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Recovering of a lactation from an illness of mother

I Hope, my experience will be useful to someone. When my daughter was one and a half months old, I very strongly got poisoned. And to save it from poisoning, stopped nursing for several days (well that I just in case froze the decanted milk - to them and escaped). I was decanted, nevertheless the milk began to vanish and so quickly... By the end of the second day I could decant at most 1 teaspoon... It was shock. My mother advised a day more not to feed that for certain the milk was cleared. I had a panic, fear, tears. This day, with such rates of disappearance of a milk, could become decisive, and the daughter in general could lose GV!

I here, having re-read a heap of forums about GV, having asked councils other mummies, having learned from the doctor that the milk is quickly enough cleared, I made the decision to urgently resume feeding by a breast. And we with the daughter were closed for a week of the house. To all relatives I is strict - strictly forbade to come and call to us within a week. Oh, it was heavy... It is not enough milk, the daughter hungry, cries, does not gorge on, but persistently sucks. That week I devoted myself completely to the child, in general did not let her, ate even with her at a breast, the husband cooked food in the evenings (that he understood the value of breastfeeding and tried to help as could), and Maryanochka almost constantly sucked, sucked, sucked.

I stacked it On night all - in a bed to warm up, have a rest a little (it from 23:00 till 3:00 - she slept, strangely enough). After 3:00 took to itself in a bed, the daughter ate again (and night feedings - the most effective for establishment and maintenance of a lactation). So we lived in continuous embraces about three days, she is farther already began to eat less often (with breaks about 1 hour), allowed mother to depart for a while on the affairs. And then so gradually the interval between food increased to of 2 - 3 hours. We coped! Girls, everything is real, fight for breastfeeding - it plays very important role in the child`s life - at you everything will turn out!