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How to get rid of vascular asterisks standing?

What to do if the vascular setochka standing appeared? Why it is impossible to cross in a pose “the legs“? How to change the food to avoid problems with vessels? The associate professor of the general surgery of the First MGMU of I. M. Sechenov, the phlebology surgeon Igor Tsarenko will tell about diagnostics, modern treatment and prevention of varicosity.

Most often women aged from 30 till 40 years address specialists in treatment and prevention of diseases of veins: during this period the vascular grid becomes the expressed cosmetic defect. However there are ill-fated “asterisks“ much earlier - in of 20 - 30 years. Krom of women with hereditary predisposition, also a certain risk group exists.

Those who standing

Those who will see off the whole working day costing the whole day to

, more than others are subject to venous changes. Employees of beauty shops, shops - be on the alert!

What to do?

That who needs to stand on the feet as obliges doctors recommend to knead

at any opportunity of a foot, transferring body weight from a heel to a sock and back. And still it is possible to pass several steps up - down. Such warm-up positively influences work of vessels and a blood-groove of the lower extremities. And stewardesses do each 1,5 - 2 hours several exercises for blood circulation improvement.

Emergence standing of a vascular setochka are the first manifestation of chronic venous insufficiency. Main reasons: congenital weakness of a venous grid, hormonal imbalance and unhealthy way of life.


Smoking, excess weight and abuse of solar bathtubs can provoke changes in work of vessels. Thin capillaries burst, forming an unattractive setochka under skin.

What to do?

it is difficult to h2 to refuse addictions. Try to reduce quantity of cigarettes. You watch weight. Morning jogs kill two hares at the same time: vessels of legs become stronger, and the desire to smoke a cigarette considerably decreases. In a hot season try to be on the sun only in morning and evening hours.



It is noticed that after pregnancy and reception of hormonal contraceptives emergence of a venous setochka is possible.

The matter is that during pregnancy the increasing fruit presses important vessels. And contraceptive preparations are capable to change a hormonal background, negatively influencing a condition of vessels.

What to do?

Before reception of these or those contraceptives it is extremely important to h2 to consult with the gynecologist. And those who are going to become a mother have to visit at the phlebologist and pick up special jersey for pregnancy and childbirth.


About what is told by a vascular grid?

the Place of localization of the burst vessels tells

about this or that change in an organism:

Diagnosis of varicosity

If you found in yourself vascular asterisks or a vascular grid, it is necessary to address the expert - the phlebologist.

of the Asterisk standing: removal and treatment

exist invasive and conservative techniques of removal of varicose asterisks Today.

Invasive therapy to Be attentive

: invasive methods are contraindicated during pregnancy and a lactation. In addition, the doctor always pays attention to a psychological state, existence of an allergy and the general condition of vessels at the patient.

Conservative therapy

Sometimes experts, considering a state of health of the patient, avoid invasive methods and place emphasis on preservation of the current situation, prevention of progressing of venous defects.


Prevention of varicosity

you Want to be proud as long as possible of healthy and beautiful legs without signs of venous complications? Then follow our advice:

“The most important - not to hide a venous setochka under suntan. The correcting creams, autobronzers, creams with effect of blinking - the choice really big, - the phlebology surgeon tells. - They can disguise a setochka standing. But, alas, from varicosity, and also from hypostases and painful feelings the cosmetics does not rescue. At least for the night use special foot creams, and before approach of a summer season spend on drink a course of the venotonik recommended by the doctor“.