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Exit from the decree - we plan morning, day and evening of

Morning. The alarm clock calls. We run in a bathroom, we wash, brush the hair, painted, we put on, we have breakfast and we flutter out on the street... So was. But now you have a child, so, not everything will be as before. Therefore we will start over again. How, having left the decree to return to a system? How to combine working everyday life and family duties? Where to find assistants?

to the Working mother should be the most effective therefore as Maria Heinz considers, the author of the book “Time - Management for Mothers“, not to do without the accurate organization.

So, we will begin to plan: to wake up, wash, make toilet, to make a breakfast, to wake, feed the husband and the child, to dress the husband and to see off the child... oh, on the contrary! Got confused? No wonder. Put much, and you - one.“ My working day begins at 9 o`clock in the morning, and it is necessary to rise in 5. 30 that to manage to make all, - Lyudmila, mother 2 - summer the son complains. - I cook either porridge, or soup surely every morning. As a rule, on cooking at me about 40 minutes leave, then it is necessary to manage to collect not only itself, but also the son in kindergarten, on everything nearly an hour of time. About 7. 45 we leave the house. Of course, there was a wish to spend less time for cooking, but there is no wish to buy semi-finished products or quick-cooking cereals too - health more expensive“.

Is not present

, we will not save on health, of course. According to Maria Heinz, first of all, reduction of number of these affairs helps to reduce time for household chores. Also it is necessary to delegate them - it is possible for people, and it is possible - equipment.

“First of all should entrusting to household appliances preparation of a breakfast - they perfectly cope with this task, - Natalya Petrova, the specialist in production of the THE BINATONE company advises. - Porridge - the most useful morning dish both for kids, and for the young mothers caring for the figure. But even - semolina or oat - it is necessary to cook the “fastest“ porridge not less than 10 minutes what to tell about rice or buckwheat. And here the pressure cooker - the multicook will prepare it almost and without your participation: due to use of pressure in the course of preparation porridge will turn out air, and the hostess should not control constantly process, stirring slowly with a dish“. Besides, crock-pots have a function of the postponed start: having finished the program of preparation, the device, expecting eaters, passes into the mode of maintenance of temperature.

One more widespread dish for a breakfast - egg - in a sack, soft-boiled, hard-boiled. Partly it enjoys popularity from - for preparation speeds: waited until water began to boil, and you note time. But also it not always guarantees the necessary result: it is worth turning away, distracting - and eggs were digested. If there is a yaytsevarka, then the problem of preparation of a dietary dish of your taste is strongly facilitated: it is not necessary to stand near a plate, it is not necessary to note time - the device itself will report that the breakfast is ready.

On an exit!

Have breakfast? It is time to gather! By the way, according to polls, it is one of the pleasant moments which pushes young mothers to appearance at work - at last it is possible to take off sports trousers and to put on an elegant dress or a business suit. And still it is possible to do a beautiful hair. The truth often is not enough with morning of time for hair dressing - here can help out thermohair curlers. While mother awakes the kid and helps it to put on, hair curlers heat up. In 10 minutes we wind hair (if at hair curlers the rotating core, then is much simpler to make it), then several minutes on a make-up - during this time ringlets will reliably be recorded. Now we give to a hairdress the form, having sprinkled it is delicious.

Before leaving for work needed only to clean plates and cups in the dishwasher. Many consider this household appliance as an excess, but, as a rule, only until feel that freedom which it gives. Even the small child will be able to clean up a plate in the dishwasher, and to start the program is a business of one minute.

we Come back from work

Usually a day regimen at the working mother about two directions - the organization of working and household chores are under construction, and on rest there is practically no time left.“ We are not able to plan rest and therefore in the second half of day plans begin to revolve, and by the evening mothers have no forces on a family any more. That it did not happen, it is necessary to accustom itself to rhythmical planning. It does not mean hour of work and a rest-hour, it is about activity change“, - Maria Heinz advises. According to her, the special attention should be paid to transition from an operating mode to household chores. The tired mothers who are given most all the best at work have to switch to household chores quickly.“ If you physically were tired, spend 10 minutes where - nibud outdoors (in the car, on a bench in park) and try to be restored. As a last resort, having come home, lay down together on a bed - let`s have a rest to a backbone. Even 15 minutes of such respite will help you to find energy for children and household chores“, - Maria Heinz advises.

can start performance of evening ritual Now: to preparation of a dinner, small cleaning. Competent approach will help to organize everything so that at least the part of cases was executed before your arrival home.

For example, the robot - the vacuum cleaner - its convenience is that it works independently. You choose the necessary mode of cleaning, program time - from 10 to 60 minutes, and in due time the vacuum cleaner independently begins to make antibacterial processing of a floor. Thanks to the built-in touch sensors he smoothly goes round furniture. Saving of time - from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the area of the apartment.

Should not forget

about the child if in the afternoon he stays at home - the kid can make a feasible contribution to cleaning of the apartment too. “That all to be in time, I try to attach to household chores of the husband and the little son, - Marina, mother 3 - summer Alyosha tells. - The kid, it is necessary to notice, already appropriated a rank of “assistant“. At least, he copes with cleaning of the toys not bad“.

for the period of your absence can program also washing if the washing machine has an option of the postponed start. Then on arrival home it will be necessary only to hang out things. If there is an electric clothes dryer, the clothes will dry approximately twice quicker. Here to the place one more advice to Maria Heinz is necessary:“ Quicker reduction of everything that is possible, in an alert helps to gather in the morning for work even in the evening“. If things dry quickly, then it is possible to iron clothes for tomorrow the day before, having saved morning time and having presented itself precious minutes of a dream.

However we forgot

about a dinner. According to many mothers, most of all time leaves on cooking. Therefore everyone chooses for herself household appliances which facilitate and accelerate this process. Important criteria are usability and cleanings, universality, and also compactness here.“ The main device in my kitchen is a blender. Without it I as without hands, - Yulia, mother of two preschool children tells. - It is possible to crush quickly vegetables, to shake up eggs, to make mashed potatoes, even to make forcemeat“. Besides we will remember about crock-pots: in them it is possible to prepare at the same time a garnish and a main course, having placed in different containers, for example, rice, vegetables and fish - quickly, tasty and it is useful.

It is much more difficult than

, it appears, to find time for own rest. According to Maria Heinz when mother leaves for work at seven in the morning, and comes back at nine in the evening, it will have no time for own rest - she has nothing to find. It is necessary to change the relation to homework. So, if there are 3 - 4 hours in the evening, that should try to make everything on the house while the child does not sleep. After affairs are finished, and the kid fell asleep, take care of the own life, what you love and that will give pleasure.

And that the next day also passed easily, it is worth planning tomorrow`s affairs since evening. “I recommend to have two schedulers: for work and the house, - the expert on a time - to management advises. - There not only all important actions, but also various lists are brought. The most important of them: the list of purchases (products, things), the menu for a week which helps to balance food and to simplify purchase of products, the list of projects, big affairs which need to be divided into small affairs and to bring in the daily plan. Very important list is in what you always dreamed to be engaged with children. If to look in it from time to time, games and walks with kids will become much more interesting, and you will feel much more happily“.