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Children`s dairy mixes: the child not a calf of

Breast milk is the best and only food which the nature created for the newborn child, it is that thread which continues to connect closely mother and the kid after 9 months of pregnancy. It is difficult to repeat its unique formula, but, nevertheless, scientists try to create the mixes as close as possible on structure to women`s milk - for those cases when full breastfeeding for any reasons is impossible.

Mother`s milk is not only all necessary nutrients in the necessary quality and quantity which will provide the good growth and the correct development of the kid. Breast milk is a proceeding mother`s care and protection from alien, sometimes aggressive environment to which the kid is not ready yet. Mother`s support in a type of breastfeeding will be required to the kid for at least first year of life until its immune system learns to fight against all harmful bacteria surrounding it. For now mother`s milk preserves it from within, thanks to existence in it of special protective antibodies, and also live bifidobacteria. These useful bacteria get with mother`s milk into intestines of the kid and help to construct own system of protection in intestines - normal microflora. It not only protects the child`s intestines from penetration of different “evil“ bacteria, helps the correct digestion, but also promotes maturing and training of immune system, such important and necessary in order that the child grew healthy and strong.

Breast milk is the “live“ product adapting under the specific kid (even for boys and girls milk different). Breast milk adapts under seasons: cold or hot periods of time; under different feedings: at the beginning of day or at the end therefore completely it will never not be possible to repeat structure of breast milk. Scientists can only try to bring closer composition of the children`s mix “to the nature“ as much as possible.


As forms immunity of the kid?

Formation of immunity at kids - very important stage of development. The integral and active components of immune system functioning as immune body are skin, mucous membranes of respiratory system, an urogenital path. The biggest immune body are intestines therefore the normal microflora is so important (lakto and the bifidobacteria occupying zheludochno - an intestinal path of the newborn). whether

are Known by you?
When the kid is in a tummy at mother, protective functions of its organism are not developed yet, otherwise, the organism would tear away the kid. When the child is born, with breast milk of mother he receives bifidobacteria which help it to develop protective properties of its organism.
If breast milk for feeding of the child have not enough

, there is also a need of artificial feeding by dairy mixes, then children`s mix has to not only provide the optimum growth and development of the child, but also to promote strengthening of its immunity.

Why the child not a calf

In the first year of life in the absence of breast milk of the child can feed only with the special adapted children`s dairy mixes.

the Majority of dairy mixes are made by

on the basis of cow`s milk which for this purpose “is in a special way prepared“: delete excess of substances which do not promote the correct growth and development (overload the child`s kidneys) from it, and add substances which are necessary for the kid.

Excess increase in weight of the kid is often connected by

with untimely introduction to a diet of cow`s or goat milk. Cow`s milk fully corresponds to nutritious and physiological needs of calfs, but does not suit the little man: in it is mute nearly 3 times more protein less nutrients, than contains in chest. The calf gets on feet approximately through 1 - 2 hour after the birth, and in 2 years it - already adult individual, at the same time the volume of his brain remains within 1/3 size of a brain of the adult. The kid doubles the weight during first of 4 - 5 months, and starts walking closer by a year. By 12 months the brain of the child is tripled practically. Fast development and a set of muscle bulk of a calf is promoted by the high content of protein of cow`s milk. Physical human height is not so intensive therefore milk of the woman contains nearly 3 times less protein. At the same time milk of mother delivers in an organism of the child the bigger amount of the polynonsaturated fatty acids necessary for development of a brain is considerable.

At production of children`s mixes is changed, “optimize“ composition of protein (the patented OPTIPRO technology ® ):

  1. By quantity - reduce protein level from 3,2 g (in cow`s milk) to 1,2 g (in breast milk of mother).
  2. - replace with
  3. On quality casein protein (in cow`s milk of its 82%) with the serumal proteins rich with irreplaceable amino acids (in breast milk - 70% of serumal proteins) for development of a brain and sight.

Modern children`s mixes incorporate a full set of the vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal growth and development of the child.

From the adapted mixes for healthy children are especially distinguished by modern dairy mixes with additional useful effect:

  1. Children`s mixes with the lowered content of amount of protein which by the quantity and quality is as close as possible to protein of OPTIPRO breast milk ®
  2. the Children`s mixes having bifidogenny effect or containing useful bacteria - the probiotics of B L promoting improvement of intestinal microflora and strengthening of immunity of the kid.
  3. Preventive hypoallergenic baby food - the mixes for children reducing risk of development in the child of allergic diseases (on the basis of partially split protein).
  4. the Acidified milk formulas contributing to normalization of structure of intestinal microflora, digestion improvement, strengthening of immunity and decrease in risk of development of intestinal infections.
  5. of Mix with a probiotics - live lactobacilli who prevent developing of gripes at kids.
of the Probiotics (for example, bifidobacteria of the B L complex ) are the useful bifidobacteria at the regular use strengthening immunity of the kid.
Prebiotics (for example, Prebio ® ) are the natural food fibers necessary for development of healthy microflora. They serve as food for Probiotics (bifidobacteria), promoting their growth in intestines. Facilitate digestion of the kid and help formation of a regular soft chair.

according to scientific researches the children who are on feeding by dairy mixes and not receiving some breast milk are more subject to infections and development of undesirable intestinal microflora, than the children who are on breastfeeding. In particular, their intestines contain less useful bifidobacteria that increases risk of development of intestinal infections. Therefore in case of artificial feeding it is necessary for health of the kid that dairy mix not only on structure was brought closer to maternal milk (i.e. it is adapted), but also promoted immunity strengthening.

Clinical trials showed that feeding by the mixes containing bifidobacteria - a probiotics or possessing bifidogenny action, promotes formation of healthy intestinal microflora, like flora of the children who are on breastfeeding.

it is desirable for

For strengthening of immunity and full development of a brain and organs of vision that “clever lipids“ - fatty acids, very important for the baby (dokozogeksayenovy (DHA) and arakhidonovy (ARA)) were entered into composition of children`s mix.

Before making the decision on the transfer of the child to artificial feeding or on introduction of a dokorm in the form of dairy mix, surely consult to the children`s doctor, only it can pick up children`s mix which in the best way meets needs of the child.