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Norway with the child: on a visit to trolls by car

the Trip to Norway, to the Wall of Trolls, for our family had special, I would even tell, intimate value.

In - the first, it is the long dream which is attracting beauty and frightening off quotations in - the second, this set of beysekzit and tracking footpaths to them. I will explain: my husband is a professional athlete, one of its most beloved occupations - parachute jumps from natural objects. In this context beysekzit - the mountain suitable for safe parachute jump. And for us - a real opportunity to rise with the father - the husband, to take a look at his office and parachute jump from the rock and to go down.

A still there really very abruptly, purely - it is ideal that children experienced force and beauty of the nature. Went there by bus: we with two children, the grandmother and friends. Why by car: fuel and the ferry are cheaper than if we flew by plane, but is not critical as tickets to Oslo at that time at Aeroflot there - back cost only 9000 rubles) . However it was necessary to lease still 2 cars, and it is 700 × 2 dollars a week, without fuel and to go from Oslo 400 km therefore such “victims“ (three days in the car, with spending the night in hotel and on the ferry) were justified. Besides, wanted to come on the way to Mumi - trolls (where as a result did not get) and to Yunibaken where forgot a carriage...

Yunibaken I will specify

of Missile defense about turn on an engine - on an engine the main excursion on the museum and is. You buy the ticket, you come into the first hall, at once in the second - there this turn is formed of it therefore without stopping, pass to the second hall on landing at once, and then will return to the first. However, we were impressed with Yunibaken with the husband more, than our 5 - summer the son... Children like to climb lodges (can, it and is clear), installation is ingenious, but is a little gloomy, and Lucke it was terrible even sometimes.

So, Norway, vicinities of the Wall of Trolls, city of Ondalsnes, next to our residence. Apartments: you leave a lodge and on you - falls. You sleep under water noise too, you will go to the right - the fjord, on the left - a bicycle path. VERY attentive and sympathetic owners: in the first day borrowed a tractor with the trailer - children (my and neighbour`s) turned for days on end around it on the street. In 15 minutes of walking - a playground. On the coast of the fjord of the boat stand, there are even on what it is possible to polazit.

For the third day we went to Alesund! 100 km in one party, about an hour of driving on fine, places paid, to roads and tunnels. In Norway there is such counter: after construction of the road or the tunnel driving through them paid, costs of construction will not pay off yet. And a payment not from the car, and from all passengers, taking into account age (children to 4 - x years free of charge). But there is no wish to use cunning and lie in Norway absolutely: honestly you pay and you naslazhdat life further!

Perfectly designed town of Alesund - the former whaling center which once burned down almost completely, later restored. When you watch at it from an observation deck, apparently, that even facades are painted on “spetsdizaynproyekta“. Very quiet, filled with noise of the sea and shouts of huge seagulls city. One of sights - an open glass-blowing workshop, come and look how many you want - five-year-old Luka was delighted! In 3 km from the city (on entrance there is an index) - the Aquarium with any sea living creatures: slopes, catfishes, eels and even cat`s sharks. All of us are divers, but children - especially took a look with pleasure, and. But the most important is a playground on the street, the real penguins in the same place! The artificial creek where it is possible to block dams and to start ships. And still a sandbox, huge, with the dug skeleton of a whale! (Of course, not the present, but scale is kept). On a way back children peacefully slept.

Day the fourth: we just rode with the child velika on vicinities. With themselves brought 2 adults and one children`s and as in number us was much more, owners borrowed us two more is big with words:“ These are ours with the husband - you can ride. And this - the daughter, not really is pleasant to her when someone else goes by it“. By the way, and the carriage for all the time of stay to us too was borrowed by owners. In general, very nice they are people, told that they through Siberia went recently to Mongolia! And evenings we went to the valley of Trolls, on the serpentine with falls. And in 10 days so this landscape also did not become boring to me, and every day pulled there more and more.

Day the fifth: Molde`s route - Atlanticheskaya Road - Kristiansund is chosen. Small towns, without the expressed sights, but all the same it was curious to drive. Treskali tasty wafers in a roadside cafe before the well-known Atlanticheskaya Road and bridge “in anywhere“ (by the way, here for the first time met the Russian speech and Petersburg numbers, in the rest of the time of relatives it was not visible and it is not heard, and in general, it is a little tourists).

For the first time I especially did not want to go on vicinities anywhere: it was possible just to sit and look at falls. Or to observe how color of water in the fjord during the day changes. Children were happy too. In a week weather ceased to indulge us the sun and heat, fog fell by the mountain. And in three days watered a rain. And here it became clear that so far we deliberated over dates of departure, tickets for the necessary ferries ended. The decision to go to a detour across all Scandinavia was made. But such strange places turned out that Norway and Sweden were passed on one breath. As for children, they did not even groan - periodically slept, animated cartoons or just looked out of the window. Especially in the bus there are berths: there it is possible to lay down in all growth or to polazit in barkhans of blankets. As in Norway and Sweden very disciplined drivers, we, of course, sometimes neglected safety rules, and did not fasten children. Still, probably, in these dates somewhere there was a retrofestival - many ancient and sports cars appeared on roads that to my child added emotions. Stopped by in Trondheim - very nice town, to drive on are big there was healthily!

General impression from Scandinavia - seems that around scenery to some ideal life as it is VERY pure. The husband told that even on an ekzita in mountains Norwegians before a jump smoke a cigarette and clean the remains in a case with which jump! I wanted to look in windows because all in flowers, baskets, pots, candles and with beautiful blinds - is cozy and as though not really!

On the way back we stopped

in Finland in the interesting town where the heap of bells is exposed (to which I am not indifferent), with zvonarsky installation even, children came off there!

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