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Across Italy on the car - from Turin to Trieste

So, ahead - Italy. The previous experience of autotravel (across Alsace and Lorraine) was successful, and we decided to repeat it. Same participants: four girls, the rolling Ford Focus SW car (the versatile person with a big luggage carrier), a scene of action - northern Italy, action time - June, 2012.

Preliminary preparation consisted in the following:

the First point of our run - Turin - an administrative center of the area Piedmont and province Turin, the fourth after Rome, Milan and Naples the city of Italy by the number of inhabitants. In Turin we visited the Royal palace (Palazzo Reale), took a walk in Piazza Castello, walked on Via Roma, looked at the city from above from Mole Antonelliana tower. This tower - a symbol of Turin, it was constructed in of 1863 - 1878 the architect Alessandro Antonelli as a synagogue by request of the Jewish community of Turin. When the tower was completed, the community for some reason refused suit in it a synagogue, and the structure was redeemed by the city authorities. Now there national museum of cinema and observation deck. Tower height - 167 meters, all city - clearly.

the Well-known Turin shroud is in storage in a chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist (Duomo di San Giovanni), near the Royal palace. The relic is exposed on a public inspection only under the papal decree, last time it happened in 2010. However it is possible to watch the movie about a shroud and to approach to pray a sarcophagus in which it is stored. Before a sarcophagus plates with a prayer in several languages including in Russian are established.


In Turin granted the first license for production of liquid chocolate. The city is famous for the chocolate, coffee and historical cafes which we with pleasure visited - ate ice cream in Caff è Fiorio also drank bicherin (traditional drink - coffee, hot chocolate, cream) in Caff è Al Bicerin. Opposite to cafe, by the way, very beautiful church - Santuario della Consolata. Outside usual, and inside - big, multiplex and ornated. We just got on service - and service beautiful.

the Guide reported that in vicinities of Turin it is possible to see a number of magnificent country houses, but we did not find them - but saw the basilica of Superga which is on the hill over the city. From there the wonderful view of Turin, in a clear weather opens, speak, it is possible to see the Swiss Alps. to a basilica there is Virgin Mary`s chapel where childless couples come to ask about children, and then on walls hang up amusing pictures with the image of the been born babies. Some pictures very old, eighteenth century. We carelessly drank holy water in this chapel though we already have babies in assortment.

in general, Turin deserves to return.

After Turin us was waited by Milan. Milan - the capital of Lombardy and financially - the economic capital of Italy. The Milan cathedral (Duomo di Milano) - third largest in Europe after St. Peter`s Cathedrals in Rome and Saint Pavel in London, is constructed in style of the burning gothic style of white marble.

the Cathedral is fine

from a facade, but it is even better from above: its roof is the whole wood of marble spikes and sculptures, turrets and columns, support and platforms. There we wandered, probably, the whole hour, it is not less.

Directly near a cathedral - Victor`s gallery of Emmanuil II - beautiful malls. On a floor there is a mosaic with the image of a bull: speak, it is necessary to be twisted on the most weak spot of a bull on a heel - and you will be happy and rich.

In Milan still the old interesting churches noted by guides are: St Ambrose`s (S. Ambrogio) church founded in the 4th century by St. Ambrose; the San church - Lorenzo - Madzhore (S. Lorenzo Maggiore), based then, with a marvelous gold mosaic; the Romance San church - Eustordzho (S. Eustorgio) with the highest belltower in Milan.

One of the main Milan sights - “Last Supper“ of Leonardo da Vinci. It is created in 1495 - 1498 years in the Dominican monastery Santa - Maria - Dell - Gratsiye. The fresco occupies all wall of a refectory of the monastery, was several times restored. It is only possible to get by means of preliminary (not less, than in three months) purchases of tickets. Let groups, precisely on time, and exactly in 15 minutes ask to free the room. These 15 minutes you are completely disconnected from the events - the fresco tightens the prospect, in the color, mood.

Visit of “Last Supper“ went at us in a festive set with visit of the lock of Sforts (Castello Sforzesco) - the residence of Milan dukes of a dynasty of Sforts. The lock is heavy, thorough, has several courtyards. The shape of fortress of Sforts was imitated by the Milan architects working on the Moscow Kremlin. In front of the lock the big fountain reminding wedding cake is created. Actually, so it is also called.

of the La Scala pleased us with Giuseppe Verdi`s opera “Louise Miller“. Italians perfectly sing, and here it is visible in theater not on forward places in beds badly as, however, and at us in Big (and we had expensive tickets - from 70 to 120 euros).

the Following item of motor rally. It is a pity that on visit of this town we took away only several hours. In - the first, there not easy to reach. Upward, to the old city, conducts the funicular, and there is no parking near station of departure, it was necessary to break and be stuck in a side street. In - the second, the town very nice, chamber and uncrowded. There is absolutely improbable church attached to the Domsky cathedral - Kolleone`s chapel from gray, white and pink marble - for the sake of it one already should go to Bergamo.

After Bergamo we for half a day came around in autlt Franciacorta Outlet Village and at last reached a pearl of our travel - Lake Garda. First of all, we were very lucky with hotel (Villagio Turistico Internazionale Eden). It was simple and inexpensive, but we had a separate lodge with the proud name “chalet“ which of window the improbable, fantastic view of Lake Garda opened. Indisputable plus of hotel, besides an arrangement directly on the bank of the lake, own beach is. Minus - lack of the conditioner and towels, but about it we foreknew.

Three nights we carried out

on the lake, had a rest, bathed, went on nearby towns, traveled over all lake around. The southern wide part of the lake - flat, to northern, long and narrow, the Alps closely rise. Along northern part of the lake the road passes in tunnels, and some of them absolutely old, others are put from an uneven stone, and - modern. It is visible how the Alpine coast of Garda gradually accustomed. Our group of mobile reaction visited the following lakeside towns:

Went also to Mantua. The ancient origin of the city and its arrangement on the island between three inflows of the river attracted us. However Mantua did not make impression on us: there are no tourists, and the general feeling of any neglect. Diversified a trip of the Palace of del Te (1525 - 35) a little - the main achievement of the European mannerism - both on architecture, and on mural; wall-painting really interesting and various. This palace was a predecessor of Versailles, San - Sushi and other European palaces, but on their background is poor. The huge palace of dukes of Gonzaga, from - for whom I dreamed to visit Mantua, was closed on restoration, only three small hall and an ekskursovodsha with defects of the speech were presented to attention of public. We and so in Italian not really - that to a parlara, and at this aunty, except the word “Isabella“, in general in the speech it was impossible to sort something.

For the sixth day we with regret abandoned Garda and went to Verona. Here Verona very much was pleasant to us, especially its central picturesque square of Pyazz del Erbe. The extended rectangular area is framed by buildings of various eras - Gothic and baroque. In Verona there is an action of the play of Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliette“. Near the house which is considered as Juliette`s house - a chaos, to a statue of the heroine not to break through - with it the Chinese tourists are continuously photographed. In Verona an unusual cathedral of the 12th century - striped. In a cathedral there is Titian`s picture “Virgin Mary`s Rise“.

In the city a lot of things remained from Romans, including di Veron`s Arena in which opera festivals are now held.

After we for a while stopped by in Padua - we reserved visit of the Scrovegni Chapel (Capella degli Scrovegni). Inside the chapel all is covered with Giotto`s frescos from a floor to a ceiling - very much impresses. Tickets should be reserved in advance for a certain time too, before visit the group is kept in “outer entrance hall“ - for preservation of a microclimate in a chapel that street air did not get inside. While you wait, show the movie about a chapel.

Still we visited Saint Anthony`s basilica, it is the main center of honoring of St. Anthony Paduansky. It is faced by a copper equestrian statue of the Venetian kondotyer of Gattamelata of work of Donatello whose copy is at us in the Pushkin museum.

the Final stage. Advice to motorists - it is possible to park the car directly after the long bridge, on Pyazzale Rohm there is a multystoried municipal garage on the right - Garage Municipale - there cheaper, than in other garages. In Venice we visited a basilica San - Marko (on advance booking pass without turn) with the most Saint Mark`s tomb. Were in the Palace of Doges, rose by Kampanilla (belltower) - there, fortunately, the elevator. Bought Murano glass, drove on vaporetto (the boat - a minibus). By the way, it is convenient to buy the day ticket - costs 24 euros if memory does not change me, and it is possible to ride the whole day.

For the eighth day I brought three of my companions to the airport and went further, my way lay through Trieste to Croatia.

Near Trieste Miramare`s lock constructed in medieval Scottish style on the rock which is given to the Adriatic Sea is. The Austrian archduke Maksimilian and his spouse, Charlotte Belgiyskaya were owners. The lock is white, very beautiful and it is visible from far away, at it big park - insistently I advise to visit.

Here it turned out interesting travel. I hope, to me still will be what to tell you about.

Svetlana Tortunova