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- the master - classes with video

Specially by September 1 we publish festive hairdresses for girls the detailed master - a class with a photo and video of two exclusively beautiful hairdresses. Be trained the day before - - and your daughter will come under the spotlight at school or in kindergarten. And if it is difficult to choose from two hairdresses - so there will be also other holidays!

American Jen is the hostess of the website Girly Do devoted to maiden hairdresses - shows all most interesting and smart inventions on the little daughter. The others 3 children at it - boys!

Florets by

Ya davny - long ago dreamed to learn to do to

such features of hair, and I had not enough only one small movement! But now - that I understood everything, and now I will tell you.

For this hairdress I made by

florets on a hair parting, collected the remained hair in tails. So flowers appeared sideways. But opportunities are simply infinite! It is possible to make a floret anywhere though to decorate all head with them. Have a good time!

Translation of video Here florets. I already made two, and now you will see how they turn out.


hair from a small site of the head. Do not try to make a hair parting equal, on the contrary, maybe, it is worth making the line of a broken line that between flowers there was no sharp border. Grease a lock with mousse for laying. At me it turned out, perhaps, too much, well it is fine. It that hair were not beaten out, and petals will better lie.

When you smoothed with

hair, take an elastic and put on it at roots, having turned once to fix. And further you will do double turns: here so - turn, turn - now make a petal, pass it throughout an elastic band and fix - turn, turn - pass a petal - turn, turn - a petal - turn, turn - a petal - turn, turn - this the last petal - turn, turn - now you come back by the beginning and you fix the remained tail at the first petal. Try to place a tail under a flower that it could be hidden, the sticking-out tails look not really attractively. Now we will correct a flower and we will move it where it is necessary. If you want, fix by hairpins. It is possible to make a flower over a tail or anywhere.

the Braid - “falls“

This braid I braided

from a few moist hair, but did not sprinkle them in process. Moist hair not so pushatsya, the hairdress turns out accurater.

the Translation of video I Begin

with a small braid in front. I add a lock of hair from a forehead. Hair have to be not wet, and slightly - slightly damp that separate hairs were not beaten out.

Here the last lock from a forehead, and further we will begin to do a braid - “falls“. We add a lock from above. We ask your lovely assistant to take the lower lock, and there and we leave it. Now we add from below a lock instead of that that we just left. One more interlacing. We add again from above. My dear assistant, take also this, please. We add from above, we leave from below. It is possible to pass also to a nape, decide what you want to make and where to finish. Thanks, you can release. Here that turned out.

Be continued.