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Cough at the child: the reasons and treatment of

Cough - the first that is noticed usually by parents when the kid gets sick. At first cough guards, then frightens, and at last if it lasts long, begins to irritate. And the pediatrician can try all available means in a local drugstore on the kid, and that will cough indifferently. What to do how to cure cough?

Why it is long to the coughing kid the doctor cannot help? Very simply - doctors act blindly more often than you think. It of course is bad, but it is the fact. Each doctor can treat only what sees or hears. The pediatrician can listen to lungs, but cannot qualitatively look at a throat and a nose, the ENT SPECIALIST can look, but he will not listen to lungs; the neurologist will knock with a hammer on a knee, will ask to grin, but in a throat will not glance, especially will not listen.

Turns out that the doctor who can exclude all possible reasons of cough at once just does not exist. And it means that you should look for the doctor who will make the correct diagnosis at once and will appoint the correct treatment. If to speak absolutely precisely, then parents should be defined to what expert to go to spend as little as possible time for searches of the reason of cough. But for this purpose, besides, it is necessary to learn a little. Let`s begin... well at least from what is cough.

What is cough

Cough is a symptom. Whatever it happened in airways what there would not get, the our organism tries to get rid of it absolutely equally - a sharp exhalation to throw out it. Here such sharp exhalation is also called cough.

the Main task if you hear cough - it is to understand what the organism of your kid wants to get rid of. Because cough can cause a congestion in phlegm airways, hypostasis of mucous membranes of airways, and at last, simply command to immediately clear airways, for some reason regularly arriving from a brain (doctors call it a pathological kashlevy reflex).

In all these cases cough will be a miscellaneous. How then to assume its reason? Yes it is very simple - on a sound. And then we will be able correctly to complain to the doctor at least. And it already, which - that.

Productive cough

It - damp, it is cough with a phlegm

As looks. the Child coughs loudly, you can even hear how during cough at it inside something gurgles. Usually sonority gradually increases then cough stops - “the phlegm departs“.

Morning damp cough. the Child coughs all several times and only in the mornings. After a phlegm otkhozhdeniye cough stops till next morning. The most probable cause of such cough - an otkharkivaniye of slime which accumulates somewhere absolutely superficially - in a throat and a nasopharynx.

What to do . To seem the ENT SPECIALIST - to the doctor and to ask it to examine attentively the child`s nose, a throat and especially a nasopharynx - by means of a special nasopharyngeal mirror. And after survey - it is obligatory! - to ask whether he saw slime in a nasopharynx or the slime which is flowing down on a back wall of a throat. Because this slime is also the cough reason.

But what will be if the ENT SPECIALIST - the doctor tells that in a nose or in a nasopharynx everything is pure? Nothing terrible is just the same symptom, as well as slime availability. Then we need only to ask whether the doctor saw irritation or reddening on a back wall of a throat. And if it is, then the our way lies to other doctor - to the gastroenterologist.

Why? Because slime can accumulate in a throat after night not only from - that it flows down from above - in the same way it can come and from below, from a stomach. When the child lies, gastric contents can get into a gullet, and on it (let and in small quantities) to reach a back wall of a throat. At children about one year such piece is called vomiting, more senior children have a reflux - ezofagity. Why such name? Yes because the reflux is the movement in the opposite direction, and ezofagit - because first of all the gullet suffers from such movement. And if we know that at the child not everything is safe with a gastrointestinal tract, to the gastroenterologist it is necessary to go especially. Because actually very frequent reason of cough - just a reflux - ezofagit.

Summing up of

the results: morning damp cough is an expectoration of the slime which accumulated in a night in a nasopharynx and the child`s throat. Such slime can flow or from above - from a nose (it to the ENT SPECIALIST) or from below - from a stomach. With it it is necessary to go to the gastroenterologist. If you at first addressed the pediatrician and learned that in lungs it is pure, the problem needs to be looked for in a nose or in a stomach, but not to begin to give to the kid cough syrups - all the same will not help.

the Child it is damp the whole day coughs. About what it speaks? That there is a lot of a phlegm and it accumulates constantly. Here only where and how with it to be? The answer simple - if phlegms much, so at the child goes an active inflammation. If plus to it is also temperature - everything clearly. If there is no temperature, it does not mean at all, as there is no inflammation. It is necessary only to find its center.

What to do. First of all - to make blood test. He not only will show existence of an inflammation (it important, when there is no temperature), but also will prompt to the doctor what character this inflammation - whether it is caused by viruses or bacteria.

Now second question: to what doctor to show the child? In this case the ENT SPECIALIST is better - to leave the doctor for later, and at first to show the child to the pediatrician. Why? Because the most unpleasant situation which is shown by an otkhozhdeniye with cough of a large number of a phlegm is pneumonia. So at first it will be better that to the child listened to lungs. And if the doctor at the same time hears rattles, and then, having looked at blood test, will appoint antibiotics, it is the best of all not to argue - with pneumonia whether you know, do not joke. However, with bronchitis too.

But here if the pediatrician tells that in lungs it is pure - then a direct road to the ENT SPECIALIST - to the doctor. Because a large number of a phlegm (to be exact purulent allocations) happens at sinusitis, antritises or etmoidita. It is very unpleasant too, besides pus and cough can be the only symptoms - if the nose breathes freely, then the kid just will have no headache.

Summing up of

the results: if the child coughs the whole day or day and night, so the phlegm is allocated much, so at the child where - that is an active inflammation - either in lungs, or in okolonosovy bosoms. It is necessary to establish character of this inflammation (to make blood test) and to exclude at first the most unpleasant (bronchitis or pneumonia) by means of the pediatrician. And only if the pediatrician tells that in lungs it is pure, to go to the ENT SPECIALIST - to the doctor. But also in that and in other case business can end with reception of antibiotics. Be ready to it.