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How to call the child? Listen to yourself!

With the child`s birth family life begin with a blank page: the wife turns into mother, and the husband - into the father. Responsibility for future family member lays down on both parents as well as the choice of a name. Parents should resolve difficult or controversial issues for the child more than once, but they make the main choice everything - at the very beginning of life - naming the kid.

the Choice of a name till the birth

Pregnancy - a special state. Be not surprised if the imagination which visited you during this period does not find understanding among the family. Men, on the contrary, transfer pregnancy of wives more rationally, turning from windy boys into the real fathers of family. Here also collision rational and ephemeral turns out. After conception of mother begin to love the future children unconditional, unconditional maternal love which is carried by through all life. What sometimes you will not tell about fathers whose love “it is necessary to deserve“. Even after the birth of the kid they exactingly look at his ridiculous movements as if expecting something improbable. Not to explain them mad pleasure of mother when the child for the first time independently sat down or took a small bottle in handles. Fathers are distinguished by tendency to increase requirements to the child every new year of its growing. And there`s nothing to be done, such is physiology.


occurs also at the choice of a name. Fathers want to call the boy by the prompt, courageous name to direct it to the necessary course of life. The father is often ready to present to the girl a name of the of “the first love“. Horror! Many mothers even do not suspect about such intentions and agree to Mashenka, Tanusha or Natashenka.

If the sex of the child is authentically known to

, it is possible to choose a name and it is necessary till its birth. If you are at a loss with definition of an exact name, stop the choice on several options. After the birth when you see the child, you for certain will understand what name will suit yours the baby.

to Define a sex of the kid at an early stage of pregnancy now does not make special work. Usually it is learned from indications of ultrasonic research. But sometimes it is difficult to make it or at all it is impossible: the kid turns away during procedure.

Now the electronic programs helping to calculate a sex of the child exist, also various ancient techniques are used. Some adhere to a “sexological“ hypothesis of a sex of the child according to which actively making love couples practically in 99% of cases bring boys into world. If parents madly want the daughter, they need to abstain from each other throughout one - one and a half months.

Besides, it is considered that appearance of the boy is promoted by the strengthened eating of meat, greens, spicy vegetables and fruit, food with spices. And here the fruit diet and abundance in a diet of dairy products will prepare the woman`s organism for conception of the girl.

Should not be forgotten also about the physiological party of a question: there is a number of love poses which allegedly increase chances of the birth of the girl or boy. Calculate a sex of the child and on patrimonial genetics, that is comparing how many children what floor and in what sequence was born in a family of mother and father.

Eventually, the woman can feel who grows in it: boy or girl. From first minutes of pre-natal life mother talks to the kid, calls tenderly and gently, allows to listen to music, reads fairy tales. It is quite good if the name of the kid is chosen in advance, then already in a tummy he will begin to get used to how it is called. But in general on registration of the child in a registry office the whole month during which parents have to decide on a name is allotted.

Excellent option of the choice of a name when the sex of the child is already known, can become such. Mother or the father without hurrying read desirable names, loudly and accurately saying everyone. At the same time monitor reaction of the kid. If stirs especially sharp and notable, then it means that the name caused emotion and it can be entered in the list of possible.

be not afraid to choose a name to the kid till the birth, do not trust in prejudices concerning premature repair of the room or purchase of children`s things for the child. All this conjectures. The kid has to feel care and attention - surround him with heat and love long before birth!

the Desire to allocate the child from crowd, to make it special sometimes reaches to ridiculous, and sometimes and sad result. And if grandmothers with grandfathers are connected to the choice of a name, the list of possible options increases twice, and even three times. Search of the most rare name for the child turns into the real digression to history, geography and even literature.

the Toy Store is so cruel

as far as it is fine. Any child in the world is not insured from failures, nervous shocks and emergence of shyness. Most often only parents can save the kid from a negative. Of course, education, a maximum of attention and care are major elements of a growing of the child. But the name more resembling a nickname or too exotic or, on the contrary, outdated can enter the child into such stupor that isolation will become for it a usual state. Therefore we clean parental individualism, we include reason, we add a little (!) creativity also we choose a name for the kid.

Alexander and Shurochka

would like to touch in more detail upon a subject of division of names on man`s and female Here. Courage, courage, in some degree impudence, roughness and other male qualities of character which are shown in behavior are peculiar to boys. Girls - gentle creations, are always coquettish and tender. All this is clear.

I behind each name is stood by a certain secret sense and the set of qualities is fixed. Each name bears any information, giving to the carrier characteristic features and behavioural norms. Men receive stronger, significant and is prompt - effective names in comparison with women. Boyish names always have to sound more courageously and more roughly. Their sounding and inner meaning are not comparable to character of girls in any way. Names for girls softer, with abundance of vowels and the sonorny, hissing sounds. The sense of each maiden name which is tenderly sounding and easily said reflects a feminine.

What turns out when girls are given “man`s“ names? Really they become more resolute or more courageous? Let`s take such known maiden name as Alexander. The name comes from Ancient Greek language. Once popularity to it was brought by the great Roman commander Alexander. Then - that name also received the value - “courageous, the defender of all people“. Began to call by this name girls much later. On a legend, one of fathers expected the boy`s birth, in advance having chosen it a name. But the girl was born. The father did not recede from the and named the newborn Aleksandra.

over time initial value of a name was reflected by

in character carrying it I will give. So, to Alexander characterize as active, a little reserved, having good health, actively playing sports and able to drive the car. It is purposeful and vindictive. Does not forgive deception and lie. Sasha does not like to do household chores. Generally, all lines of the corresponding man`s name are postponed for female. And it obliges his owner to be stronger that not so badly presently.

the Name of Alexander is harmonious

. Umenshitelno - caressing forms at him is enough, and all of them are beautiful: Sashenka, Sashul, Shurochk, etc.

Zhenechkam and Valyusham has nothing to worry too: their character will be more resolute, than at contemporaries, and names melodious and sounding.

this tendency is traced by

As for “female“ names by which call boys, seldom. Generally the perception of this or that name as purely “man`s“ or only “female“ is influenced by society. So, initially man`s option of Valentin is perceived as transformation from a female form of Valentin. Therefore in the school environment and in further life, sneers can pursue the boy Valyu. But the girl Valyusha will grow up in the real Valentina with strong-willed traits of character.

Thus, despite assurances of adherents of the theory about sexual differentiation of names, we understand that there are names perfectly suitable on sounding, external compliances and personally our internal feelings to our kid. And why not to name the girl Sashenka or Zhenya, and the boy - Valya, such habitual and belonging to two floors names. Eventually, parents make the choice, relying on internal feelings, but not on opinion of society, style or arrangements of friends.

From the book “We Choose a Name to the Kid“