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Pencils, pieces of chalk, felt-tip pens - best

Traditionally before academic year we choose, parents, we resupply children`s office. To school students - handles, pencils, felt-tip pens instead of lost last year. To first graders - all brand new, “very clean“, according to the list. And in kindergarten gave the list of “materials for creativity“, and on classes in preparation for school - too. And even if our kid - absolutely still the baby, drawing the first flourishes, us and washes away to add to his arsenal of the writing means something brand new.

the choice is huge

A - eyes run up. And prices the most different: the box of pencils of 12 flowers can be bought both for 30, and for 300 rubles. On the one hand, there is no wish to overpay (and so the beginning of academic year costs a pretty penny). With another - objects which the child will daily use for the letter and drawing have to be qualitative. It is important also from the point of view of safety - unfortunately, children, happens, gnaw and lick pencils, and for development of the child: if the piece of chalk constantly breaks, and the felt-tip pen here - here will dry - here not before creativity. By what criteria to choose what the kid will write and draw?


the Known company - the producer or a trademark is a history, reputation, the production and following to the rigid quality standards. Most of all those in Europe: More than 200 years work and the German pencil factories FaberCastell, Lyra, the Czech KOH - I - NOOR update the range, more than half a century is let out by handles and felt-tip pens the French BIC, the Czech Centropen and the Spanish JOVI.

Questions of reasonable use of resources and high-quality processing of salvage the first were lifted too by Europeans, and today programs of certification of the products making smaller impact on environment work in the different countries. So, the French sign NF Environment is carried by the writing production of BIC ® which most part is made from the processed materials.

In Europe can follow strictly standards of safety (for toys, including children`s office a series of the EN 71 standards is developed), but also, independent researches of content of harmful substances are widespread in this or that production. For example, the examination of colored trihedral pencils which is carried out in 2011 by the German magazine “Ekotest“ allowed to withdraw from sale goods with a dangerous varnish covering.

Thus, being guided by a worthy brand, it is possible to facilitate the choice several. It is a pity only that producers of goods for the letter and drawing are unevenly presented in domestic distribution networks. The widest range, perhaps, in “Toy Store“ and “Auchan“ (in the last the prices are more democratic). In the Internet - shops it is possible to find much more trademarks, but here it is worth ordering already known set of pencils or felt-tip pens - before purchase it is necessary to study packing properly.

Materials and properties

What we will look for on packing? In - the first, the instruction on production material, in - the second, the marking reporting about useful qualities of a product and in - the third - data of certificates of safety.

So, habitual colored pencils exist not only in wooden today, but also in the plastic case. Having got them newcomers from a box, you, most likely, will not notice a difference. But here the kid dropped pencils from a table - time, another, the third. At wooden (if, of course, it is not expensive water color pencils which do on special technology) after such tests the slate pencil often crumbles - it is impossible to grind a pencil. Happens that also the case breaks up. With pencils in the plastic case, for example such as trihedral BIC ® Kids Evolution Triangle, it does not occur - the slate pencil is strongly welded on the case, is sharpened easily, and, above all, the kid will not be wounded with keen edges.

the Increasing popularity from parents both kids, and school students are got by trihedral pencils. At the expense of the form they are not rolled from a table, their diameter is usually slightly increased, and, above all - they will accustom children`s fingers at once correctly, “shchepotyyu“ to hold a pencil. It is no secret, that it is much easier to teach the person to it in two years, than to retrain before school.

also wax crayons which too often the first fall into hands of young artists are Trihedral. However, name “wax“ not absolutely true: in their structure usually less than 10% of beeswax, the rest - paraffin from oil products, stearin from palm and coconut oils, dyes. To the touch these pieces of chalk are very pleasant, it is easy for kids to hold them in a hand and the trace remains noticeable, bright. But for the unclear reason these children love “art means“... to gnaw. Alas, in this case pieces of chalk should be cleaned till the best times.

But, it appears, there is an alternative - plastic pieces of chalk. More than a decade ago they conceded to wax - left a mark pale, were rigid and unattractive. It seems that the problem managed to be solved: pieces of chalk of BIC ® Kids Plastidecor bright, but are not soiled, them it is easy to paint over big spaces and they do not break. Also win - in comparison with wax fellows - in respect of safety: already mentioned Ekotest magazine recognized them as one of the best.

If marking on pencils and pieces of chalk is usually limited only to age and the indication of hardness - softness (T and M in Russian, N and In Latin letters), then with felt-tip pens it is harder and harder. The BS 7272/90 code reports that the felt-tip pen is supplied with the ventilated cap (it gives chance to rescue the child if the cap suddenly gets into airways). Letters RR designate material penopropilen - it is nontoxical and well protects a felt-tip pen core from drying. The pictogram in the form of a tip of a felt-tip pen indicates the fixed writing knot: it cannot be pressed inside even with big effort (it little artists quite often sin), it is impossible and to sort “on the spare part“ - danger of fine details is eliminated. You will find all these designations on any packing of felt-tip pens of BIC ® . And on a box with felt-tip pens of BIC ® Kid Couleur you will see also clean hands and a children`s T-shirt - it is felt-tip pens with ink which very easily washes off.

In general in a friendly way issued packing on which everything is it is clear written and drawn - one more sign of quality of production. It is possible to decipher, say, such marking. On one picture the felt-tip pen paints over violet, on next - on the violet field already green felt-tip pen leaves marks. That`s right: it is a set with creative BIC ink ® Kids Mini Colour & Create: six flowers create a basis, and others six - various effects. Here what felt-tip pens reached!


Of course, this the most important that influences the choice. The son passed all academic year with the same simple pencil in a case and itself successfully sharpened it? The felt-tip pens forgotten at the dacha and in a year did not dry and perfectly draw? Children, having covered with drawings all paper, absolutely at the wrong time arranged baud - an art - but to you quickly was succeeded to wash them? Materials for creativity which allow to experiment so with themselves are credible. And still councils of acquaintances, forums on the Internet... To school age of the child at mother it is usually gathered spisochek favourite brands and concrete products. And if it is several children... And if someone from them is engaged in drawing seriously...

Successful to you purchases, and to your children - creative achievements!