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Adaptation of the child at school: the most important questions

Adaptation Period about two months last on average, but sometimes stretches also for all first year. The child of one under aegis “he has to leave impossible for parents to cope itself“, but also it is not necessary to intercept and smother the child`s initiative.

the Attention of the parent has to be directed to


first of all to various nuances, subtleties:

Thus, you as the parent place emotional accents and broadcast to the child certain values. Try not to criticize school, the teacher and the program at school even if there is something, deserving such relation. The child should not hear and perceive it as for him it is extraordinary important to learn to observe all school rituals now, to create and keep a valid distance with teachers, adults. Something negative about school, especially from parents, will destroy the value of rules and norms.

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Performance of homeworks - one of the main problems which parents face, and here they, as a rule, make the first mistake - do these tasks for the child or together with the child. It is even better not to begin similar practice, otherwise you should do it the next 11 years. Responsibility of parents first of all consists in providing to the child of a condition, an opportunity to do homework, to create system. The task of the child consists in use of this system.

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Such system performance of homeworks helps the child to develop behavioural samples and mental habits which will serve it, in fact, all life.

In particular, it helps the child to learn to plan and organize homework, to operate time, to make the choice and to solve problems, say, such order develops all skills which promote effective adaptation of the child in the future in the adult world.

it is Very important that in the first weeks of school life near the child there was that family member to whom it is closest. Even if you plan that further with the child there will be a nurse or the grandmother, try to take vacation at least on two - three weeks to help the baby to enter a normal rhythm of school life.

Observe your child, ask yourself questions: