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Spanish cuisine: soup of a gazpacho and not only - the correct recipes of

Spanish cuisine is not only a gazpacho though we will begin with it today. What dishes of Spanish cuisine it is easy to prepare? What will be ideally suited for a sit-round gathering in the big company? The culinary specialist and the blogger Jorge de Angel Moliner in the just appeared book “Gastronomic Sketches of the Spaniard in Russia“ shares not just culinary recipes, but the related memoirs with readers.

U me in a sort - the real culture of food. I was born in a family which likes to cook and is. In principle, if it is good to think, it is the only serious reason for a meeting. All the rest just accompanies or decorates food.

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Ya it not because my father for many years worked as the cook, but because when he gave up this work, decided that his family has to eat better, than at restaurant, - and knowing all tricks of restaurant business, avoided some sauces, marinades, seasonings if they serve only to hide stale ingredient. Over time our home cuisine became simpler and closer and closer to “a naked product“.

For those nearly 30 years that I lived at parents, were not any case when we ordered food on the house. On all school excursions my schoolmates took fashionable ready rolls, and I am specialty home-made sandwich, fruit, even the fried houses nuts. it is excessive to p to say

that mother supported all this though sometimes allowed to eat something purchased (always in the absence of the father). In fact, by that moment when I could decide what is and that is not present, I did not want to buy anything any more - I wanted to prepare.

At this time I traveled rather intensively - and around affairs, and for soul. Also opened new dishes: in each country there is always something interesting. And everywhere I saw restaurants with national cuisines of the different countries. (Perhaps except for the British. Though it is unclear why. I adore also mutton with mint sauce, and Phish - and - chips, both a Yorkshire pudding, and shepherd`s pie, etc.) Best of all or worse, but these restaurants always reflected kitchen of the countries.

A when I arrived to Moscow six years ago finally to remain, I saw that Spanish cuisine is presented in Russia badly.

In general, with the concepts “Mediterranean kitchen“ and “European cuisine“ - huge confusion. Actually there is neither the first, nor the second, and Spain to that still is constantly pushed either into one, or into another. And we have a situation with kitchen difficult, as well as with history (different people interpret both that and another differently), but it is (kitchen) tasty everywhere, and it in fashion around the world...

I will not tell

Ya for all Spanish cuisine, I represent the, russko - Spanish, “is made in Russia“ - with local and import ingredients - to show that it tasty and various. And that memories of rest in Spain can be refreshed in the country where we live, and for small money and with huge success.

of the Gazpacho and salmorekho

the Gentle wiped cold fresh tomatoes and other vegetables soups, with bread and garlic, filled with olive oil and vinegar.

Who is who? There are two very similar cold soups - both red, both from tomatoes, both in own way tasty. A gazpacho - with the options, with differences, - but it is considered an obshcheandaluziysky dish. Salmorekho - it is concrete from Cordoba and the neighboring provinces, including part of the area of Estremadur.


of the Gazpacho is eaten (sometimes drink) in the summer and only in the summer, for two reasons: because hot (in the south of Spain know what is a heat) and therefore that vegetables from which he is trained traditionally were only in the summer. Now they are all the year round, but only happen tasty in the summer. Just a vegetable season in the heat - products fresh, tasty and inexpensive!

one obvious fact Is: in each house prepare a gazpacho differently. It, of course, prevents to give one standard recipe a little. Yes, in principle, there is also no such need - can create the mix in a certain framework about which I will tell right now.

of the Gazpacho is, in fact, liquid tomatoes salad (the main part), a cucumber, onions, garlic, pepper green and red, filled with olive oil. Depending on tomatoes and from desirable texture (to a thick - is more liquid) add a bread crumb. It is also possible to add vinegar to gas station.

As salad - it from fresh vegetables (any tinned tomatoes) and it cold (that to prepare it, needs only the blender, it is not necessary to warm). Besides, a gazpacho not sharp (I know that disappointed many, but the truth is truth, there is no burning pepper in structure). From this point versions begin: at someone an allergy to cucumbers, someone does not love onions, garlic disturbs someone, still someone loves with the expressed shade of pepper and adds it more, and someone uses pepper only green, or only red, etc., etc.

of Salmorekho is a similar thing, but in structure only tomatoes, bread, olive oil, salt, vinegar and garlic. Not such rich with ingredients as the gazpacho, but moves with chopped jamon and boiled egg that is very interesting.

of the Gazpacho and salmorekho are soups of gentle velvety texture which will rescue from a heat and boredom in kitchen. They prepare in the blender and then are cooled in the refrigerator.
Cucumbers and tomatoes should clear

of skin. In a case with cucumbers we will easily manage just a knife. And we pripuskat tomatoes in boiled water of 30 seconds that considerably will facilitate process of disposal of a thin skin.

Ingredients for a gazpacho:

Ingredients for salmorekho:

Garlick soup

Hot soup on chicken broth, with jamon, the fried chicken liver and the shaken-up eggs.

“In Spain are not eaten by soups, how at us, the truth?“ Heard this statement, probably, hundred fifty times if it is no more. It both truth, and lie. Answer too ambiguous: where as.

I it is valid, indeed.

Russians go to Spain to the resort in the summer and think that they will offer them soup hot (and borsch or Russian cabbage soup is even better). But same Spain! I advise the one who wants to taste the Spanish soups to plunge into deep Castile in the winter where you will feel as at home: both soup, and a frost will be.

the well-known sopa of a kastelyan (on a letter “C“, do not confuse), to a potakha, garlick soup and others Exists. However, they are not really popular in bars and restaurants: are considered as purely home cuisine. But they can be found (and they often very tasty) in business - lunches of restaurants in industrial zones where only workers go to a lunch break. There and business - the lunch costs near 8 - 9 euro (salad, two dishes, a dessert and wine; coffee separately), also prepare what people of the house eat.



we Brown the garlic sliced in a pan with the olive oil of 3 - 4 min. we Add the crushed jamon and a chicken liver. We fry 4 more minutes, we get a liver, we cut it on pieces and again we return in a pan. We add a crumb of bread and we continue to brown mix. Bread will absorb all fat - both olive oil, and fat from jamon. When ingredients are ready, we pour in broth and we cook at least 20 minutes (bread has to boil soft, and garlic to become absolutely soft). After that we add the shaken-up eggs and quickly we mix. We salt, we pepper, we give hot.

From the book “the Spaniard. Gastronomic sketches of the Spaniard in Russia“