest everything is also pure, well-groomed and is pleasing to the eye.

Day of the second. The breakfast moves from 7 to 10 in the morning. Having densely had breakfast, we went to the oceanarium located in Gdynia. Thirteen kilometers along the coast (the most distant point on travel from our country house) and we in port - the heart of Gdynia.


not to run into a penalty, it was necessary - by means of locals to master knowledge of the parking near a parkomat. Behind tickets for an entrance it was necessary to wait in small line as too many tourists from the different countries wished to look at the sea depths in a section (aquariums) filled with underwater inhabitants from different corners of the planet. Having paid 48 zloties (children till 4 years - it is free) for two adults, we plunged into an underwater kingdom. Children were delighted with the multi-colored small fishes floating in twenty centimeters from them. Sea horses, it appears, small...

After survey of an oceanarium we went to the Gdynsky city beach. There were enough people on the beach, but the place could be found without effort even in order that the senior daughter could fly a kite freely. Sand on Truymyast`s beaches small, and descents in water quite flat, reach several tens meters up to the depth of one and a half meters. Water in the Baltic Sea quite warm, and waves - as gently they embrace the foam... Generally, from the beach we were banished in several hours approaching from the sea of a cloud. There is a wish to note that at a temperature of +22 ° With you feel much more comfortably and more warmly, than at us even at +25 ° Page. Unfortunately, it should be noted that the children`s domestic platform found nearby favourably differs from our same plastic “fellows“.

Day the third. Our travel initially reflected as family therefore we devoted the next day to visit of a regional zoo of Truymyast. The intercepting parking is approximately meters for 400 from an entrance to a zoo. The cost of hour of the parking - 2 zloties. At the same time two identical leaves of the receipt with the indication of time of arrival are given for some reason and on departure it is necessary to show both of them. We by inexperience lost one, but in a minute of conversation like “Sir, a nevy dz en...“ we all - were let out. From a parking to an entrance to a zoo small four-seater elektromobilchik which for 5 zloties are ready to help you to overcome distance ply.

Having looked with

at the card of an arrangement of animals bought on an entrance in a zoo, I understood that from all animals known to me there are not enough for some reason only lions here. The cost of entrance tickets - 32 zloties for adults, children besides free of charge. Kids remained in wild delight from numerous birdies, animals, and we - from an order and purity in park where attendance makes at least 2 thousand people a day. Besides, animals enclosures quite big, but looked through from all directions and adapted under each “lodger“, and a variety of their food needs only to envy. In addition to everything in a zoo the exhibition of dinosaurs and dizzy park of bungees is organized. Generally, in five hours of walks in this amazing place, unfortunately, we did not manage to visit all its inhabitants. Afflicted only the rain continually preventing quiet walk a little, but numerous arbors could cover from bad weather of all. It is a pity only that after visit of this zoo it became a little a shame to carry the coming friends in National park “Bialowieza Forest“...

Day the fourth. Morning of the next day was decided to begin with an aquapark. Having paid on a morning action for three tickets 90 zloties, we indulged in water pleasures. The building of an aquapark quite small, commensurable with an aquapark in Kobrin, but is thought over for visitors of all age. Depth of pools varies from 10 to 160 cm. For small peanuts there are hills, fountains, a water-cannon. On the street the entertainment complex in which with children animators are engaged is built. It is a little adult hills, but also come with children there. Near pools there is a bar, payment - at final settlement at the exit. An opportunity to come up from the building to pools on the street is thought interestingly over, and temperature water is also maintained in them comfortable.

After a lunch - a dinner went to look with

at the Curve lodge - a symbol of the city of Sopot. The children very much liked its bizzare shapes, but inside - banal boutiques and cafes. Having walked on a pedestrian street of Heroes of Monte - Kassino and having tried surprising local gofry (wafers) with the diverse stuffings, we went for survey of the second sight of the city - Molo (a pier, pier). The Sopotsky pier is considered the longest (more than a half a kilometer) and old in Europe. On approaches to it a semicircle trade benches in which trade in all souvenirs, sweets and amber in all its manifestations settled down. Truymyasto by right is considered the capital of amber, and it is almost impossible to return without this stone from there.

About Molo in Sopot can be written to

much, but it is better to visit there. This place where the soul has a rest. And when there comes night, lamps are lit and only the low whisper of a sea wave is heard, it is possible to sit infinitely long on a snow-white bench and just to enjoy a landscape of the sea coast. And it is possible, having taken refuge in a chaise lounge a warm plaid to watch some movie from the scheduled film festival... yes, directly there, on the huge screen!

Day the fifth. It is necessary to visit ancient Gdansk - it really impresses! The century architecture, pedestrian narrow small streets which are laid out by a cobble-stone, majestic ancient churches, tremendous bell music (we long could not believe that it is not body) - everything so harmoniously, mysteriously and majestic. Is to what to be surprised, than to admire - to look at everything that would be desirable, of course, one day a little.

Day of the sixth. Last time, having had breakfast on a terrace of already habitual restaurant, having inhaled sosnovo - sea morning air, we paid for hotel accommodation (everything as it was declared when booking). By the way, on arrival our pediatrician told that such mix sea, impregnated with iodine, air and a smell of a coniferous forest has enormous improving effect. We could not leave, without having said goodbye to the sea, and it was some especially fantastically beautiful and tender that morning. Even our kids somehow unexpectedly became sad...

asked A little discouraging question to

when learned that we go from Gdansk, the Polish customs officer: “And what the sir so early returned?“ . On hours the seventh o`clock in the evening. What to answer it? Perhaps to border data came from a photoradar when we exceeded speed? It turned out that in a week in Gdansk time of fairs and festivals begins, and the customs officer could not understand how we could leave from there!

Still remained a lot of interesting and tempting: the ancient Olivsky park founded by French in 16 - m a century, the oldest fortress of crusaders Malbork, the archaeological museum of Gdansk where to children will allow “to make excavation and to find the small treasure“, the cruise liner carrying tourists to an ancient beacon, the ferry floating to Scandinavia... We will surely return there!

Vasily Berezin