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Sport center for the kid - when everything is thought over by

For what parents buy sport center for the child? Most often in order that was.“ There is a child, there is a nursery - the sport center is necessary. We will teach to climb, be brought up him and to do exercises on a press“, - careful mothers and fathers argue. But it becomes frequent as a result such sport center only part of an interior.

Of course, all very much are afraid for children because crossbeams of usual sport centers are not calculated for small children`s handles and therefore the successful fellow not strong. And design height under a ceiling frightens even the adult, lack of a mat under legs does a jump from a horizontal bar unsafe, and rukokhod under a chandelier - not functional.

So what? And that interest in it long did not die away? The most important - developed specially taking into account physiological features of the child, considering opportunities, abilities and needs of the kid since the birth and to school. So - safe, convenient and multipurpose - as it is sports - the game complex “Early Start“.

the Sport center “Early start“ is suitable

both for the house, and for child care facilities and the developing centers. It is whole it is sports - game system with original accessories and additions. Opportunities and advantages of “Early start“ in comparison with other sport centers are indisputable:

Height of all equipment is slightly more than a meter of

, the child can quietly jump off from a horizontal bar, without being afraid to sit on the most extreme crossbeam. Can hang headfirst and not shock grandmothers and teachers, laughing loudly to roll down from a hill, to creep through windows or to be shaken on rings. And the most important - the child it is not necessary to force to carry out physical exercises, to swing a press and to be tightened. Playing on “Early start“ every day, it does it independently, cheerfully, easily and with pleasure, developing thereby all groups of muscles and a vestibular mechanism.

All know that children very much like to climb and be shaken. They as small Mowgli, are ready to jump on lianas. It is a high time to establish on “Early start“ or other sport center rope ladders with various distances between steps - it is more difficult to clamber on them, than on iron crossbeams. For a start it is possible to fix the lower end of a rope ladder that it was easier, and then to complicate a design: to use several ladders, to establish them under an inclination or to make of them rukokhod. Such ladders can diversify even the simplest Swedish wall with a horizontal bar - and to kindle died away there was an interest of the little spiderman.

to Get above and to hide for hour or so - another - dream of the little mischievous person. But where in the house to find a high tree to build there a nest? Here the grid is necessary. To sport center “Early start“ grids of the different sizes are issued, each of which can be attached as it is horizontal - and it will become a nest in which it is possible to sit, and vertically - then it perfectly approaches for a lasagna.

the rock climbing wall will help to Develop coordination and dexterity. Very modern hobby of children moreover and useful - excellent loading for all groups of muscles, develops ability to control the body. The rock climbing wall approaches also usual Swedish walls. It can be established on any crossbeam under any inclination.

Well and what children`s town without hill! Even to put it to a usual ladder - already a joy for children. At early age (practically since the birth) the hill needs to be used as a track for training of the child in crawling.

Children are more senior than

will find the mass of alternative applications for a hill: from driving on it of balls and machines to a cozy lodge for the toys - under it.

If in the house already the sport center is, and the kid ignores it or is afraid, then by means of an additional ladder it is possible to make a suitable game complex which will be actual for children of different age of a bulky shell. Crossbeams of an additional ladder are thinner, it is convenient to clasp them with the tiny handle. The distance between crossbeams short, is calculated on a children`s step, it is easier for kids to walk upstairs.

“Early start“ is not only an apparatus. It is still excellent game system. A lodge, the machine, the ship, the lock of the princess, tent - it is only worth putting on the corresponding cover sport center and it will turn into a game zone.

Can suit to


theater or any syuzhetno - a role-playing game together with mother or friends. On Birthday of the child it is good to organize the whole theatrical holiday for guests: children will become more senior actors, absolutely kids - the grateful audience.

Multifunctionality and mobility of “Early start“ gives to parents and children a big scope for the imagination. Unless it was possible to present once that, going in the summer for the dacha, to take sport center with itself?“ Early start“ easily gathers and established anew. Located on a lawn, it for a long time will provide your kid with games in the fresh air.

“Early start“ it is actual for children every day. It is universal multipurpose it is sports - game system which will serve long and will be hobby of your child - both in a house situation, and in preschool institutions.