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The chronicle of one allergy

Hello, my name is Irina. My son - the allergic person. As if ridiculously it sounded, really sometimes it seems to me that mothers of children could unite with allergic cold in anonymous clubs of support. We could tell each other about troubles which are brought in each family by this misfortune and to share ways of fight against it. But while such club does not exist, I will share - the chronicle of our allergy that other mothers and their children knew that not all so and is deplorable.

For the first time we with the husband noticed allergic cold when it returned from grandmother`s giving from two-week “holiday“ at our son Egor. Our six-year-old boy, always healthy and vigorous, jumping on the apartment even at a temperature, looked sleepy, could not breathe and all the time tried to lie down. The grandmother it is guilty explained that she, it seems, “dressed heat“, “from snivels tried everything“, and very much worried. As it became clear after our startled visit to the allergist, she worried in vain - at Egor allergic rhinitis which has no relation to a SARS suddenly happened. With the doctor we were lucky: he not only took all necessary samples and conducted full examination, but also at once wrote out the preparation “Prevalin“ suitable the child. It allowed our saturated schedule to remain for a week same saturated, and to Egor`s health - to improve.

Monday. the Blossoming herbs, namely cereals to which Egor reacted are present not only at grandmothers at dachas, but also quite grow to themselves in city line. Therefore I worried much about how we will continue to be engaged in our fine summer affairs. Holiday at me as at all, it happens extremely seldom and takes place exclusively quickly therefore there was no wish to spend it for allergic wars. Began to apply “Prevalin“ according to the instruction, at emergence of symptoms. In an amicable way, it is necessary to spray in a nose it before contact with allergen, but in our case contact already happened, and the doctor advised to combine a preparation with allergy pills. For the third day Egor was completely healthy! The doctor cancelled tablets and only “Prevalin“ left, we will apply it every time before an exit to the street till the end of blossoming of cereals. To be protected to be protected well, so!

Tuesday. About that, the quiet dream of the child is how precious, each mother knows even from the moment of infancy of the child. About how it is necessary to appreciate a quiet dream of the child - the allergic person, I learned tonight - slept! Did not “grunt“ a nose! Did not turn! It was succeeded to make the same this night and me, that is to have a sleep and not to be thrown up on everyone Egorkin rustle... How there passed the first nights after return from the grandmother not to compare. Probably, it is all about the principle of action of this “Prevalin“ - at dispersion he creates on mucous a nose special gel which helps to eliminate allergy symptoms: to facilitate breath, to reduce cold - and interferes with influence of allergens. Morning was wonderful so I am happy.

Wednesday. Started with Egor a task for summer which was given in a garden - collected a herbarium. With horror I think what such rates in the second class will need to be remembered how logarithms are solved... Last time I remember myself in the context of any herbariums at a wedding of the best friend seven years ago - then I caught a bridal bouquet and dried it for greater fidelity. Now with result of that my accuracy collected the real herbarium - Egor strenuously peeled bushes in park, collected flowers of all colors (previously them it is noisy smelled, of course) and forced me to break leaves from trees. To dry everything was put in the collection of fairy tales and agreed that when time to paste leaflets in an album comes, we will in passing read all fairy tales on which our plants were stored.

Thursday. By the way, talked to the girlfriend about harm of vasoconstrictive preparations. The girlfriend belongs to number of participants of anonymous club of mothers of children too - allergic persons. Her Alinka already adult also suffers allergic rhinitis long ago. Unfortunately, it should give often the drops removing hypostasis, differently she cannot sleep at all. Told about “Prevalin“ - it does not cause accustoming because it is not soaked up in blood, and helps to fight against “dependence“ on vasoconstrictive preparations. I hope, will help. To Egor it is sprayed in a nose of “Prevalin“ twice a day and we cannot rejoice.

Friday. Egor for the first time to lives goes on a visit to the girl on birthday. With a gift suffered all family, as a result the idea was suggested by the grandmother - bought a pretty ladies` handbag, directly for the little lady! And I about an allergy endure everything, at the birthday woman of the house there lives huge walking allergen weighing under 7 kilograms, by the name of Prokhor, breeds the British. Cat, so. In advance sprinkled “Prevalin“ - most effectively he acts before the allergic person meets the here such “pro-chorus“.

Saturday. Well I can tell, birthday brought good and bad news. Good it is more - cold did not begin, “Prevalin“ helped, the handbag was pleasant to the girl. But the bad news prolonged: Egor up to the depth of soul admired Prokhor and now urgently wishes the same house. No comments.

Sunday. No comments will not turn out - yesterday did not sustain a children`s pressure and went to an exhibition of cats... Became happy (and almost poor) owners of the thoroughbred chocolate British! Egor did not think up yet as to call it, but here to whom to tell “thanks“, knows - to the one who thought up “Prevalin“!

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