Rus Articles Journal

Rest in Adler - almost the poem

We had a rest all family
In Adler, in Russia,
There we are every year.
Very much there is beautiful!

I every time of
becomes better and better from year to year it!
Not for nothing the Olympic Games there of
B the fourteenth will open! We will tell

to you, than there
you will be able to be engaged,
That this rest to remember
I to want to remain.

Or to return in a year,
To beautiful this country.
Well - listen to our story
I the place choose!

On the beach we like to sunbathe
I in water to lap,
with the grandfather to go hiking
I with mother to be engaged.

A with the father is cheerful to dive
From the abrupt coast,
From a seabed to lift
of Kamenya, pearls.

of the Cockleshell with the aunt to collect to catch
I of krabik,
With the sister and the brother to draw
I locks to build.

A with the grandmother is direct at
water We souvenirs
will build
From stones the hands.

In a tree nursery is amicable, all family
Went since morning, Everything it is time to bypass
of the Cave, grottoes, tracks, the wood

From a kanatka a look open for us, for
of Wons ostriches, peacocks,
of the Arbour there, fountains of
I in general a look beautiful here.

In an oceanarium is
of the Small fish and the mermaid,
In a dolphinarium - dolphins,
the Cat and a killer whale.

Live butterflies in the museum
Fly from every quarter of!
A in a terrarium is snakes,
of the Bird and a cachalot.

In the resort town boils
Life from night to the morning. there only you will not find
of What, -
More likely, children!

Is an aquapark and the moon - park,
the Pump room and a dolphinarium,
of Cafe, the platform and stalls
Fountains and hookahs. animators of
for us Performances played

Played with us the whole hour,
Still prizes gave.

We did not manage to look at everything,
But it and it does not matter, -
In Adler much everything still is,
still we Will arrive here!

do not miss us, wait,
next year we will return!
will remind souvenirs to us of that.
our holiday is called happy!

Vanya, Tanya and Lyubov