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Pregnancy and beauty: we look after the person and a body of

the Most beautiful woman is, of course, the woman expecting the child because she is on the threshold of a miracle. Pregnancy and childbirth are the main sacrament in the woman`s life. And during this period there is a wish that beautiful were both a face, and constantly changing body. Special cosmetic and medical care will emphasize your situation - it is only worth understanding what procedures can be carried out now and with what it is better to wait a little.

Care of hair

Healthy hair - decoration of each woman. You are able to afford any hairdresses and hairstyles including hot scissors. At a hairstyle a hair is as if soldered by hot scissors and long does not split. Such hairstyle lasts for a long time, and you should not update the hairdress often. This saving of time very much is useful to you after the birth of the kid. So inconsistent question as coloring of hair, is solved in your advantage too. There are no contraindications for coloring procedure, but it must be kept in mind that sometimes as a result it is possible to receive the color other than the desirable, or an uneven prokrashivaniye from - for the becoming more active system of protection. Therefore before procedure surely report to the master about the situation. In this case it will be able to pick up means with the weak or quickly washing away dyes. And surely use special shampoos and a dyed hair balms.

to Think of beauty of nails...

to Look after nails, being in “interesting situation“, it is also possible and it is necessary. But often future mummies face a problem of fragility of nails. Shortage of minerals (for example, calcium) and vitamins is the reason (With, D). Of course, you should consult with the doctor observing you, perhaps, he will recommend you special vitamin complexes for pregnant women and the feeding women. Modern cosmetic services suggest to solve this problem with the help of extension of artificial nails. It is done by means of special chemical compositions - gel or acryle. Gels happen single-phase, two-phase and three-phase. Mean the part of building necessary for receiving optimum result by phases. The first phase is a providing the best hitch (adhesion) artificial material with a nail. The second is a designing of a nail on a form. The third - gel fixing, giving of a glossy brilliant surface to it. Single-phase gel is a structure in which there are already all phases. Three-phase - three different gels on all parts of building. The difference of their use consists in technology of building. Nail extension by means of gel will occupy 2 - 3 hours.

Acryle, the close relative of gel, also belongs to family of akrilat. But it possesses other physical properties: the acrylic covering dries itself, without drying by an ultra-violet lamp. Solid material of acryle holds a nail, does not allow it to be bent and pulls for itself in the correct situation. But during pregnancy it is better to refuse acryle. The matter is that it gives very strong chemical smell, and correction of acrylic nails means a podpilivaniye during which many small parts, almost dust are showered. Such air it is better for you not to breathe now.

It is careful!

during pregnancy serious saloon procedures of face care for you so far under a ban. You should not do hardware procedures (microcurrents, vacuum cleaning, laser polishing), injections, a tattoo - a make-up. Be limited to the moistening masks, classical manual cleaning, an aromatherapy.

Visit of beauty shop means one more cosmetic procedure about which it is worth to remember even during pregnancy - depilation. Or epilation? An epilation - a physical method which by means of electric current, the laser, photons of light influences a hair follicle and destroys it together with germinal cages. This method prevents emergence of a new hair. Depilation deletes only visible part of a hair, without destroying a hair follicle and without touching a germinal (rostkovy) layer of cages. To procedure of depilation pregnant women have no special contraindications. It is necessary to choose only correctly a way and the expert who will carry out manipulation. The only contraindications are an electroepilation, laser and a photoepilation from - for the mass of side effects (from sharp morbidity before post-traumatic pigmentation). The easiest way - wax depilation which should be carried out in salon. If procedure is carried out correctly, with observance of all nuances, then problems will not be. If you do wax depilation regularly, bulbs of hair “are already loosened“ and easily are removed. The repeated session in that case will be required through 1,5 - 2 months.

of Dream of the sun

At all seasons of the year one and all pregnant women want to indulge themselves with the sun. Under the influence of UF - beams synthesis of the vitamin D necessary to an organism for education and absorption of calcium and phosphorus - necessary elements for strengthening of bones becomes more active. Also breath processes, a metabolism, blood circulation become more active.

still it gives to

A good mood and struggles with depressions and stresses. In the winter as natural alternative to the sun serves the sunbed. However in a waiting time of the child visit of a sunbed should be excluded categorically from - for hormonal reorganizations of an organism: during this period the probability of emergence of pigmentary spots is high. Also it is not recommended to sunbathe in a sunbed at:

in the Summer stay time for the sun has to be limited to

for 20 minutes. And surely use sunblock cream with a protection factor not less than 25 SPF.

For lovers “more hotly“

It will be a question, of course, of a sauna. There are data that in Russia it was accepted to give birth to children in a bath. The sauna from the bacteriological point of view is sterile space, and in it there is always a lot of warm water that was a good condition both for mother, and for the newborn. The correct visit of a sauna during pregnancy promotes simplification of childbirth and reduction of their duration. It is connected with a mental relaxation, decrease in muscular tension, increase in elasticity of sheaves, positive influence of a sauna on nervous system. There is a reduction of headaches, fatigues, irritation and nervous breakdowns. Approximately in 80% of cases the nursing mothers who were regularly in a sauna have an increase in a lactation. But to visit a sauna as during pregnancy, and later it is possible only with the permission of the observing doctor. The sauna is contraindicated at sharp inflammatory diseases with the increased temperature, a hypertension, bronchial asthma, at epilepsy, oncological diseases, the complicated pregnancy and a varicosity which often occurs at pregnant women.

Beautiful forms

the Beautiful body during pregnancy is not only equal suntan and smooth skin. It also beautiful forms - therefore it is necessary to watch weight and to keep muscles in a tone. Here only from habitual fitness it is necessary to refuse - better to stop on special programs for future mothers. It is possible to be engaged in the centers for preparation for childbirth. There will offer you both the gymnastics adapted to your state, and water aerobics, and yoga, and even belly dance. You should not neglect also massage. It is recommended to be carried out to pregnancy time too, but only according to the special program. Traditional massage practicians during such period do not approach. Massage for women in situation differs from classical in the fact that in it generally stroking, weakening receptions allowing to work the disturbing zone without vigorous grindings are applied. Correctly made massage allows to improve health and mood of the woman. Massage with grinding of a body natural oils, vitamin-rich and minerals (olive, sesame), is useful on any terms of pregnancy. Use of natural oils increases elasticity of walls of blood vessels and elasticity of skin.

the Conducted course of massage will relieve you of many unpleasant feelings:

Contraindications for massage are a ban of the obstetrician`s doctor observing you - the gynecologist, infections of any origin, a hypertension 2 - 3 degrees, the started asthma, epilepsy, the first trimester of pregnancy. And here about such types of massage fashionable now as Thai, anti-cellulite, vibromassage, it is necessary to forget for a while.