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If the child - “a gray mouse“ of

What to do if the child - “a gray mouse“, and no creative abilities at it at first sight are observed? What to do when pulls the child “to be as all“? The artist Irina Pokhvalova, the founder of the center of development of the identity of “Lulaka“ reflects.

children at whom talents are brightly expressed Are: they create, invent and admire with the imagination all around. And how to be if I look - I look, and I do not see any brightness in the child? All is simple - it is necessary to observe not just passively, it is necessary to give the chance to prove in different spheres. And not only to give paints and a leaf of a Whatman paper, and to bring to the correct people who will open for him “a magic door“ behind a piece of an old canvas...

Desire something to create - here the main component of success, all other abilities are acquired in the course of training. Coloring, an eye estimation, the imagination, even assiduity - all is possible and it is necessary to develop. Think when it is interesting to you to be engaged in something? When you for it are praised then when “the public applauds, applauds“ when you begin to believe in yourself when it is interesting to you and it is not terrible. Creativity is expressions of, desire to surprise and strike, tell the word, to create something new. Here, whatever one may do, not to do without public, and for small children the family has to become such public.

Parents, get it together! From now on you are an audience and only sometimes - careful, benevolent critics. You have to feel, as in the Museum of Modern Art: it is very attentive to look both to comment carefully, and, of course, to find for what it is possible to praise in work!

Respect - one more important word. Let the creator be only five years old - he is already an artist and the creative person - strong, but vulnerable. Present that your friend - the artist shows the new picture. You at first will note what is pleasant, then, perhaps, will risk most delicate image to criticize. But you will not attack with words: “And this nonsense you so long drew?“. Or it is even better: “And I would add red here!“. Well and the most awful: “And you know, Petina the picture was pleasant to me more“.

Parents, remember: on you huge responsibility for blossoming of talent lies. Therefore the child needs to be praised and if something is not pleasant, then not to abuse, and it is polite to ask: “Please, tell why you made quite so here, but not so?“

my teacher at art school constantly asked

similar questions and not to lose face, it was necessary to get out and give somehow art justifications to many frank failures. Now it is clear that this ability very much was useful to all our class in adult creative life: thus, he taught us to think over the work.

Of course, only monotonously it is not necessary to admire too - otherwise to you will quickly lose interest as to the viewer. But I do not believe that the child can be overpraised, you - a family, admirers support. Life, unfortunately, such is that there will always be those who will only abuse.

In case the child persistently does not wish to go to classes then it is necessary either to try something else or to change the teacher. Sometimes one blurt to kill self-confidence and desire to do favorite thing suffices. Children still should become tempered, become strong to defend the opinion.

I Want to be

as all!

A what to do when pulls the child to be as all? Most of adults in something are surely similar at each other: way of life, habits, work, fashion, gregarious instinct.

Strength “a variety of out-of-school occupations, reading and internal freedom gives to be themselves“ - and it comes over the years and grows together with the child. It is very important to read, endure different situations together with literary heroes, to think. I remember that I at school always noticed schoolmates who took on occupations tennis rackets, pointes, boxing gloves, at once it was visible: and here he not such as everything, he after school plays tennis, and it is a ballerina, dances four hours a day and therefore in the mornings sleeps on mathematics... Not as everything, special. I will not dissemble, I hated the black folder with drawings which had to be dragged constantly with itself. It was such huge that in elementary grades I even scraped it on asphalt. My image supplemented a hated “art beret“, and boys following shouted: “An opera hat where you incurred the suitcase again?“. Once, without having sustained offense, I complained to mother, and she told me: “Wait, time will come, and they will carry this folder for you!“ . And I waited, having believed it, to the adult and beautiful woman, realized that I am an artist, and it abruptly, in it my force! Talk, convince, be an example, support - it is the main thing.

Talented, but lazy

the Big problem when endowments of the child are obvious, but it in any does not want to develop it - just “leaves“ till a time on the natural abilities. Here it is necessary to take occasion by the forelock: to load, set complex challenges, to immerse the child that Wednesday where children a lot of things are able where is with whom to compete. It is necessary that it was interesting and difficult - in good sense.

the teacher`s Task - to make so that it was interesting to all, is elements of an individual approach because identical children just are not. We sometimes do the general occupations for small children and adult pupils. You do not represent what silence and an order stand in studio! Any shout and bustle, all concentrated, draw, try. The most courageous approach seniors and can express the opinion on work. And seniors feel like the taken place artists at once. All of us need to aspire to something, to see around people whom there is a wish to reach.


in life need All

Someone does art creativity by the profession, and someone transfers skills of creative activity to other spheres of activity and drawing remains only hobby. It is fine as there is nothing better to restore forces, to distract from daily vanity, than magic conversation with paints and immersion to the world where you are the main creator and the creator. Many great people were engaged in art creativity as a hobby.

I let`s admit to ourselves: there are no children - “gray mice“ - there is “gray“ society “, gray“ teachers which and to live - that boringly, a carelessness, indifference and a lack of time on the most expensive to us people. Often you hear from adults: in the childhood were not engaged in me, did not watch me, in me did not see, and I could... Listen to the child, give him chance to choose, do not reject useless, in your opinion, occupation - excess knowledge does not happen. Nobody ever will remember special attention, love and care with offense.