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Soon in school: how to choose the correct office?

Why younger school students with such genuine pleasure go to school? The most concerning event is not a ruler and not a meeting with schoolmates at all. The main pleasure is in what to school students is bought by new backpacks, notebooks and handles. Do not deprive of the child of pleasure - allow it to take part in it taking process - especially, the choice is rich more than ever!

One like “strict“ black handles and pencils - to be similar to fathers - businessmen. Others choose fashionable bright options. Girls want to differ and “sparkle“ in everything - including “glossy“ pens. As for parents, for fathers and mothers the main thing to choose the reliable producer of a stationery - that handles, pencils and felt-tip pens served long and reliably, were qualitative and eco-friendly. Whether it is possible to consider all these moments and to come to a common denominator? World famous French producer of a stationery of BIC ® is the choice with which all will be satisfied.

Number one

of BIC ® - the French № brand; 1 in Europe. Production of BIC ® it is made at own plants located worldwide, and the office mostly is made in France. The company realizes the goods in 160 countries of the world, and every day 24 million stationery of BIC ® around the world are on sale; . This best proof that production of the company is popular, demanded also meets all requirements of buyers.

In the modern world where the care of environment comes out on top, it is characteristic that production of BIC ® it is noted by the sign NF Environment. It is the official French ecological certificate which is awarded to the products making smaller impact on environment at equivalent quality of use.

Ball pens: like clockwork

the Ball pen - the main tool of the school student. In many respects depends on its quality whether the necessary thoughts will come to a lucid mind. The tool has to help to think, but not to force down from thoughts a scratching of paper or a pachkanye of a notebook. In general, children very much early find the addictions - including in calligraphy. One like the thin line of the letter, to others - thick (that was “fat“, “like clockwork“, children speak). And here it is very important to please the child, he not - zeroes will play crosses (unless on a break), and to try to remove letters, to express the thoughts on paper.

At the choice of ball pens should pay attention to the following characteristics:

Pay attention to the ball pens of BIC ® Round Stic which are created for the easy and comfortable letter. Products of the line of BIC ® Round Stic have as average (1. 0 mm), and small size of a tip (0. 8 mm) that allows to achieve the desirable line of the letter - 0. 4 and 0. 35 mm respectively. It should be noted that the core of Round Stic does not flow and does not soil. You can be also sure that it will not break at midpoint - at handles the strong case. Besides, to pick up the handle of the necessary color will not take you a lot of time - the case shade in accuracy corresponds to an ink color.

In family of BIC ® replenishment - can be chosen now as Cristal not only the classical handle, but also the assistant with new original design, and also handles for a fine half of mankind - of BIC ® Cristal for Her which for certain will be to the taste to senior pupils. The handle has the fashionable color “diamond“ case. It thinner and adapted especially for a female hand. Distinctive feature of family of Cristal in what the handle writes twice longer! It is fine option which allows to save not to the detriment of quality.

of BIC ® Handle; ReAction is created for the maximum comfort during the letter. Thanks to existence of a special rubber nozzle - flu the case of the handle does not slide. It is easy and convenient to remove such handle of the word and offer.

the Novelty of 2012 - of BIC ® 4 Colors are four handles in one case. These handles are distinguished by quality and reliability - unlike cheap analogs which quickly break. of BIC ® 4 Colors are offered in different options of flowers: of BIC ® 4 Colors Classic - a classical set from blue, black, green and red; of BIC ® 4 Colors Fashion - the combination from fashionable flowers - is gentle - pink, nebesno - blue, is bright - green and violet - for the creative letter. Thanks to an opening above, the handle can be hung up on a lace and to be sure that it will not be lost. of BIC ® 4 Colors are made in France and has the certificate of NF Environment.

your children grew up, and will not surprise them with ball pens any more? Offer them the gel pens of BIC ® . For example, of BIC ® Cristal Gel or of BIC ® Cristal Gel Clic . These handles gently slide on paper - more comfortable just does not happen! The tinted case and a cap - for those who want to follow the fashion even at school! School students will appreciate bright colors of a series. And visible level blackened above any praises - now the ended core will not take you unawares during the test or the composition. It is warned - means it is armed!

Pencils: in black and white

BIC Black lead pencils ® - the true pride of the company. They are made without use of a tree that gives them unique advantages.

In - the first, the pencil which is not containing a tree does not form keen edges on a break. In - the second, such pencil stronger therefore it can be ground more sharply. As the core is welded with the case on all length, it does not break when sharpening. At last, plastic pencils are more eco-friendly as they are made from the processed materials. Using production of BIC ® , we rescue the woods from cutting down.

of Special attention is deserved by a novelty of 2012 - pencils of BIC ® Evolution ECOlutions Black . They have a bonus design - the case of black color with a silvery dusting. Also they can brag of the ultrastrong core welded with the case on all length of a pencil. Thanks to it pencils are not split at mechanical influence, do not form keen edges on a break that does them completely safe for children. Pencils of BIC ® Evolution ECOlutions Black for 55% are made of the processed material - for the environmental friendliness they are awarded the European certificate of NF Environment*.

Every year the increasing popularity mechanical pencils enjoy

. mechanical pencils of BIC ® MATIC are three products in one: the pencil, an eraser, does not need a sharpener. In each pencil you will find three superstrong cores on 0,5 / 0,7 mm. BIC mechanical pencils ® write at least twice longer in comparison with chernografitny - only more than 10 km! Thanks to a thin core (0. 5 or 0. 7) pencils of BIC ® MATIC perfectly are suitable for drawing and drawing - they are exact as any others!

Proofreaders: ideal purity

of Separate praises are deserved by the proofreaders who embodied dream of parents of the best for the children. If present mothers and fathers in the childhood and youth had to puff over calligraphy and to get it hot for “dirt in a notebook“, then our children are relieved of this stress. Today on sale there are correcting handles, tapes and liquids that allows to choose an optimal variant for age and convenience of your children.

For example, the correcting Tipp handle - Ex ® convenient to those that correction quickly dries. It allows to pisyvat literally at once the text over corrected. Having remembered school days, you will understand how it is important on control and dictations, when there is no time to wait. At the same time the school student should not shake the handle on all class, drawing to himself attention. Packing of the handle softly contracts thanks to what everything is covered accurately and liquid does not flow. The thin tip of the handle allows to correct small blots bravely to touch the correct letters and figures - it is convenient to them to clean punctuation marks, parts of letters etc. Thanks to a cover with a special clip the correcting handle is practical in storage.

the correcting tape Tipp - Ex ® has a Number of additional benefits; . Among them a possibility of the choice of different fashionable flowers, replacement of a drum with a tape (in some models), an opportunity at once to write atop after correction of a mistake (it is not necessary to wait for drying). There are small tapes which easily are located in any pocket or a case (for example, MiniPocketMouse) - it is easy to carry them with itself. of Tipp - Ex Micto Tape Twist ® is the whole 8 meters of a tape - will be enough for destruction of the whole army of mistakes

Proofreaders in Tipp small bottle - Ex ® and BIC ® is large volume of correction fluid which will last for all academic year! It is easy and convenient to cover mistakes with a brush - especially large volumes of the text (for example, incorrectly formulated offer). Proofreaders of Tipp - Ex ® and BIC ® as well as handles, quickly dry and are not smeared.

Tools for drawing: everything for creativity

a Wide choice of felt-tip pens of the producer allows to pick up ideally production depending on age and nature of drawing. So, for example, the smallest will suit of BIC ® Kids Visa Color XL . Also for babyhood plastic pieces of chalk of BIC ® are ideal; Plastidecor which do not soil hands and clothes, do not crumble, they can be sharpened on both sides.


to the baby and the soft colored pencils made without use of a tree, of BIC ® Kids Evolution Triangle : their trihedral form will help the child at once to learn to hold a pencil correctly.

of BIC ® three types of ink offer:

Getting felt-tip pens of BIC ® for children; , you can not worry that they will break or the core will be pressed inside - at all felt-tip pens the blocked writing knot.

Wide choice of a stationery of the brand of BIC ® will allow you to make the best choice thanks to which study and creativity will turn for your children into pleasure.

of BIC ® : a wide choice - rich opportunities - excellent prospects.