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Fall without children`s colds of

In our not hot country - a peculiar cult of summer. The summer costs independently from other seasons that is for us much: all have an ocean of plans and one million hopes.

the Summer is a small life for which we much what are in time!

Holiday, trips to places of which dreamed long ago. Giving. Bathing, mushrooms - berries, and the sun, the sun, the sun. By the way, repairs and moving though and it is difficult to refer them to category of rest and pleasures, are also usually planned by us for summer.

A for our children the summer is the whole Universe. Children leave the asphalt jungle, go down from concrete steep slopes to the earth - to flowers, herbs, berries. To surprising insects to whom we, adults, lost interest long ago. To mushrooms which kids find with bigger ease. And bathing! From the tiny small river or a plain twig children are capable to receive more pleasure, than the adult - from the Mediterranean Sea with all its umbrellas, plank beds and cocktails!

It is considered p that in the summer children get not the smaller volume of experience and knowledge, than for all the time of academic year. Besides, in three months manage to gain strength, energy, to receive a vitamin charge, to get stronger and be extended.

These summer metamorphoses also give rise to illusion in parents that our strong, ruddy, healthy children will not be ill and catch a cold more.

In the first weeks of fall this illusion falls. Having hardly managed to enter the school or kindergarten mode, children begin to be ill. Already every year. Without options.

... Though options are. The first - to reconcile and accept everything as is. That is - to count the parental forces, to plan life so that in the fall - there was in the winter an opportunity to take infinite sick-lists on care of the child or to connect grandmothers.

the Second option - to be prepared by

for a season of colds and to pass it without loss. That is to make so that children did not catch a cold.

“Well, - parents will shrug shoulders, is a utopia. So does not happen“. So - happens. So will be (yes will be so!) if you make a number of simple efforts and will carry out prevention measures.

Having read to

the word “prevention“, many will become gloomy, hardly beginning to dawn hope will be replaced by scepticism. Prevention is associated at us with something optional, unreliable and boring whereas around the world prevention is the most effective and widespread way of fight against catarrhal diseases.

we Will be honest

: prevention demands discipline, sequence, persistence. So, preparing for a season of colds, it is necessary to give within four weeks to the child on Anaferon`s tablet children`s in day. Respectively, prevention will take us 4 weeks (slightly less than a month) and 2 packings of a preparation Anaferon children`s will go for it. Simply, truth? And, by the way, well.

should be told

about a preparation in more detail Now.

Anaferon children`s is developed by the company of Materia of the Physician Holding on technology of midget doses. The preparation was created taking into account features of the growing organism and is intended especially for treatment of cold and flu at children. It means that Anaferon children`s is not the adapted version of an adult preparation! Anaferon`s creators children`s tried to obtain a combination of high efficiency and safety. Safety of a preparation confirms the fact that Anaferon children`s pediatricians prescribe kids, since 1 month, and also to kids from risk group - to allergic persons and children with tendency to asthmatic reactions.

we Will look at

how this preparation works. Getting to the child`s organism, it blocks reproduction of viruses in an organism, helping it to produce protective proteins in necessary quantity and by that strengthening immunity. Anaferon children`s helps to regulate immunity activity, but does not do for it its work.

Anaferon children`s provides to

in case of prevention the child`s organism with the necessary amounts of protective proteins, strengthening his immunity. In case of a meeting with viruses (inevitable during a catarrhal season) the child is prepared, his organism fights back cold - and the illness recedes. Researches confirm that in due time carried out preventive measures by means of a preparation Anaferon children`s help to reduce probability of developing of colds.

... Many, perhaps, will clutch at the head. It is put already practically comes to an end! On a nose September, school, kindergarten... Were late? Were not in time?

does not have

a reason for experiences. Even two weeks of prevention will provide result - will prepare the child`s organism for attack of viruses. Ideally it is necessary to conduct a full course. If the child nevertheless caught a cold, it is necessary as soon as possible, at the first symptoms of a disease to give it a medical dose of Anaferon children`s: on a tablet every 30 minutes within two hours. Further until the end of day the child has to take 3 more pill - at regular intervals. From the second day of treatment to an absolute recovery a dosage - 3 tablets a day.

in conclusion wants to dream a little: as it will be healthy when all parents master simple rules of prevention of seasonal colds - and diseases will recede.

Present to

only: Indian summer, snow-white winter, it is gentle - green spring - without children`s colds. Perhaps and the summer on this background would cease to seem something special - all seasons would become darlings!

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contraindications Are, it is necessary to consult with the doctor or to study the instruction.