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The first feeding up of the child - online

Baby food is the whole science. Experts constantly conduct researches and learn something new. For the last 30 years in this area many changes resulted.

Until recently among mothers the opinion that it is better to begin a feeding up in the summer or in the early fall occurred. It was explained by what is spet around by vegetables, fruit and berries. Begin to finish feeding kids often just from vegetable and fruit purees. The desire of mother for “dinner“ is quite clear to serve the environmentally friendly gifts of summer which are grown up on the beds. However it does not cost to delay acquaintance of the baby to a feeding up. There are objective signs of readiness of the child for new food, basic of which - emergence of teeth, ability to sit surely also food interest. Their emergence says that the children`s organism needs additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals. At the same time, it is not necessary to force events. Too early introduction of a feeding up can lead to problems with zheludochno - an intestinal path. Respectively, it is necessary to be guided by age of the kid, his physiological needs and councils of the pediatrician, irrespective of a season. as

Besides, was considered earlier that only home-made mashed potatoes and juice bring benefit. Can food abounds with preservatives, artificial fragrances and dyes. Actually, in baby food application of both that, and another is forbidden. It is registered in domestic norms GOST and the SanPiN. Nevertheless, do not forget to read structure and an expiration date on a label, buying can food.

Preparing for

a house feeding up, ideally it is necessary to use fruit and vegetables from the kitchen garden. It is difficult to be charged for purity of the products bought in the market. And to find simple apple without nitrates and pesticides on counters of shops today it is almost unreal. If you are not sure of quality of vegetables and fruit which are at your place, it is better to give preference to ready baby food.

One more tendency of today - refusal of salt. Naturally, not full, as salt - an important source of sodium. However earlier parents often considered that the kid refuses a vegetable feeding up and meat mash from - for their fresh taste, and added to mashed potatoes salt to the taste. In baby food it is not necessary to be guided by the adult preferences. The baby it is conditionally possible to call the newborn the sweet tooth as breast milk and the adapted dairy mixes have sweetish taste. But perception of salt and sugar at us and children of the first year of life significantly differ. So you should not add either that, or another to a feeding up.

also other important points in the field of a feeding up Are. Not to drown in the sea of information and to receive all correct answers with one place you will be helped new by online - the show “Subject of Day“. This unique program on a format is created especially for mothers. Its purpose - to give actual and reliable information on the subjects, most important for young parents. Already now you have an opportunity to send the application for participation in show and to write the questions on the website ru/show. The most interesting of them will be surely considered in studio. On the same website you will be able to look at all aired releases in any time, convenient for you.

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