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Food during pregnancy: how to grow up the clear head of

Food of mother is of great importance in formation of immunity of the kid and his ability to training in the future: useful substances activate certain genes, and lack of useful substances in a diet - “switches off“ genes. Development of the healthy kid, resistance of his organism to action of infections requires the adequate and balanced food from the moment of conception.

Results of numerous researches showed that even little changes of growth and development of a fruit define health of the kid in the future. So, for example, on consumption of polysaturated fatty acids an omega - 3 groups depend development of informative function of the kid.

Insufficient food during pregnancy and the child`s birth with small body weight are risk factors of development of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, insulin - resistant diabetes and obesity, chronic inflammatory diseases and allergic states.

If the pregnant woman lacked for

food, at the kid the gene which is responsible for that nutrients were acquired from limited quantity of products “joins“. When the child grows up, at him obesity as the gene which “joined“ in the pre-natal period will promote the maximum digestion of all nutrients so as if there is still not enough food can develop.

What substances exert

impact development of the child till his birth? What vitamins, minerals and nutrients have to be in a diet of future mother?

the woman a number micro - and imunnonutriyent is necessary for

For the full-fledged growth and the correct development of a fruit. The main destination of micronutrients - protection of an organism against an adverse effect of environment. They contain in an organism in small amounts, but play, very important role in all biochemical processes. There are several types of micronutrients, each of which carries out the specific function.

the substances influencing a condition of immune system belong To immunonutrients: minerals (iron, zinc, selenium, iodine), vitamins (And, E, C), amino acids, nucleotides, a probiotics, polysaturated fatty acids an omega - 3 and others.

After the birth the main source of useful substances for the child.

What influences informative functions of the kid?

Numerous clinical trials showed that deficiency of acid the omega - 3 in a diet of the pregnant woman, the nursing mother or at the child of the first years of life influences development of its ability to training. At children of chest age the attention decreases; children of early age have a concentration; at preschool children and school students memory violations were observed.

Or, say, decrease in level of hemoglobin at the child below than of 120 - 110 g/l is not the reason yet to make the diagnosis “anemia“, however can already influence development of informative function in the kid. Kids whose level of hemoglobin was lower than 110 g/l conceded on reaction speed to kids with hemoglobin level higher than 120 g/l subsequently.

Having an idea of the content of micronutrients in these or those food and functions of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it is possible to make the most adequate schedule of food for the pregnant woman, the nursing mother and the kid.

the Alphabet of vitamins, minerals and nutrients

Nutrients - properties and sources

of the Squirrel - construction material for growth and development of an organism (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, bean).

Carbohydrates - a power source (cereals, grain, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, fruit).

Fatty acids, dokozageksayenovy acid (an omega - 3) - important substance for development of a brain and sight (fat fish).

of the Probiotics of BL - strengthen immunity, promote improvement of intestinal microflora and prevention of an allergy.

Vitamins - properties and sources

Minerals and minerals - properties and sources

Useful tips for healthy food