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Sting of a bee, wasp: first aid to the adult and the child of

In spite of the fact that the summer came to an end, weather is still good also for trips on the dacha, and for walks in parks. Only tiresome insects sadden rest - how to protect themselves and the child from stings?

It is unconditional, stings of insects should trying to be prevented. At windows it is desirable to have small anti-mosquito grids, in shops the set of repellents is now offered (including for children). Some essential oils also not bad cope with scaring away of insects, besides, they are safe for children though it is worth checking for an allergy nevertheless. In particular, mosquitoes and midges do not love a smell of a lavender, a tea tree, an eucalyptus and a carnation. The knowing parents add these oils to bubbles from fumigant injectors.

Nevertheless, to all mothers and fathers it is necessary to know what to do at stings of insects.

First of all, It is necessary to tell that allergic reaction, than stings is much more dangerous. Most often the allergy is caused by stings of hornets, bees and wasps - emergence of a tumor in the place of a sting, hypostasis of a throat and bronchial tubes, cough, the complicated breath, temperature increase is as a result possible. At a sting of an insect or attack of the whole swarm of bees or wasps there can be a heavy allergy (Quincke or anaphylactic shock swelled). At these states it is necessary to call urgently the ambulance, and before arrival of the doctor to accept an antihistaminic preparation.

Stings of insects: first aid

What help at stings of insects needs to be given to

? If the bee bit, it is necessary to take out a sting from a wound, at the same time to try not to break it. Then - to wash out the place of a sting with soap. After that you need solution from water and baking soda which should be applied on a wound. If there is no soda near at hand, wipe the place of a sting with liquid ammonia. Lotions with liquid ammonia also effectively prevent suppuration.

For removal of an itch and anesthesia ice or cold compresses recommend to put

. In case of increase in a swelling it is necessary to accept antihistamine. If temperature rises, it is necessary to take febrifugal medicine and to drink more liquid.

Today the wide choice of ointments, creams and gels from stings of insects is. The main thing at application of similar drugs - to pay attention to age indications. If the bee or a wasp bit the child, then it is necessary to watch that at treatment preparations did not get to the kid into a mouth.

Folk remedies

Old reliable tools at stings of insects - brilliant green, vodka, boric alcohol, calendula tincture. Poison will help to extend from a wound vinegar or the refined sugar.

If strong reaction to a sting began p, try to make solution of one teaspoon of liquid ammonia, the same amount of lemon acid and 400 ml of vinegar or vodka. Everything needs to be mixed. Then moisten a wadded disk in this solution and put to the place of a sting. If the bee stung, applying of fresh leaves of parsley will help.

One more means from “a natural drugstore“ - garlic juice - it quickly kills pain and does not allow to develop tumors. After a sting of a bee juice of a dandelion and grated young potato well helps.