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Health of skin: it is dangerous to whom to sunbathe

Malignant tumors can be formed more, than of 200 types of cages of a human body. Including, and from melanotsit - cages which synthesize a pigment the melanin painting our skin and mucous membranes. If there was a violation, the melanoma - one of types of cancer of skin can be formed. Whether it is possible most to suspect a melanoma and what diagnostics is carried out by the doctor?

the Risk group

In Russia and the USA incidence of a melanoma makes 5 - 7 cases on 100 000 people. One of the proved factors of developing of a melanoma - ultra-violet radiation. The ultraviolet perniciously affects many cages. Melanotsita under his influence can becomes malignant and pass into a melanoma.

It is important
Beware of solar burns. They can start the mechanism which will lead to development of a melanoma.

In risk group of development of a melanoma people with light skin, blue eyes, a red or fair hair are. They have a so-called first phototype of skin. It means that their skin contains not enough pigment which would protect from an ultraviolet. Therefore white-skinned people almost do not sunbathe, radiation by a sunlight leads to reddening - a burn. People with the second type of skin are subject to also malignant tumor of skin. Skin at them also light, eyes blue and green, hair fair-haired, light-chestnut.

“The greatest incidence of a melanoma is observed by

in Australia. It is connected with the fact that historically this continent became populated by natives of the British Isles. Among them there are many people with light skin and red hair, - Igor Utyashev, the research associate of RONTs of Blochin told the Russian Academy of Medical Science. - In general, incidence of a melanoma around the world grows thanks to active population shift for last of 50 - 60 years. People began to go closer to the equator where a maximum level of solar radiation. Skin is not adapted for it therefore cases of a melanoma became more“.

It is important
One more risk factor - visit of sunbeds. Before a campaign in a sunbed everyone has to consult with the dermatologist. If the doctor finds on the patient`s body the so-called displastichesky nevus (a certain type of a birthmark), a sunbed is contraindicated to it.
Symptoms of a melanoma

Doctors complain to

: the population of Russia is still poorly informed on a melanoma problem. Therefore often people come to the doctor at a late stage of development of a disease. The earlier the patient will come with a suspicious birthmark to the oncologist or the dermatologist, the treatment of a melanoma more chances of recovery is more effective.

five signs on which it is possible to suspect at himself a melanoma Exist.

  1. A - asymmetry (asymmetry). To define whether the birthmark is asymmetric, on it the cross is put: one half of education has to be mirror another.
  2. B - bord (border). The melanoma is often uneven, borders its “fragmentary“. Though there are also exceptions. In medical practice also ideally round melanomas meet.
  3. C - color (color). If education is unevenly painted and in it fragments of other flowers meet, then it can also indicate a melanoma. The classical melanoma was described as a black tumor of skin. However it can have red, pink, white impregnations.
  4. D - diameter (diameter). It is worth paying attention to all birthmarks which by the size more than 5 mm. They should be shown to the doctor.
  5. E - evolution (evolution). If within a short period of time the birthmark changes in a size, color or gets other form - immediately see a doctor.
Diagnosis of a melanoma in an office of the doctor

“The mature melanoma is easily diagnosed by

, - Igor Utyashev told. - It is much more difficult to diagnose an early melanoma which is sometimes difficult for distinguishing from a usual birthmark. In the beginning the doctor examines and feels a melanoma. If the patient says that the birthmark changes, itches or scratches, then it is a bad omen. It is necessary to do a biopsy.

One more method of diagnostics - Dermoscopy. A human eye cannot sometimes distinguish an early melanoma from a displastichesky nevus. Dermatoskop is the device representing a special magnifying magnifying glass. It allows under 40 - 50 - multiple increase to see structure of any pigmentary education and to tell more likely, a melanoma it or not“.