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Whims of seasonal food

Healthy nutrition of the woman during pregnancy - one of necessary conditions of formation and normal development of an organism of future child. It is difficult to be kept by a pregnant time not to eat or to drink something superfluous, and each season conceals the dangers to future mother. For example, in the winter constantly there is a wish to chew something especially as the national opinion only supports this desire.“ Now it is necessary to eat for two“, - quite often the pregnant woman should hear from relatives and acquaintances. And a grief to it if she listens to such councils. Excess food during pregnancy, especially excessive use of the high-calorific and containing a large number carbohydrates of products, leads to the accelerated growth of body weight, and in certain cases to development of obesity in mother and the birth of excessively large child.

In summertime of year the most dangerous temptation for the pregnant woman is excessive consumption of liquid. And how to keep at the exhausting thirst in summer heat? In similar conditions help out fresh fruit or vegetables. These natural food, as a rule, perfectly cope even with very strong need for reviver as they contain cellulose which holds liquid in an organism. Besides, fresh vegetables, fruit, berries and greens - a full-fledged source of vitamins and mineral substances. They are rich with food fibers which contribute to normalization of motive function of intestines, preventing development of the locks which are often observed during pregnancy.

on the other hand if future mother already consumes a large number of fruit and vegetables, at the same time without refusing to itself the sweets and other products containing carbohydrates it is recommended to replace vegetable food with fruit juice without sugar. Thus, the woman can save herself from excess of carbohydrates, an excessive delay of liquid in an organism, developments of the raised zhirootlozheniye, formations of a large fruit and, respectively, from probable traumatism at childbirth. Useful will be to remind that the summer lack of appetite which is quite often caused by high temperature of air should not lead to violation of the healthy, balanced nutrition. The pregnant woman with the average body weight about 60 kg which is not experiencing big physical activities a day needs to receive about 100 g of protein (including 60% of protein of an animal origin), as much fat (from them 15 - 20 g of vegetable oil) and to 450 g of carbohydrates. Caloric content of such diet averages 2500 - 3000 kcal. For lack of appetite it is better to postpone a full-fledged lunch to evening hours, and to cook easy food in the afternoon.

in the Summer popular. If the pregnant woman likes this drink, she can use it provided that water will not contain gas. Experts recommend to replace dairy products which, as a rule, make a basis of a diet of future mother sour-milk.

I one more valuable advice: do not leave products out of the refrigerator, especially under direct sunshine. Future mother and her kid needs exclusively fresh food!