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Signs of extra-uterine pregnancy: how to define also what to do?

Extra-uterine or ektopichesky pregnancy are about 2% of all pregnancies. And though the probability is small, any woman can face this problem, up to the end exact reasons of such succession of events are unknown. What signs of extra-uterine pregnancy and on what term it can be distinguished? The doctor the obstetrician - the gynecologist Victoria Gukovskaya tells.

At extra-uterine pregnancy a zygote - the cage which is formed as a result of fertilization of an ovum a spermatozoon - does not reach a uterus cavity as it occurs during normal pregnancy, and remains in a uterine tube. Less often it is pushed out from a pipe in the opposite direction and attached in an ovary or on a surrounding peritoneum. It is fraught with complications and threatens the woman`s life.

“Pipe extra-uterine pregnancy can end with

or pipe abortion when there is a full or partial otsloyka of an embryo from a wall of a uterine tube and an ovum exit in an abdominal cavity, or a rupture of a uterine tube. In both cases there is internal bleeding, and at untimely expeditious treatment the patient can die“, - the obstetrician - the gynecologist explains.

It is important
Pipe pregnancy makes 98% of all extra-uterine pregnancies.
doctors call

Among the reasons of extra-uterine pregnancy long chronic inflammatory process of bodies of a small pelvis. Besides, such pregnancy can be caused by the adhesive process in a small basin caused by earlier postponed infections or operations. In risk group and those women to whom artificial abortion, especially the first was made. Also extra-uterine pregnancy can develop at a tumor and at the wrong development of genitals when, for example, uterine tubes of irregular shape.

How to distinguish extra-uterine pregnancy?

“Among symptoms of extra-uterine pregnancy can call

the following: a delay of periods, pain in the bottom of a stomach - from pulling to sharp, weakness, dizziness, an unconscious state. One more bright sign of possible extra-uterine pregnancy are bloody allocations from a genital tract: from smearing darkly - brown to scarlet“, - Victoria Gukovskaya says.

With such symptoms needs to see a doctor as soon as possible. The gynecologist will carry out ultrasonography to define whether there is out of a uterus a fetal egg. At abdominal ultrasonic research fetal egg in a uterus manages to be found on the term of 6 - 7 weeks of pregnancy, and at vaginal ultrasonography - on the term of 4,5 - 5 weeks of pregnancy.


Besides, the gynecologist will appoint blood test to HGCh (a horionichesky gonadotrophin - the hormone emitted by a placenta during pregnancy). As a rule, at extra-uterine pregnancy indicators of this hormone less also grow they more slowly, than at uterine pregnancy of the same term.

Treatment and prevention of extra-uterine pregnancy

Today doctors can offer

only expeditious treatment, the issue of an opportunity preservation of a pipe is individually resolved.“ As surgical intervention the laparoscopy is used - it is endoscopic operation which is carried out without section of a forward belly wall with use of the special optical equipment. It allows with the smallest damages and most shchadyashche to remove fruit egg from a pipe, prizhech the damaged vessels and to keep a pipe“, - the doctor explains.

Gynecologists consider that the main thing that it is necessary to be afraid after safely performed operation of is inflammatory diseases - from - for them increases risk of approach of repeated extra-uterine pregnancy.