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Birthday in the underground city of Derinkaya of

From - for works of the husband we now temporarily live in the province Hatay, the city of Iskenderun, the southern Turkey. I dreamed to visit Cappadocia long ago, and considering that from our house to the center of Cappadocia of only 400 km, we decided to spend the weekend devoted to my birthday there. Contrary to expectations, the road was easy. Four hours passed quickly - it is the autobahn, without serpentine, very comfortably.

We reserved Dervish Cave House hotel in the city of Goreme. This city with 6 on the end of the 9th century was one of the largest Christian centers (the name is translated as “let nobody sees“). There are most of all hotels located in caves and many people live in rocks too. The hotel small - only 7 numbers, our number was on four, spacious, from a hydromassage bathroom (the truth, small). The finest in hotel - temperature no more than 23C that perfectly cooled in 35-degree to heat. When arrived, did not even want to leave hotel!

At first we wanted to visit show of dervishes, however there within an hour the ideal silence therefore with children do not let was required. And we agreed for the Turkish night where dervishes had to dance within only 15 minutes.

Having taken place, went for a walk on foot across Goreme - everywhere souvenir shops with ceramics, restaurants. It is a little tourists - a season usually during the period April - May and September - October, and we were in June. Came into restaurant in the rock, pleasantly sat, gave for four 100 liras (about 45 euros) with wine. Then went to ride: in mountains just took a walk, and in the town of Chavushin where found half-ruined church, but there did not get though later in the guide read that there beautiful frescos. We there in general hardly squeezed, at some moment drove up to the very narrow small street and thought that further only on foot. Began to hand over back, and several women in the scarfs sitting on a floor, surely waved to us that it is necessary to go further. And we did not regret - in the same place bought several wonderful souvenirs and took pictures.

went for “the Turkish night“ in the Evening. Show of dervishes very beautiful, but slow and sad, as a result Kostya (4 and a half years) fell asleep while they danced, and overslept all evening. Later showed a merrily Turkish wedding with repayment of the bride, to 22. 30 we decided that everything will end soon and were going to leave. Then it became clear that thus we passed oriental dances that very much upset the daughter Zhenya (nearly 8 years). The restaurant photographed and then sold a photo on a plateau, very lovely. Fed tasty, unlike similar actions in Antalya which I visited earlier.

after a breakfast and congratulations on Skype we went To my birthday with the guide Yuzgi by our car in different interesting places of Cappadocia. Yuzgi well spoke in English. The first destination was the city of Derinkaya (it is translated as the Deep Well) where we visited the underground city in which we lived Kheta, Romans, Byzantines. The city contains 8 underground floors. It was built as the safe place where the first Christians could perform in the distance from strangers rituals, and after 6 - 7 centuries used as a shelter from Arabs. In the city there were schools, places for a baptism, kitchen, a warehouse, sleeping and dining rooms, wine cellars and sheds, weapon warehouses. When the city was attacked, inhabitants escaped via tunnels. To Derinkaya there are 52 air shafts. Depth of the city fluctuates from 70 to 85 m. Unfortunately, could not watch it to the end - the son, seemingly, had claustrophobia attack, he began to complain of a stomach and to shout. However all symptoms passed as soon as we took out it on light. Then we visited the museum under the open sky in Goreme where we examined several churches in rocks with frescos of the beginning of the first millennium. Very beautifully, but it is not authorized to photograph therefore for memory bought the guide in Russian. Have tasty dinner - Yuzgi found for us very pleasant cafe where we spent only 60 liras (27 euros) for four. One of dishes - stewed meat with vegetables - was served in a pot from which the cover is cut off!

After a lunch visited a family potter`s workshop in the city of Avanos. Showed us how do vases and pots, bought exclusive production - hours, a cup and other souvenirs (spent a lot of money, eh). In time which remained before departure saw three-headed mountains Vineyards of the pasha (Pashabagalara). These mountains reminding mushrooms were formed after a volcanic eruption Erdzhiyes when the flowing-down lava covered the area 20. 000 Urgyup where we saw mountains of a different form - in the form of camels, the dancing people was the last destination and other - the amazing place, never thought that it happens.

Cappadocia is beautiful

, I will surely return here. Remained novel so much - flight in the balloon early in the morning, driving on horses, ATVs. And just there is a wish to enjoy this magic place once again!

Larisa Zorina