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Worms at children - the reasons, symptoms and treatment of helminthosis

the Diseases caused by the lowest worms are called helminthoses. From them many, and about 80% infected - children suffer. And often we are guilty of emergence of helminthoses. How to protect itself and relatives from the dangerous diseases caused by parasites?

, first of all, climatic conditions exert

On extent of distribution of helminths (worms) impact. Best of all is to them in the countries with hot tropical and subtropical climate - where it is warm and damp. Level socially - economic development of the country also plays an important role in distribution of these parasites. In the countries where hygiene is at a low level, and the medicine is poorly developed, helminths are in an organism of every second person. Helminths are hardy and prolific. The adult female can lay up to 245 thousand eggs a day.

Doctors allocate to

two main reasons for a disease of helminthoses.

Bad hygiene

People who seldom wash hands and also eat badly washed up fruit and vegetables, are in the main risk group. The matter is that in a stage of larvae helminths are in the soil from where they can get on our tables, and, therefore, and into a mouth. Already in an organism - in comfortable conditions for them - worms will actively grow and breed.

Dangerous also animals become p>

: act as intermediate owners of larvae and can become messengers of parasites.

Infection can occur also in the contact way. If the person who has helminths does not wash a hand after a toilet, eggs of worms can get on his skin and clothes where their maturing will continue. At handshake or other contact with the involuntary messenger, also others catch.

Weak immunity

Powerful resources of an organism are capable to resist to development of helminthosis. Also the fact that the person is better protected from worms where he lives is noticed. The organism gradually loses a susceptibility to them. Helminths just do not survive, do not begin to breed or are spontaneously removed. Moving to the new district, we are exposed to bigger danger of infection as immunity for some time weakens and worms are “attacked“ new, unusual.

Symptoms of helminthosis

to tell about all symptoms of helminthosis, it is necessary to describe previously how there takes place development of a disease. There are two stages:

the Sharp stage represents introduction in an organism and development of a parasite. As a rule, at the person who earlier did not have an allergy it can be shown by active symptoms. And the diseased long will not understand on what specifically there are allergic reactions. Perhaps slight increase of temperature to 37 degrees.

the Chronic stage differs in variety of symptoms. Being built in system of a metabolism of the person, helminth can break processes of digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Products of its activity can lead to intestinal microflora violation. Such symptoms of helminthosis as weakness and drowsiness, appetite violation, diarrhea and locks are shown.

At helminthoses with damage of a liver chronic hepatitis can arise. The helminths which are long in a human body are capable to strike also muscular tissue. It is available also one more symptom of helminthosis - muscle and joints pain. The first symptoms of active development of helminthosis can be shown already through 2 - 3 days, and can also through of 12 - 16 months.


Prevention of helminthoses is directly connected by

with the reason of their emergence and consists in strict observance of rules of hygiene, technology of cooking and improvement of environment.





Processing of the soil from helminths

to clear the neighbourhood territory, it is necessary to skim it, having processed it solution with bleaching powder (enough cap of any detergent with bleaching powder on 5 - 6 a liter bucket of water). A surface of the soil it is also possible to disinfect 2% the activated solutions of chloroamine, chloric lime (2 - 10 liters on 1 square meter - the expense depends on soil type, the more in it the chernozem, the bigger amount of liquid is required).

Treatment of helminthoses

Starting treatment of helminthoses, it is very important to get rid not only of parasites, but also all processes of their activity. For this purpose it is necessary to wash constantly things at high temperature (and it is even better to boil them); to purge carpets and other textile objects in the house by means of structures with the high content of chlorine.

needs to process also furniture and other objects in the house. For this purpose it is possible to use both any detergents for the house, and solutions with vinegar.

If in your child was found worms, it is very important to carry out treatment of all family.

the safest for use at treatment of helminths are phytogenesis preparations: special medicines help with fight even with the most hardy adult females of worms, preventing their reproduction.