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Soft cubes for kids the hands: the master - a class

With the son Syoma`s birth I began to sew for it the different developing toys. Then this hobby came to new level - to me suggested to conduct an amateur heading in the magazine for parents. Today I want to show how to make cubes with application. Cubes textile, inside - foam rubber - turns out quickly, simply and reliably.


Cubes not simple - all of the different size, and on each party of each cube represented part of the picture. We play so - we build a tower and we try to turn correctly cube sides - then the picture is formed.

Here the small master - a class on the example of a yellow giraffe.


It is cut out 3 squares, lengths of the parties of 9 cm, 13 cm and 17 cm without allowances. On allowances we leave approximately 1 cm from each party. We duplicate squares flizeliny.

At once for three sides of a big, average and small cube we draw the sketch - for example, a giraffe. According to the sketch we do a template. Using a template, we cut out details from the main yellow fabric and from a glue spider line is a special spider line which can be bought in sewing shop, on it it is very convenient to paste application details. We paste so - we enclose a spider line under a detail and it is carried out from above by the hot iron.

by means of acrylic paints for fabric we paint with

a giraffe - we draw specks, a muzzle, hooves and other details. I like the German paints for textiles, they can be bought in an art - salons. After completion of work these paints need to be fixed - to iron through x / fabric the would hot iron during 3 minutes.

Under each painted detail of a giraffe we enclose to

the corresponding detail from a glue spider line and we paste the hot iron. Council: the iron it is better to iron application through some fabric since if the part of a spider line gets on the iron, then it will be difficult to be removed.

the Pasted parts of applications prostrachivay on perimeter a narrow and frequent zigzag line - everything is ready! In such a way it is possible to decorate a kidswear, handbags, backpacks.

When all parties of three cubes will be ready

, we connect them: at first we sew four lateral faces to the basis, and we sew the top side to one of lateral faces, we cut off allowances close to a line. Then we sew lateral edges of a cube and we sew the remained three parties of the top side manually.