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Bentour for silly women of

the Daughter already learned to go in the incomplete 9 months, and all of us - risked to plan a long-awaited trip to the sea for the second half of September. And there, in Turkey, already not so hot, and here in Moscow it is not so cold. Trips began to select possible options even in the summer. Long chose hotel, the place by the sea especially as were going to go with the small child. At the appeal to different travel agencies we were told the same phrase, well with small retreats, it is possible: a pier, children what you so worry in advance? People here the day before buy permits and leave. And you have a month more ahead. We calmed down. Stocked up with patience. Perhaps, and not for nothing. Because at the beginning of September Sonka outright was unwell, and all trip was under a big question. It would be a pity to lose money. As it was recommended to us competent people from tourist business, days for ten to term “H“ we went to buy permits. Also it turned out that “year absolutely atypical and everything is occupied. There are neither free hotels, nor places on planes“. It concerns all Turkey. Were upset a little.

Certainly, we did not apply for the hotel which is picked up by us from the beautiful catalog any more it was important to leave where - nibud if only the sea, the sun and palm trees. And still children`s service. On our predotjezdny happiness, the well-known company of “Bentour international“ with pleasure agreed to send us to have a rest. However, it was more expensive, than we assumed, but even in five days prior to departure the permit was not considered as “burning“. And it is fine. A little the fact that confirmation came to hotel booking literally one day before flying away guarded, but the suitcase mood could spoil nothing any more. We were given a set corresponding by the document, including the voucher for accommodation, air tickets for three passengers (the daughter had only a boarding pass with INFANT mark - but it was!) and health insurance. We read the contract and left at home. Some experience of foreign trips was available for us therefore we without expectation of any dirty tricks went to have a rest.

the First disappointment us comprehended

when landing in the plane. In spite of the fact that it was in advance known what with us flies 11 - the monthly child and that the girl distributing places in inside of the plane in perfection knows Russian, it became clear that we have to sit in different places. Thanks, though in the same row, and couple of passes - not distance. It is unclear, however, as passengers had to feel, on a lap with which placed a cradle for Sonya. Fortunately, they were people quite bright and intelligent and traded with us places though too with the child were, however, more senior than our Sonya for few years.

Antalya us met

by a moderate heat and the lovely girl by the name of Ilona with obviously Russian origin. On the parking there was the whole army of buses and minivans with Bentour emblem. We were loaded in that which follows to Belpinar hotel that in the settlement of Beldibi, near Kemer in which we also were going to have a rest. In total went to this hotel the person 15, including one more couple with the child of years of five and several pensioners. Funny told all Ilona Road about local sights, pertinently joked and promised unforgettable holiday. Reported also that will wait for us in the hotel hall for further information at ten o`clock of morning for the next day. Meanwhile we drove up to hotel.

Ya about herself thought that the town very lovely, and between hotel and the beach which in the prospectus was called as “road“ it is possible to get used to the highway. We it is noisy were unloaded from the bus and gathered was to move on reception, however the luggage compartment of the bus was suspiciously closed, and the lovely girl by the name of Natasha who through a rumble of visitors of voices tried to inform our ears looked even more suspiciously that in hotel there were temporary difficulties and three days we will live in other place. But all compensate to us. It will be possible to descend once free of charge in the Turkish bath and to go free of charge on excursion. And on the beach and to eat in “Belpinar“ will carry us the car; in total some to steam of kilometers - according to our first requirement and it is so much times, to the top of the bent. But there it is so silent! Mountains! Exhausting it is not even visible. And people too. People long “drove“ in told. Ilona somehow became sad at once, and Natasha on all questions fondly inflated sponges and murmured something unclear.


it was clear that scandal was about to happen and that we were deceived in some way. It is difficult to understand what. The sleepyhead, as ill luck would have it, began to be capricious and demand food and rest therefore, having shouted a bit a little together with all, we went “simply to look at hotel in mountains and if you do not accept this 2 - hzvezdochny boarding house we will think over other options“. Of course, the hotel did not suit us, but the choice was not. Especially as the courteous manager of Belpinar hotel which name we did not learn, promised to us SO MUCH compensatory … In confirmation of the words the crib was immediately delivered to us and are promised to evening of the receipt that we live in this hotel only three days. And about a bath: you go to it how many you want. And everything is free. Pleased also presence of several vacationers in this otelchik under the name “TRAUM“ looking quite in Russian. It turned out at further interrogation that these people arrived too - that in “Belpinar“, but there are no places in it day three.

As it was p, problems with places here already few months, from here a question number 1: why such solid firm Bentour dares to sell permits to obviously taken place? If there are no places day three, then on the eve of our arrival there could not be a confirmation on a reservation. It turns out so: we take all money what offer, and there we will understand? In the late afternoon we recovered a little especially as from kitchen pulled a fried lamb.

By the way, one of conditions was what we can eat also in this hotel if we wish that. We wished. But once I brought a spoon over a bowl with an appetizing salatik, approached a pleasant type of Turks and began to explain with gestures something and somewhere to call us. Gestures were followed by shouts “belpinar - belpinar“ and we guessed what to be fed it is necessary to go to other place.

Us was waited by the car in which two girls from Tolyatti which the place in “Belpinar“ did not get too sat. It is necessary to tell that all victims of an overpopulation bought permits from different tour operators therefore not only Bentour unfair arrived. It to the word. We practically did not get a dinner, from the subsequent experience we understood that all edible offers are absorbed by vacationers in the first three minutes after opening of restaurant. Who does not want to crowd in turns (!) and to fight for titbits, that comes later and is content with the travny menu. It is very useful for keeping to a diet and vegetarians.

We first thought that in hotel just badly feed, then found out that we badly observe a daily routine. The only thing that we could not understand from what there is a question number 2: why “Bentour“ suggested us to go to this hotel (there were also other modest options) knowing that we go with the child though there are no conditions for stay in hotel of children any. Even the sluggish children`s disco to which nobody went does not compensate what is not present children`s chairs in the dining room (something it is impossible to call it restaurant), neither places for games, nor the pool (the fact that was called to nurseries, in - the first, constantly was in a shadow, very cold water, in from here - the second, into the bottom he was hit by dzhakuzipodobny fountainlets, in - the third, it was at the height of meter of one and a half from the main pool without visible ways of hit in it, but with a colourful frame from the raw rocky breeds. Very beautiful) and that the most important, the food for children there too was not. Glory to the Turkish macaroni! If they were not cooked in improbable quantity, at the daughter, as well as other numerous little lodgers would have regular hungry faints.

Having estimated kitchen, we went to a sound of the angry voices. It in the hall our group which throughout 4 - x so and was not placed hours anywhere arranged strike. We advised them to go to our gostinichka supposedly though to be washed and have a rest, tomorrow is a new day, but they died in the last ditch. One guy was already literally beaten in equal fight (in other words - a fight) with someone from personnel. The smiling manager without name, as if on purpose, having loudly cried out my name, stretched our passports. Also said in decent English (lisped, but it is possible to understand):“ I`ll TR to help you. Trust me, please“.

Well, first try, then trust, and I asked waters. Just drinking water for cooking to the child (which - that we thought to take from the house). It was necessary only to part with boiled water. Providently took also a boiler though the husband also considered this gesture it is from a cave century. The manager defiantly stretched to some guy a denga them, the guy returned with two cylinders of water.


For a full holiday the Internet. Well to throw the letter on the help in travel agency and to relatives couple of greetings. The manager shrugged shoulders and regretted long that Internet cafes are not found here, then suddenly remembered something and in a moment the manager number 2 smiled to us, glaring expensive glasses. In good English explained that phone line knocks now, but tomorrow since morning I ask to it in an office and there will be an Internet how many will get.

We believed

and went. Went, more true. Absolutely forgot that smiling promised us the receipt. Having some experience of dismantling with travel agencies, we decided not to spoil rest and to demand a satisfaction on arrival home. You understand, the facts are for this purpose necessary. The next morning everything became blue and green around, apart from the fact that our bed was broken and all night long it was necessary to follow safety regulations.

Having had breakfast, we asked a taxi. The courteous evening man without emotions listened to us and was gone. We waited for minutes 15, then for us there arrived the car “with a bottom“. Having arrived in “Belpinar“, we found out that aunts with whom we were settled in mountains received room keys in hotel by the sea in the morning. The guide took advantage of the opportunity. And we went to meet our Ilona. She tragicly reported that there are still no places (aunts, probably, in a utility room placed) that the scandalous group was taken away at night even for 70 kilometers in the Baby seal for 4 days in five-stars hotel. Here it was not lucky!

conversation on excursions, the prices for which differed from offered on the street of time in two, went Further. Certainly, in the big party. Specified about receipts. Ilona made a sad face and advised to address Natasha. Natasha in turn transported us to the manager number 1 who since morning “accepted“ and forgot English to an izha with it about our problems. Certainly, the Internet not that did not work, and just the manager number 2 did not remember that there was with it an arrangement, it is good though English in a night did not forget. And again gestures like “I`ll TR to help you began. Trust me, please“. Well, we are not scandalous. Went to the beach.

Late at night, having got to talking with little girls from Tolyatti, found out that they are moved tomorrow. Thought, maybe to us will carry. In total - with the child. Besides all local were delighted with Sonya. Grabbed her hand, tried to squeeze and climbed to kiss. The manager number 1 through Natasha (!) transferred to us that, unfortunately, numbers not at all, and we can move to other hotel - 4 stars and so on, only for one day.

the Patience catastrophically came to an end in

. Especially as, sunbathing the day before at the pool, the pretty woman from Kirov admitted that they leave the big company exactly this morning. Well we will not rub the nose all management of hotel supposedly deceive, we know that there are numbers!

I still here in what: all problems are solved with mediation of our guide which we since that morning also did not see more. And when its silhouette flashed where - nibud in the hall, for some reason it disappeared at the sight of our amicable family. It is a shame to tell, my hysterics began when we were bounced once again. I began as in the Soviet market to lament something it seems: return me money, I go home to Moscow, and I will deal with firm through court. However, it became a shame then. I only decided to apologize as I look, bear to us a key treasured and hand with words:“ Your room“. On the mute question, from where such miracle, absolutely unfamiliar, the guide absolutely not of our firm speaking in Russian the Turk told to us history that for us is provided some there reserve of some there armor.

Number turned out

very much even decent: beautiful view from the window, not noisy party, kondishn and other. Therefore we were not bitten to death by conscience that we use others reserves, and we became with pleasure to live in it. As the note: The day before all of us - found the Internet. Kilometers in 3 - x lengthways if to go along the coast, we found the Internet cafe.

Generally speaking, at them to us all in one therefore the inscription on a lodge laconically said: change, rent a car, telefone, excursion, internet. Usually instead of internet there is apotheka, and so quite standard set of the Turkish service. The Internet very long was loaded and practically did not connect with anything. An hour later we managed - to send a call for help to the address specified on the official site of Bentour international firm, but we did not receive the answer still. It is got a question number 3: why to advertize the e - mail if incoming mail is disregarded?

I still, as for any compensation actions: we were given an opportunity to visit even two free excursions and to go regularly to a bath (generally, on a bath issued us entrance coupons: three pieces on three persons. Our younger person of action overslept therefore we and her coupons spent). There was, however, one condition. For its publicity even Ilona deigned to pay attention to us, and the manager number 1 remembered English. We in exchange for a heap of free entertainments had to give the receipt that to an izha with it to the management of Belpinar hotel we have no claims to Bentour international firm and we will not have. Of course, we will not be. Though the receipt so nobody demanded from us, all of us - will keep the word, we will not file a lawsuit against firm, however, and we do not promise that all of us in a circle of the native, close and just incidentally appeared people will recommend to travel with above-mentioned firm to above-mentioned hotel.

Ten days we enjoyed

a quiet rest by the sea. And every day to our look the same picture appeared: the next group of hysterical visitors Natasha and the company is tried to be persuaded “to be lived in other hotel“. I for the sake of interest overheard what to them is offered in exchange? Rates grew: for three nights under others roof offered people: free of charge to use the hotel safe. A thing, of course, necessary, but it would hardly seduce us. We carried documents and money with ourselves, and on Sonkina of canned food so nobody coveted :)

the Comment: the advertizing campaign of the bad company “Bentour“ which began on the Moscow television Especially afflicts. Not one more we will be deceived to this mountain - firm.