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Strangers do not go

here I Will declare to a descent, I remembered Egorka on all the life. Such boys, as it - I learned it later - meet on life really seldom, and in our rubbishy time and that is more rare. And matter is not that he was exclusively good persons, or, on the contrary, the exclusive cool freak - no, on light, thank God, while there are enough the first and, for universal balance, there is no shortcoming secondly more likely business was in its attitude, exclusive, other than others, perhaps. He as if saw the world and all in it the events in another dimension, perhaps.

It came to us to shop when I there already worked about five years. Low growth, quite well put, with darkly fair hair which is cast away from a high forehead he wore glasses, kept is held a little down and at the same time is independent, without playing the cool dude and without trying to make impression as it usually happens to all beginners who appeared among unfamiliar boys.

At the beginning it caused real interest and curiosity in all of us. The first that was evident, more true aurally, there was a competent market, as at the graduate of a filfak, or still what there and which gave to a descent in it the educated dude who not only read “Buratino“.

The second that especially hooked on our young women - well, besides his cool appearance - there was the fact that it was strange, and arrived from where that from far away - whether from Belarus, whether from Ukraine - having left everything - the house, work, parents. It was secured, as poor as a church mouse, to the to the wife and the daughter who lived several years here.

The third counter which caused general curiosity was the fact that as he claimed, to us he settled not on acquaintance - a thing really unprecedented as in our worn-out small town it was possible to get a job only on protection.

But later two - three days, interest in it was gone, and some more days later, ran low at all. I think, the reason was that it was reticent, is even a little gloomy, did not show a superior intelligence, did not make jokes, did not make advances to young women, and answered all questions in monosyllables as if wanted that he was left somewhat quicker alone.

He almost never participated in disputes which we constantly conducted. I tried to involve it in our market, but it always as that is guilty smiled, answered something a little intelligible, it seems “in dispute the one who avoids dispute“ is cleverer, or “I know only that I know nothing“ and that especially irritated me, so is that, having decided to express, at last, the opinion, he began to philosophize or quote the Bible, or as he spoke “Writing“. Vypendrila, pancake!

It did not hurry “to be put down“ as speak at us, “to join collective“, and to it, our old residents were forced to hint at this important circumstance more than once. Day three it did not react to it in any way, on this subject did not conduct a market, and I thought was that it is bad to be such miser and the cheapskate - all - new collective, it is necessary to comply the new colleagues. But after for the fourth day it brought a big bottle of really expensive vodka and a full suitcase of stuff, I understood that about greed I obviously bent a level.

After work we sat down in a circle as it is accepted. Drank, have a snack. Languages at all were gradually untied, all quickened. Got to talking about women and grandmas. One Egor drank and ate somehow reluctantly, into the account of what everyone did it the remark. It it is guilty smiled, apologized, and at the end somehow to coax us, poured to itself to the brim, rose and told:

- Dear ladies and gentlemen. Dear friends. I am very glad to find a haven in your nice circle. The last year was largely not lucky me. But now I hope that whimsical Fortuna, at last, turned on me the light look, and I will find in your person not only professional colleagues, but also reliable friends. For as I drink, standing.

He got up and in several drinks drank the glass poured to the brim.

to all really was pleasant to us a toast, and Olga Aleksandrovna, our master, not

kept and having languished on - woman`s, gave smacking kiss to Egor in a cheek.

Then we learned that by training it whether the linguist, whether the philologist - the botanist, well, - also knows four languages. What Shakespeare, Goethe, Guy de Maupassant and others he read in the original. That he very much loves and knows by heart Lermontov, Blok, Yesenin. By the way, I am Yesenina, too I respect. Remember, “You are still living my old woman, also I am living, hi to you, hi!“.

We also learned that he writes verses and that he even published the book of verses and stories. Still then it seemed to me some slyuntyaystvo. Well, present, the healthy man of thirty years - and scribbles rhymes. There, naturally repairs not wheelbarrows, or, say, the house builds, and “I loved you“, pancake, draws. Not, seriously!

He also told that he understands our business very little, and to disturb us on trifles when at it that does not leave, to it is extremely inconvenient. Each of us right there hurried to assure him that he has nothing to hesitate - approach and ask - not gods, say, burn pots.

He worked usually silently, did not joke and did not make jokes as all. And if joked, then mostly as it is unclear, rationally. Answered only when it was asked or when he heard how he spoke “as at it in the eyes distorted truth“, and he was unable to be silent any more.

- Mikh, watched film “the Pearl yesterday - Harbor“? - outvoicing noise of machines Leshka Ryzhy shouts.

- Missile defense che?

- Well, how Americans with narrow-eyed were at war, with Chinese?

- The Nea, did not look.

- It were not Chinese, but Japanese. After Japanese destroyed by bombing Pearl - Harbor

in Hawaii, Americans officially entered World War II - Egor does not maintain.

- And you che, the cleverest? - Leshka Ryzhy rages. Chinese, Japanese - one horse-radish narrow-eyed! - Egor becomes silent, looking at the reddened physiognomy and weighty fists of Leshka. All catch hi - hi, Ryzhy rages. All it is really cheerful.

I well remember that time when I changed the opinion to Egor. Not that in

the best party, and so, in me something suddenly woke up, began to move - neither bad, nor good.

Then in the dark winter evening we came back home. It was cold, the sleet fell. Kolyan, the dirty bum which every day hours in six was made by the promenade on our street, in hope to shoot a sigarette or ten - another at some compassionate passerby came across to us a meeting. Usually it was ignored, or what is worse, under a mat driven away, or tipsy boys of kicks could nadavat - just like that to be kidding.

Kolyan was known by all, and Egor saw for the first time. Fixedly and with some horror having inspected it from legs to the head when we passed by, it suddenly stopped, rushed back, ran up to Kolyan.

- On the old man, hold - Egor put to the bum the parcel - and here still - it got ten from a wallet and also gave it to Kolyan - will buy cigarettes. And tomorrow in the same time be here, I will bring a sweater and boots to you. Well? And family that yours where? Children?

- What the hell to you this drunk gave up? - I took an interest with a jeer when Egor, at last, has a good long talk with the tramp - money, a sweater, boots. It will not be fat for the become an inveterate drunkard moron? He will spend on drink everything!

- This its business. Mine - to help, than I will be able. And still I will give - more words. You understand,

words. Well, I understand, in nature, helped. Not all such freaks, as we. Well, there, on opokhmet distances, the poor fellow, on cigarettes. Happens. Well, talk that will be. You know how: “I and I“. And here, you will not extend the word.

It and boots brought a sweater to Kolyan the next day. Everything almost new. And

hunting was all this to drag. And then still to it carried sandwiches, apples. Well, it is direct mother Saint Theresa, your mother!

Another time all of us went together with boys and maids to a tavern. Well, and Egorka was tried to persuade. He that also went, probably, that it is pleasant to me to make, but not because to drink - wanted to have a snack.

We sit so sincerely, we are bulged. I already with Natahui almost ground. That yes se, love - carrots. Well, you understand. And Egorka I to Nastyukh marry off. He, pancake, does not low and does not telitsya. Well, Nastyukh the woman sexy in addition greedy for the intellectuals, like our Egorka. And at it, just in family life the full fiasco happened, and he, type, as if wishes to esteem from Nastyukhoy Yesenin there. Well, I think, things are shaping up. Rolls to both. Soaring will not bear a grudge.

We will go, I speak to it, we will cast. We went with it to a toilet. I opened a door, and there, pancake, a koshara myauchit. It, the poor fellow, so someone there in a point zapulnut. Screams blue murder. Egorka was swept up here: in one cabin will run, in another. I to it - let`s go, I speak, you have ahead a night of love unearthly, and you on toilets koshar are going to pull out. I look, he bends to a point, puts a hand up to an elbow there and calls “Pussycats - pussycats - pussycats“. And a hand rummages in a point. Time, another, the third, also gets a kitten. Dirty it, thin. Real freak. And that everything shouts “Meow - meow“. Well, kreyz, absolutely.

“Well, I speak, the hero sortirny how from shit you will be washed now? The sweater smeared the white, hands up to an elbow in a parasha. Well, made a fool, you exchanged Nastkina love for a govnyany cat. Here so“.

After a fiasco in private life - women stirred, the wife left from it, the child of a visor - he rented the house on the suburb, in Gandichakh. Worried, of course, strongly. And about many other we learned about it from its telephone markets. Phone at us directly at a checkpoint, and there, from the security guard`s cabin, it is possible to hear also not it. Here our curious butterflies also overheard how it about divorce frayed - at us it is so not accepted, it is necessary to share with companions. Speak, cried even. Suffered.

On a visit to himself he never invited anybody. About its life - life he answered all markets shortly: “I live on - Spartan. But it and is good. Does not distract“. What does not distract from, we could only guess.

As we after work to us was on the way, quite often I came back home together with it. And gradually from the silent not trickster, at us began to turn out with him, well in a sort as heart-to-heart talks, perhaps. Only not all his concepts were clear to me, and I divided not everything.

For example, I to it - Watched football yesterday?! As we to Dutches on the tomatoes, and! 3:1!

A it, gloomy so - So what? What from this that a national holiday to do that?

- How that? Yes you che? We in a quarterfinal did not leave hundred years! It victory! Achievement! Revolution!

- Yes, news number one in all news. Both the tsunami, and an earthquake are forgotten. To a match week on all channels was told, and after a match two more will be as if at Russians of care bigger is not present, except soccer. Moreover to show half-drunk faces of fans, so-called, quasi - patriots. Ole - Ole - Ole!

- And how soccer revival?! Sport? Russia will become great again! Our Sochi! Hockey! Soccer, besides!

- You are still the ballet and remember flights in space. The general all this with your or my prosperity and wellbeing has nothing. More likely, on the contrary. And, in the next match, I sincerely wish to lose to Russia.

Well, moron! Mixed everything in a heap. That evening I to it nearly nakostylyal. In me and

that - though at me and the father in emergency mine died, and the grandfather is a veteran on pathetic pension it is bent - more patriotism to the homeland - the ugly creature, than at this four-eyes - the intellectual!

Another time we with it quarreled - who could think - from - for hens. Yes, those that run on the yard and eggs put. Do not run more true, and sit in narrow cages. I do not remember why we began this market, but the situation was approximately so:

- Present that that chicken meat which all of us so love practically all is grown up on hormones and antibiotics, artificial amplifiers of growth. Ten on ten are in each closet hundreds of living beings which to sit down, cannot lie down. Many of them choke, crushed. They do not see a sunlight, their sun is the heating lamps suspended to a ceiling. Their only mission - to be eaten. And meanwhile, and I had to cut chicken, she, despite expression “silly as chicken“, extremely thinly feels approach of death.

- But it is all chicken. God ordered to be it eaten.

- God did not order to strengthen and prolong sufferings if they can be avoided. Remember Indians of North America or our ancestors: they every time before killing on hunting an animal for the livelihood and to tear off from it a skin to itself on clothes, asked for permission from the gods. But the matter is that we want to eat also a fuagr - the deformed goose liver, both “marble“ stakes, and fat cutlets. And for these “pleasures of a gourmet“ we are ready to subject to tortures of dumb animals - and all in the same vein. Kreyz, well.

But nevertheless, something in his talk was. Some sensible grain, perhaps. In any

Case, to it it was cool to listen. I for the first time began to think after that what I eat and that I carry.

From Egorka I, for example, learned that for soup from spark fins which I happened to taste at the Moscow Chinese restaurant once - repugnant muck, will be told by me to you, but it is pleasant to much - at the live caught shark the back fin is cut out, and then she is thrown out overboard to perish.

I also learned that from - for some there ingredient in toothpaste which we daily brush teeth was felled trees ninety percent of the island of Madagascar, and the fertile earth is turned into pits on production of this rubbish.

Or that from - for activity of the person several species of plants, insects, animals disappear every day from the face of the earth.

Not, I not that especially bothered on these things, but nevertheless it was interesting, perhaps. Also we with it often told

about God. I claimed that there is no God. He said that it is impossible to deny what you doubt. That not everything is subject to our understanding.

- Why God inflicts all this suffering on people? Wars, earthquakes, tsunami?

- The Majority of them is caused by the person. How it is possible to blame God for the Holocaust during World War II? Or for Chechnya? Or even for a tsunami which fell upon coasts of Thailand, India and Sri - Lanki? All these accidents were completely or are partly human-induced. First of all the person has to blame himself. If you are offended and beaten by your neighbor, you what, you blame his father for everything? You forgive the offender, you find for him words of a justification, you shake hands and you go to make a claim to his old parents? So why we shift all fault to God?

- Then why it will not prevent war, trouble, accident?

- To teach us, silly.

- To What?

- To All. To friendship, love to appreciate life. When you have everything. When it is not necessary to work. When it is full of money. What will be?

- Communism. All will be happy.

- There Will be an end. To both you, and me. We or will become an inveterate drunkard, or we will be ruined by drugs, or we will wallow in debauchery which kills and smother, and a body. We will swim away fat. We will grow dull. We will become impudent, and we will get a false idea ourselves like gods. You understand? Here therefore It also gave us “this splinter in our flesh that did not become proud“.

Well I liked to bazarit with it more and more. And though I not absolutely

agreed, and not everything really was pleasant to me, but the guy was able to convince. Respect to it for it.