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Gifts on a wedding and anniversary - the best ideas of

the marriages concluded in the fall were considered Earlier as the strongest. Now national beliefs consign to the past, but the fall still remains a traditional wedding time. Weddings happen different, but everything unites them indispensable presence of newlyweds - and something to give need to them. How to choose the best gift on a wedding?

On the question “What to Present to You on a Wedding?“ many couples, without reflecting, answer: “Money!“ . Often it suits guests - and shopping it is not necessary to go, to think, invent. Of course, money is a universal gift which will help newlyweds and their parents to compensate expenses on a wedding celebration that is always useful. However in universality of monetary gifts the dirty trick is also covered - money is depersonalized, and it is hardly possible to hope that several years later young spouses will remember your gift, as about something special. But there are also such cases when money - only the right decision:

Money should be given to Money should not be given to you learned
when: if:
about a wedding shortly before the celebration (for example, the wedding was spontaneous) the Groom and the bride are more senior than you or are absolutely young
you know that young people are under strained circumstances One of young people (or their parents) is your chief
you are a close relative or the friend of young people Young people are very wealthy
you know that newlyweds are conservative and other gift you will not understand are not too well familiar (but happens that money in that case are the only option)

If you breathed sigh of relief and decided to present cash, think once again - often young people, only married, are not able to dispose of the family budget yet. The money presented on a wedding evaporates in the first weeks after wedding, and life and remains uncomfortable. Couple to which for a wedding you gather, not from such, young and inexperienced?

And it is beautiful

, and it is useful

Not only an interesting gift on a wedding, but also the commemorative coins from precious metals released by the Bank of Russia can become a peculiar tool for investments. For example, gold and silver coins from the Zodiac signs series - in advance having learned dates of birth of the groom and the bride, you can present them the corresponding coins, with a parting word to get on a coin for each of future children. You want to be allocated - order a coin with original design, for example, inserts from jewels or crystals, the hologram or a color covering.

the Measured ingot from precious metal looks, maybe, not so effectively, but very clearly embodies stability and reliability. The Sberbank of Russia sells and buys gold ingots weighing from 1 to 1000 grams and silver - from 50 to 1000 grams.

Other “okolodenezhny“ option of a wedding gift - the gift cash card. It is simple to get it, to use even more simply (newlyweds will be able to pay with its help of purchase or daily expenses), and various face values make such cards available practically for any purse. Besides some banks offer special “gift“ design.

the Curious website “15 gifts“ (in English) suggests to specify by
age, sex, habits of that (or that) to whom you look for a gift - and issues the list from 15 things. It is not obligatory to buy these things at all, and the interesting idea can be spotted.

For the house, for life

In Russia wedding gifts symbolized wealth (furs, brocade, silk, feather-beds and pillows, big bowls and cups from silver), and also fertility and healthy posterity - for this purpose gave house living creatures (hens, ducks, pigs) which quantity had to be multiple 10. Each guest presented a small wattled basket with the hard-boiled eggs in many cultures symbolizing fertility.

Of course, now with boiled eggs and pigs do not go to a wedding, however to give to young people kitchen utensils, textiles, home decoration actually and today. Having consulted to parents of future spouses, you can always learn that it is necessary for young people. If there is no such opportunity, “the gift certificate of good shop of household appliances or interior salon can become a stick - a lifesaver“.

pair sets - glasses, plates, figurines, jewelry are of Particular importance - they personify a unification between spouses.

Getting a gift on a wedding, you remember that to give some things it is considered a bad sign. So before going to shop, be convinced that the groom and the bride are not superstitious - or refrain from purchase of a gift which can be misinterpreted.

What objects of use should not be given to

on a wedding

Memorable signs

there are gifts, handing which, you can be sure that they will be remembered to newlyweds and never will are regifted as the fifth vase:

you Remember

: creation of a memento can demand a lot of time - think of it in advance!

the Adventure as a gift

can be Given to

not only a thing, but also impressions. And they, unexpected and original, are kept in mind:

should be given to should not be given to you know
of Impression when: of Impression if:
newly married and well represent, than their can be pleased you are not too well familiar
you precisely know that they will help to embody long dream you know that young people are under strained circumstances
Newly married are young and capable to think unconventionally the Groom and the bride are conservative and practical

of the Wedding anniversary - it`s ages since we met

Each wedding anniversary from the first to the fifteenth has the name. A gift for anniversary - business not less responsible, than actually wedding.


On print (1 year), linen (4 years) and lacy (13 years) weddings it is accepted to give textiles - curtains, towels, cloths, napkins, bed linen from the corresponding fabrics. Lacy a wedding still is called landyshevy so if it is the share of spring, surely consider this circumstance.

the Second wedding anniversary - paper . If this day guests gather, then it is possible to make a decorative tree on which leaflets with wishes, origami, cards, silhouette portraits will be attached.


the Third anniversary - leather - we give bags, purses, gloves etc.

After five years of joint life of the spouse celebrate a wooden wedding, and relatives and friends give pieces of furniture and an interior, vases, floor lamps, ware - the list can be continued indefinitely.

Pig-iron, copper, tin, steel, nickel weddings are 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12 - I anniversaries. It is possible to give candlesticks, figurines, costume jewelry, tableware, ware - from the corresponding metals. The most symbolical gift on copper a wedding - a copper horseshoe, but also products from natural wool as according to other version this wedding is called woolen are quite admissible . Celebrating a tin wedding it will be pertinent to present any sweets in cans - tea, coffee, cookies, candies.

the Ninth wedding anniversary - faience . The ancient custom orders to spouses day to hit into it old faience ware - the more will be broken, the better. And instead of the broken ware guests give new. Even this anniversary call camomile so the bouquet of camomiles will not prevent. On crystal (glass) and porcelain weddings (15 and 20 years) also give ware or souvenirs from crystal, glass and porcelain.

the Tenth anniversary is called tin or pink a wedding. As a gift any products from tin and various objects of pink color - textiles, jewelry with red and pink stones, alcohol will approach. And certainly, roses. Traditions of donation also are similar to coral (35 years) a wedding.

On agate, pearl, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond a wedding - 14, 30, 40, 45, 55, 60 years - give, of course, jewelry and souvenirs with these stones. And on silver (25 years) and gold (50 years) weddings - objects from silver and gold.

And anniversaries after 50 years of joint life demand from the loving descendants of a maximum of the imagination - there are so much anniversaries already behind, it is necessary to try for the sake of such case!